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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lost Brakes on Car

8/8/12: Lost brakes while driving car. Coincidence? A mechanic says that they "MAY" have been tampered with, but also that he can not state for sure due to possible liability for him. This appears to be a popular stand for mechanics in situations like this. (This is the third time I suddenly lost brakes while driving in the past few years.) And the police say they need a DEFINITE statement from a mechanic, in order to take it seriously. And around and around it goes. The criminals are protected and we are not. The process of tampering with the brakes may have been caught on security cameras on the night of July 29th, but it appears that a cover up may be happening around that also.
8/9/12: I got hit so hard with remote electronics that my head was in excruciating pain and I was vomiting before passing out. This was the worst hit, of this sort, I've had this far. It happened shortly after I had obtained a driving job and had checked into a Inn.
   A couple stalkers had moved into the room across hall from me and followed me each time I left my room WAY to many times for ANYONE to view it as a coincidence.
   I talked to two Local Police Officers, but with the assistant manager of the hotel, (the one a stalker ran in to talk to as I was checking in) blatantly lieing for the stalkers I do not know if the security tapes (WHICH ARE ONLY HELD FOR 30 DAYS!!!) will be altered or not.

8/12/12: Back to living in my car and recovering from the last laser blow to my head. Had to cancel job orientation.

Update 2014;  I am now realizing that I have been being targeted by what seems like some sort of satanic occult since at least the 1970s.