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Monday, July 16, 2012

Moved Back Into My Car Yesterday :(

  I knew something was about to happen, after the puppet in room 7 at a Vermont hotel prevented me from talking to a nice person. Another puppet offered to get an AAA membership for me and never followed through - trying to prevent me from getting it for myself.  The hood to my car just happened to be stuck closed - (something suddenly wrong with the cable) and the sensor to my oil gage just suddenly happened to start malfunctioning. So, what happened? Today, I listened to my intuition and after finally getting a little help with opening my hood, I find that the oil tank just suddenly happens to be empty and with no oil leaks where it was parked, although I had not used the car very much in the past four months and have NEVER had oil problems or oil gage problems with it. But I know. This is all just coincidence also.   . .and so were the other attempts to destroy the engines in my vehicles. They are NOT trying to leave me stranded on the side of the road with no one to call for help. (sarcasm here) None of this is REALLY happening.

 Please do excuse my sarcastic outbursts, because its my way of venting and I need to vent right now.

Thanks to a little help, I got the flat tire on my van (my back up vehicle) half fixed today. Looks like the air had been let out of the front passenger tire, within the past month, because it was fine before that and is holding up fine after putting a little air in it. (Of course after mentioning this a nail could end up in it.) This is the way things sometimes go, but I am doing the best I can with what I have to work with. When I was at the motel they had me trapped, but now they have me up against a wall. But its OK. (Sarcasm again)
I don't know how long I will hold up in this situation, especially since I am physically ill and have no air conditioning in my car, due to the heating and air conditioning system suddenly breaking down right after I had to resort to living in it after the heating system in my van had suddenly stopped working in the middle of last winter. More coincidences.

As for you puppets - organized "gang stalking" group members who try to degrade me through saying that "no one who sits on their fat ass doing nothing gets help..." I am strong enough within myself to not be too bothered by the weight I have gained. . .and everyone who knows me, (including myself) knows that I'd prefer to be working and that I have never been a "lazy" person. Your process of kicking people into ditches and then degrading them for being in a ditch merely makes YOU look bad. Sometimes I am shocked by the levels of your cruelty. . .most of the time actually. I hope, for your own sakes that you begin to find your hearts and stop letting yourselves behave like stupid, cruel puppets for the criminals who hold your strings.

The puppets also recently brought up "drugs" more than once. Would they plant drugs in my vehicle or wherever and have a Law Enforcement Officer just happen to stop me and find them? This would be WAY TOO ridiculous because EVERYONE who has ever known me knows I am not into drugs. I'm not perfect - not nearly, (And I have made my share of mistakes in the deeper past) but I do not do or deal drugs. If they try this it will merely prove their own criminal behaviors. I do not even take prescribed drugs unless it is a proven necessity in an emergency situation. My only crutch is cigarettes. I'd not smoked for years, but do now smoke a little here and there during times of extreme stress - just to calm my nerves, which sometimes flare up due to being targeted and getting no help. I don't plan to keep it up though, because I actually don't like it. I just need some protection and safety, in order to feel comfortable with completely quitting again.

The real question here is, are they really planning to do ALL of these things they mention in their catty games or are they just trying to keep me in a place of fear? They do seem to follow through most of the time. One of them recently emailed me saying that TIs are still turning up missing and their emails taken over. My experience is that they take over our emails even when we are not missing. I've lost access to at least two email accounts since 2002. . .and they seem to access and use my email accounts even when I'm using them.

It also seems like they are doing something that is messing with my digestive system in an unusual way. This is so difficult, because if I leave my car for any length of time I risk the puppets either tampering with it again or slipping something in my water...etc., and they are coming at me in full force since I left the motel, although the remote electronic harassment has been less. This isn't the first time I can deeply relate to the part of Dr John Hall's book where he felt like he had to carry all his food...etc., with him at all times so the "gang stalkers" wouldn't slip drugs into them. With him they were setting him up to look like a cocaine addict, in order to sabotage his job. With me, they just don't want anyone to believe my experiences or my prophetic dreams about what they do. They have already succeeded at preventing much of my dreams. . .and they have probably succeeded at destroying my credibility also. The only reason I continue putting the word out there is because I have a vision of other people, who CAN do more, may see what I am writing and take off with their own investigation and reporting. I pray so hard for this. I am also trying to educate the puppets/stalkers so the unaware ones have the chance to learn what sort of criminal activity they are being used for. But its all just seed planting at this point. . .and no growth visible yet.

Please help spread the word - download this "Public Notice", print it out and pass it to as many people as you can, ASAP.

Note to HONEST Law Enforcement and Government Officials:  Please PROTECT AND HELP us. Please listen to your hearts. I know you are out there - honest law enforcement and government officials. I know that our government is not ALL bad like the perps/puppets are telling us. I know there are hearts that CAN and will eventually help us. I just pray it is soon. . .REALLY soon. We've already been hurt too much and for too long. Please help us. Please.

  I created a new "Public Notice" for law enforcement  that fits on one page. This is primarily for law enforcement. You are welcome to copy it, print it and share it with EVERYONE you know, especially law enforcement, media and government officials. Please help us, for your own sake also.http://www.targetedinamerica.com/pubnshort.doc
P.S. Do a google search using "Targeted in America" and you will see the establishments that are trying to prevent my website from being seen by the public in a search. None of them were there when I chose the name and purchased the .com Seriously.

Later: They now seem to have removed themselves from the search engines after I posted this. (The same has been happening with my name, Sharon ------------ and Sharon Poet. . .and my "Poetography" prints...etc. They flood the web with new names I come up with. I know, because I always do searches as I try to label things - I aim to be unique, but then they copy me just to make my stuff get lost in their shuffles.)

FYI: I am not doing much with email right now. And I am in need of financial help as much as ever. Please help me.

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