My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


We were unheard victims lost beneath their lies.
We were the crumbling ones put on a list to die.
We were rising wounded begging for your aide,
Becoming specks of dust in an evil charade.


I hear I'm not the only one who is now being hit harder!
This just hurts too much. God, help humanity find it's Heart. 

PM. Stalkers are getting more aggressive. Suddenly lost brakes on my car today! But its all a coincidence, right?

8/9/12 I got hit so hard with remote electronics that my head was in excruciating pain and I was vomiting before passing out.

8/10/12: I have two more nights in a hotel and then. . .your guess is as good as mine. Wish I knew at least one person who could care enough, and also had the resources, to fully protect me from these crimes. Looks like this is too much to ask or expect.

8/11/12: I am recovering from the last laser blow. A stalker moved into the room across hall from me and followed me each time I left my room. A man joined her and they both kept trying to lure me into conversation or to go somewhere with them. I am still dumfounded as to how they can seem to enjoy harassing and stalking people. Are they under complete mind control or are they natural criminals?  I hope they find their hearts.