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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Not Doing Very Well

 I am not doing very well today. I was hit with something last night (seemed like fumes in my car) and then I was up sick half the night and am very weak today with steady pain in my chest. This happened shortly after I spoke to some people and had a possible job offer. Keeping hope that I will make it through this for much longer is becoming more difficult.  Also today I found out that shortly after I gave info about this holocaust to a man who had supported my past writings, he was checking into it and then his father suddenly died under VERY unusual circumstances. Coincidence? There does seem to be a pattern of sudden deaths of loved ones being used as a distraction when people begin supporting my work or realizing the targeting. Though SOME of the deaths and other unusual inflictions of difficulties, in the lives of those whom I have been close to, may truly be a coincidence, there has been FAR too many (for too long) for ANYONE, who can care to look at it objectively, to not realize that there is SOMETHING horrible happening here!!! But I am realizing that my words here can not prove it and there is not much else I can do.
 Crying today. . .for his dad. . .and am feeling frustrated that there is so little I can do for any of us, myself included. I do not see how I can survive this for much longer. But I am still fighting with all I have left in me.

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