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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mind Control Reiterated

 Disbelief Continues to Enable
Lethal Crimes Against Humanity!!!

I feel that mind control technologies are the most dangerous threat humanity has ever been faced with. . .and are the root cause of MANY global and local problems. This Truly needs to be investigated ASAP.  Please spread the word.

   It appears that there has already been a mass brainwashing against the belief that remote mind control is even possible.  For us Primary Targeted Individuals, who have become aware of such intrusions, covert targeting with mind control technologies, microwave and laser weapons and organized stalking/harassment groups, is a devastatingly painful reality, which there has been no protection against, and no help with, due to growing levels of disbelief in fellow human beings. . .including law enforcement, media and even our own family members.
   Most people seem unable to even think of the possibility of this devastating reality. The unusual part is that people seem to not even want to TRY to investigate what is happening, although victims have been crying out for help.
    This sad scenario, on its own, can be proof of mass mind control, because there is scientific proof of such technologies and just a little bit of common sense can KNOW that they were created to be used. Seriously! There is no way around this obvious reality.

 I hear that there are technologies, which can detect the condensed radio waves and microwave energies that humanity is being harmed with. Put those into uncontrolled hands, (at times when the criminals are not watching and stopping attacks,) and see what you find!!! I dare you.

Mind Control on a Personal Level

    In my personal situation, there is a magnitude of obvious remote mind control intrusions happening to people whom I've been closest to. More pieces to an ugly puzzle are clicking together everyday. My whole family being used for technological experimentation since at least 1974 has been proven to me. But even if we ignore the past and look only at the surface of my present situation. . .just the fact that my loved ones do not seem to care that I am being tortured and slowly destroyed proves the mind control. Just the fact that they jump to unrealistic conclusions, instead of taking the time to investigate, proves mind control. Just the fact that they carelessly and happily carry on with their lives while someone they love is being hurt and is begging for help. . .proves the mind control.

   Those whom I was close to knew me to be (although certainly not perfect) a good honest person: an independent hard worker who owned a nice country home, had perfect credit, ran my own business aside from doing social work. . .and had a passion for gardening, writing poetry, songs and subjects like healing with herbs and healing the Heart of humanity...etc., before the rug began being fully yanked out from under me. Now, it seems like I have been completely wiped out of their minds, hearts and lives. . .and like I am viewed as a disgusting "low life" who is just making all this up or is just trying to get something for nothing or  has just suddenly become a "paranoid schizophrenic" at 40 years old, (although this is clinically unheard of) or is just making up excuses...etc. There is something horribly wrong with this picture!!!
   Some say this is far worse than what happened to families in Nazi Germany - that the deceptive and destructive psychological mind control techniques have been perfected since then. I know this to be true.

   My closest family members and friends love me. I know they do. No matter what sorts of difficulties or differences we may have had, they love me as much as I love them. And I KNOW that they would be here for me (at a time like this) in the ways that I need them to be, (even if they thought I were crazy) if there were not something horribly wrong happening to them also - if they were not unaware victims of remote mind control. 

   I am feeling that it is time for me to let my birth name be known. As I do this I offer a sincere apology to my father, whom I had told that I'd use a different name, due to my writings. I feel that I must break this promise due to the severity of this situation and for reasons that I can not yet share. My birth name was Sharon ----------------. My married Name was Sharon Buck. And my pen name was Namatari - Namatari Neachi.

P.S. There have been more hits from Russia on this post than any other - four times more! When I clicked on the Russian links they lead to porn and pharmaceutical sites.

The secret mind control technologies seems to be what the leaders of this holocaust fight hardest  to keep secret.

You can kill us, frame us, call us insane
But the TRUTH remains the same.
So please end this evil game.
8/28/1012: Since yesterday - since I started writing another paper, I am having a deep pain in the left side of lower back and abdomen. Lot of old men in fancy black cars driving by me yesterday. Back to military and other puppets today. I'm not feeling well! Am doing my best to do this last batch of writing about this crap, but am getting a lot of web and computer interference. . .not to mention that its a bit difficult to be doing in my car.

8/30/2012: Front tire on my car was destroyed today. you wouldn't believe me if I told you how. So I'm not describing it. There is no point anymore.) I hope, no matter what happens next, that my writings will help others to some degree. . .although they are done under such duress. Please pray with me:

 Dear God - source of Love and Light, please help humanity - please help the secret crimes of remote mind control and microwave weapons...etc., to be FULLY exposed and stopped. Please help all Primary Targeted Individuals (and their loved ones) regain control of their own lives and destinies. Please help the criminals who perform these atrocities to either find their Hearts or be prosecuted. Please bring us to safety and help us to recover. Please.