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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dedication to my Family

 I dedicate this song to the HEART of my family: to the turmoil we have undergone, to the misplaced blame in either me or them, to the decades of misperceptions and unhealed pain, to the isolation from each other, to the Love that can survive if we let go of what blocks minds.

With a prayer for Truths to be realized.
 I do not believe that my loved ones will stand up for me. Too much damage had been done before I realized the manipulations of those who target us. And none of them realize it yet. I see no hope for me in this area. But I hope they can eventually come to terms with it for their own sakes. . .as well as that of future generations.

I understand that I've been wiped out of their lives.
But I love them still. . .and always will.

Attention: My emails, writings…etc., may be altered by organized stalking groups on web or elsewhere. So, please let me know if you notice anything unusual.