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Friday, July 6, 2012

Toxic Vaccine?

Lethal Vaccines - Part of Depopulation Program?
My instincts had always told me that vaccines are NOT good things, especially for our children. I’ve never had a flu vaccination and WILL NOT allow any to be forced upon me... 

 Jane Burgermeister - pandemic update 25 June 2012

The previous address for this video had stopped working so I uploaded this one.

Jane Burgermeister’s Blog

PLEASE print and share a "Public Notice" asap

I am being hit with painful remote directed energy blasts as I do this posting. My right arm and hand is literally seizing up and sharp pains are shooting down the back of my head. When I am hit hard my head feels like it is on fire and my oral temp drops WAY below normal - usually between 96 and 97.

7-7-12: I am being hit hard in the past couple days, especially since I had a few conversations with an old State Trooper neighbor and told him about the mind control and weather control stuff. This also sometimes happens when my info gets more accurate. It seems that my writings are still being accessed and things changed. When I first tried to add this last batch of info there was a lot of interference. It seems that each time I find a good source of validation, it is either wiped out, or targeting is vamped up, or threats come in some cryptic form or they attempt to frame me...etc. Thank God for intuition and my dreams. They have saved me thus far. But I am not holding up very well. I am still in desperate need of financial help so I can protect myself.

Cry for Help

It has been VERY difficult for me to listen to my instincts and be mentally clear while being targeted and swarmed by criminals who are pretending to be Targeted Individuals and had been feeding me a lot of misinformation. So please excuse my stumblings on this blog and elsewhere. 
   My nephew had informed me, around December of 2002, that he had a dream of a "silver box in the sky aiming something at someone." (a satellite?) I wish I'd known before now what that meant and that he is probably also being targeted, in ways that no one around him realizes, because he was also getting insights on what is happening to us. I believe that those who target us inconspicuously murdered my youngest brother. Please make note of this. If anything happens to my nephew you will know why.
FYI: Like I’d previously stated, I am still getting a lot of hits from Russia on this blog - almost 20% from the start. . .with serious vamp ups as soon as I started heavily exposing the mind control part of the targeting.