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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Van Vandalized!

We are unheard victims lost beneath their lies.
We are the crumbling ones put on a list to die.
We are rising wounded begging for your aide,
Becoming specks of dust in an evil charade.

Blind Disbelief Continues to Enable 
Lethal Crimes Against Humanity!!!

 I hear that there are technologies, which can detect the radio waves and microwave energies that the targeted parts of humanity are being harmed with. Put those into HONEST hands, (at times when the criminals are not watching and stopping attacks,) and see what you find!!! I dare you.

A little link in a long chain of targeting/abuse

   Late yesterday I drive into the storage lot where my van is stored and find that it has been moved and the front bumper is completely torn off and placed next to it. (This is happening as I try to decide whether to re-register it or sell it, since my brakes on my car were harmed and I need money from one of my vehicles in order to survive right now) The owner of the lot says he has no knowledge of the bumper being ripped off although he said he did move it with his neighbor. Last night the wife of the man whom the owner said he moved the car with says "they would NEVER do such a thing," and insinuated that someone else must have gone down there and torn my bumper off after they moved it. This sounds very unreasonable to me, so I go to make a police report.
   Her husband - the man who appears responsible for this destruction to my vehicle became so volatile this morning that I called police.
   Now I have to immediately move my damaged vehicle to a place I can not yet find. And due to the ways I have been treated around this incident, I have no idea if the owner of the lot will treat me fairly. From the start this situation has felt like part of the sabotage and harassment I have been undergoing. If it were not, a simple, POLITE/KIND, "oops sorry I broke your car. I'll fix it for you," would have made it all OK. But this is not what has been happening.

There appeared to be no reason for it to be moved and left less accessible, especially at a time when I'd stated that I may be removing it from the yard. Yes. Payments on it were up to date.

8/22/12:  The belligerent co-manager of the storage lot came at me screaming so intensely that I dialed 911 and asked for police assistance with safely removing my vehicle from the lot.

   The owner of the storage yard screwed the bumper back onto my van and removed the cement mixer he had just boxed it in with - (probably due to the police officer who said he'd call him to request that he do so). . .then he proceeded with severe levels of psychological harassment when he called to let me know what he had done "FOR" me.
    I later found that my van had been sabotaged more then was immediately obvious. A half of a tank of gas had been drained from the tank. The new battery has been damaged. Smoke that smells like rubber burning poured out from under it after running it for a few minutes. Not to mention the tire that had previously been flattened and damages to my other car, which was first parked there.
   Though the police only witnessed the bumper torn off and that it had been obviously dragged/moved and intentionally boxed in. . .I've not much doubt that they would stand firm on seeing all this as coincidence and not what it was - another abusive harassment campaign delivered by members of a criminal stalking/harassment ring at a time when I am trying to start another publication and could not afford this interference and financial loss. I had my van towed out of the yard, but could only place it in a VERY temporary place. Looks like I may lose the rest of my belongings as well as the van.
   I had suspected that  the owner of the lot was part of the stalking ring from the start, because his ad popped into Craig's list right at the time when I was openly searching for (and was desperate for) a place to leave my vehicle and what is left of my belongings. He and his neighbors, whom he had told me to make payments to...etc., had delivered sick forms of mind games from the start. But I was desperate and had no alternatives and had left my vehicle there while prayed for a way to have it removed before they could do much more than the stupid mind games, which I could ignore. Unfortunately I was unable to do so, due to continued sabotaging of my jobs, my business. . .and even the kind people who try to help me.
   In the end, he let me know that he had done other damages to my van, in the usual cryptic stalker way, but as usual. . .there is nothing I can do but ad him to the list of criminals and limp away.

   I understand that some of the organized stalking groups THINK they are protecting their communities and do not realize that they are acting on the lies of criminals who want to destroy people who are realizing/witnessing their technological crimes...etc. The kind ones only follow and monitor us. But there are also those who go out of their way to inflict pain and suffering - who have the sort of mentality that does things like: actively sabotaging a person's job just to turn around and degrade them for not having a job...or destroying their vehicle just to degrade them for not having a vehicle. . .or destroying their home and then degrading them for not having a home...etc. And its all done under the mask of being "helpful." This is SEVERE psychopathic-style abuse!
  Its hard to believe that these criminals actually think they are good people and that those who have money are better than those who don't...etc. I guess we should feel sad for their delusional state. There is, however, no excuse for the destructive abuse.  Its just NOT ok. . .and we need the law to step in an do what is right instead of protecting or joining these criminals and letting their victims be destroyed. 

8/24/12: My van spent almost 2 days at a nearby garage. During this time the electrical system suddenly completely shut down and it could no longer even be jump started. After my postings here, a salvage yard rushed in to offer me more than a fair price. It felt like a rush to cover evidence, but I was not able to do anything but sell it, because I have no police help anyway, no mechanic to honestly help...etc. Through the past several years I have lost a lot of evidence due to the deceit of these criminals and also the state of poverty they keep forcing me into.

I am now getting massive numbers of stalkers and am being hit hard with microwave energy. Woke this morning in a lot of physical pain, diminished eye sight, temp of 97...etc. Since my avenue for little bits of help seems to now be targeted also, hope is fading faster than before.


Please print out my writings. Though they are not done very well, they may help people in the future. Don't let them cover us up, because our stories can help prevent these crimes against humanity from continuing and growing. 

Primary Targeted Individuals: Please publicly share your stories NOW. The silence and the inflicted fear of being institutionalized is enabling these tortures to continue!!!

Some day some kind Main Stream Media reporter may find the Heart to break through the controlling barriers and let humanity know what is happening to us so that ALL of humanity can be saved from this Technological Holocaust. Just trying to keep hope alive.

Please download a "Public Notice", 
save, print and pass it to as many people as you can.