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Monday, July 23, 2012

Flagged in Churches

   I’ve had no choice but to resort to trying to get help from churches and homeless shelters, in order to survive. And I am realizing that the leaders of this holocaust even have a foot in some churches and are flagging us through their systems, in order to prevent us from getting help. 
   I just had two churches act very nice at first, then. . .it seems like they check something on a computer and completely change their attitude toward me. I just overheard one minister getting angry that she had purchased one of my books before finding out something about me. For some unexplained reason she thought it was a bad thing to have paid me - given me money for my books! The same sort of thing has also happened in 2 homeless shelters - they start out being nice and then suddenly change their attitude and/or have no room for me after looking me up in some sort of system in the computer. I still have no idea what sort of criminal they have me listed as, but the slander is working well. . .even in churches now, as well as in community stalking groups who aim to prevent me from getting or keeping jobs. They even seem to be trying to prevent me from getting proper medical attention. My faith is still carrying me through. But I am now desperately in need help from my fellow human beings – the ones who have the heart to care for me and the rest of humanity. Please help me.

I am in deep need of financial help
Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057
P.M.  Feel like my head is in a microwave. Hard to focus and think. Am getting very weak. Don't know of an honest doctor to go to without having insurance or money to pay. Please. I need help.

Later: I am feeling a bit better. I have noticed a pattern with the remote electronic attacks: They seem to hit me hard and then often suddenly let up directly after I write a post on this blog about it. Don't know what that is about.