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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Something New Happening Here!

 I recently had a few hours of joy - talking to an old State Trooper acquaintance - drifting back in time and pretending that this crisis is not happening and even fooling myself, for a few moments here and there, into thinking that I can return to a "normal" lifestyle. . .even though the TRUTH is that this can not happen until the lethal targeting of humanity is stopped. 
   Perhaps I needed those moments to preserve my sanity. I think I did and am grateful for them, because from the morning of the 9th to this afternoon I dealt with another round of vamped up energies/radio waves aimed at my head - another punishment for talking about mind control technologies...etc., which couldn't help but to weave its way through the otherwise pleasant and interesting conversations? 
    OR... The unusual part of these conversations was that the electronic harassments had COMPLETELY stopped only on and around those days of our conversations and a large part of the time since I had first contacted this person. I recently wondered why, but not for long, because I got an email, yesterday, from one of the KNOWN stalkers, which let me know that the harassment is being vamped up, (Which it has been!) that help has been prevented, that  I will not get helped and do not deserve it. . .in the usual cryptic way.
ATTENTION:  If someone, who has the technologies to detect the energies/radio waves that are being directed at us, has found the heart to be checking in on me/us, you should know that the criminals seem aware of it and are backing off when they know their energies can be detected. (This is what my insights are telling me)  Just fyi.
   My heart does not want to think that this Trooper acquaintance is involved in targeting us, though some Police seem to be, and although this can easily be perceived that way, since yesterday's email...and a few things he said and the way all electronic tortures stopped during the times when he was aiming to have conversations with me. The one sure thing that seems to have happened is that some sorts of manipulations took place to prevent me from getting the type of help I need.
   I had a dream that the Trooper was "watching someone who is watching me" and I am not 100% sure if this is good or bad. But its not feeling good at this point, because he mimicked so many of the the things perpetrators do.
   Its REALLY difficult to fully listen to my own instincts/intuition while being attacked with remote directed energy weapons. The organized stalkers may be just playing head games with me again. Either way the result is the same for me.
The manipulations around preventing us from getting help or being heard or believed are so sly that it is often difficult to figure out until after its all played out. This is one to watch.

   One sure pattern in those who target me and other genuine TIs is that they do all they can to prevent our needs from being met and to make sure that things we have an issue with do indeed happen and they seem to have connections in high places - the only places that have the technologies to detect the radio waves/energies that are being directed at us. 

I finally got the "Statistic" reports on my website fixed. (It had been disabled) and now realize that people who try to visit my websites are OFTEN getting a "404 unavailable" message. . .or something like that. But I have learned that refreshing the page will sometimes bypass this. Still interference!

If I can no longer expect law enforcement help I need monetary help from genuine HEARTS more than ever: Please Help me

Update (Oct. 23,  2014); I should not have written this. In the mist of my confusion and distress I have sometimes written on my blog, as if it were a private journal, without thinking of the public outcome. The original post (which had since been changed) showed that I had fully believed, at the time, that this trooper man was a perpetrator, because he had tried pushing me toward a job at a school. . .just like other perpetrators were intensely doing around that same time period. . .in what appeared to be an attempt to put me into an environment where I could be framed for child sexual abuse - one of the obvious aims of those who target me.
    There were also other things in the conversation that reeked of him being a mind control victim and controlled by the program that is targeting us. BUT I AM DEEPLY SORRY IF I WAS/AM WRONG. 
   Unfortunately I am still unsure, due to the ways I have been treated, messages I have gotten through puppets, and my insights of him being overpowered by those who target us.
    However I  believe that many of those who follow orders of perpetration are also victims, especially this man who I knew before the targeting vamped up in the late 1980s and 1990s, which appeared to do so on him as well, because we were becoming friends. And I feel for him as well, although I WILL aim to protect myself. . .and the only ways that I have been able to do this is through public writings and I am TRULY sorry if this has hurt him or anyone else.
   All of this is such a confusing mess to me that I have since aimed to refrain from even trying to figure out who is or is not with the perpetration. I hope this man can at least try to understand my plight and find the heart to realize that he has probably been part of a program that is infiltrated with perpetration if not slyly run by it. Because I knew him to be a good person before the worst rounds of targeting started, I see him as more of a victim than a perpetrator. People like him need protection from these crimes as much as those of us who are being tortured. I feel this to the core of my heart and soul. Its True, weather you want to believe it or not.

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P.S Judging by recent changes I'd found in my writings, and statements by several stalkers, it appears that they are aiming to try to frame me for being a child sex offender, which I hear is being done to many Targeted Individuals. Since I am a woman this seems a bit ridiculous, but I guess there are some real female pedophiles. JEE! Its like a full time job just trying to stay ahead of these criminals - anticipate their next move so I can keep myself protected. When I'm in a good mood I have to laugh at this. Let me see. . .they aimed for me to be seen as insane/paranoid and even institutionalized by my own family. And now they want me to be seen as a pedophile. . .perhaps because the first plan has not worked out so well - they couldn't drive me nuts! Well...not completely anyway. I wrote the sarcastic song I share in the previous entry, about being "insane." (My way of coping) Maybe I need to write a comical or sarcastic song about being a pedophile. Well....I probably can't do that because its about hurting children and I don't like thinking of children being hurt. Good Grief! I wonder what's next. If they can't make you all think I am a pedophile, perhaps tomorrow they will try to make people think I am a hmmm....well I guess I don't even want to guess. There is a part of me that wonders if they really do frame people or if making us think they are going to is part of the psycho game - just to try to make us live in fear - just as part of the psychological torture. Time will tell and I'm not going to let it bother me too much.

They shine between shattered dreams
And threads torn from love sewn seams


I am suddenly gaining weight although I'm not eating much. Something wrong.
I recently had a dream which showed something being sprayed in the sky and was so thick that it looked like metallic rain coming down upon us. The feeling in the dream was that this is NOT a good thing.