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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Message for Law Enforcement Personnel

   It is my understanding that this targeting operation is lead military style. . .with the lower branches of it remaining completely unaware of the master plan. And I have grown to believe that if local, state and even some federal Law enforcement agencies (Including veterans and FEMA workers) knew that they are being USED to target innocent people - people like their own families. . . they would begin listening to their own hearts and deeper instincts instead of remaining puppets for an operation that is harming and destroying us. NONE of us are safe until the criminals who hold the controls of microwave mind control technologies are stopped. And I am sure that most of the PDs are not aware that the innocent victims they stalk, harass are also being held under surveillance and tortured by microwave weapons, laser weapons and mind control technologies. . .and that they too are most likely victims of the mind control part.

Lack of awareness enables the tortures
Please become aware

Dear Law enforcement and military personnel,
Please listen to your HEARTS and research this. YOU have the power to save yourselves and your own loved ones along with the rest of humanity. . .from the inner destruction that has already been allowed to go too far.

Please let your HEARTS free us all 

If nothing else, PLEASE read up on the types of technologies that  HAVE ALREADY BEEN IN USE FOR DECADES NOW, and can only  continue negatively influencing and harming more of us if law enforcement, military and main stream media remain unaware or under the control of the criminals. Educate yourselves and break free. PLEASE.

Lately I am feeling that police departments, on both local and state levels, may be more involved in the organized stalking and harassment of innocent victims  than I'd wanted to believe. But I don't want to blame them - It makes sense that the remote mind control would be intensely aimed at them first. If this is the case, it is so sad, because this makes them victims also. And most of them probably do not realize that they may be being used as puppets in an operation that is harming innocent people and will surely end up also harming their own loved ones if it is allowed to continue and grow. I pray for them to listen to their hearts enough to break free.

Please help send prayers for this.