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Monday, July 30, 2012

"Nothing we Can Do" !?!

Someone recently said to me, "There is nothing we can do" about the secret technologies that we are being attacked with. But in my heart I know that this is not true.

1. We can open our hearts and minds to realize what is happening and help spread the word, because awareness is our first step to defense.

2. We can learn how to listen to our hearts and instincts above the negative projections.

3. We can invent methods of protection from the microwave energies and radio waves we are being attacked with.

4. Targeted families can find the heart to pull together - to support and help each other instead of letting the criminals win. 

There is much we CAN do!

We Can Aim to Protect Ourselves


 It appears too late for my family, because the targeting against me/us has been too much and for too long. . .and I have had so little contact with them, through the past two decades, that their congregated drive against me appears to have grown beyond anything I alone can even begin to break through without it continuing to inflict more hurt for all of us. . .and God knows that I already have too much to deal with.  I tried - I gave it my best shots, from the bottom of my heart.. . .and have had to limp away. :-(

After a deep shedding of newly inflicted pains I find myself stepping back to take a closer look into the plight of our families, and the ostracizing of Primary Targeted Individuals, as we are thrown to the wolves, or left to the wolves, by our own family members. In my heart I know that only debilitating pharmaceuticals and unsuspected remote mind control techniques can close good hearts so completely. They are victims too.

* Some of our family members have been desensitized to the point of not being able to care about us - not even when we are dieing and being tortured and are begging for help. (They need a chance to feel/heal.)

*Some of them leap, after their own denied darkness is fueled, to slander us or pronounce us insane. . .while pretending they are in a "loving" place. (Can you imagine their pain?)

* Some of them have gotten lost in their own shame and let criminal manipulations pull them into joining the game, so their own mistakes can remain hidden. (Can you imagine their Karma?)

* Most of them suffer too. . .

* Some of them have been suddenly struck to death by what no one else can believe. (Perhaps they are the lucky ones.)

* Some of them may have been tortured until they died, in the loneliest of ways, long before any of us even knew this holocaust was happening. (This is just too sad.)

Most of them have been desensitized to the plight of primary Targeted Individuals, and brainwashed against us until they perceive us as wrong no matter what we do or say. . .blaming us for everything that we ALL go through, until there is nothing we can do, except walk away and pray. (A friend brought this scenario to my attention back in the year 2000 and I have seen it played out over and over again in my family members.)

In my heart I know that our families do not know what they are doing to us and some have been so controlled for so long that they can no longer even care. When they do realize the Truths, and what they have done to us, their pain may run deeper than ours. I can't help but to feel for them as I cry for me.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Another Dream Remembered

  I just remembered a dream I'd shared a few years ago - a dream which showed masses of dead bodies being piled into tarps at a hospital. This dream depicted such massive amounts of deaths that there was no place to put the bodies.
  Like I've stated before, I've been learning that the precognitive dreams I'd shared were NOT about natural disasters and were about the mass murders that are already taking place through technologically generated disasters and toxins placed in drinking water, and man-made illnesses as well as harmful vaccines…etc.
  The criminal leaders of this holocaust have caused a lot of confusion around my dreams, both within me and in the public’s eye, because my “forewarning dreams." I now feel sure that this is why I've been more heavily targeted since 2001. . .and why they have set the stage, through brainwashing people I was close to and slandering me in various ways, so that you will all think I am just crazy. . .so that you will not believe me and will not realize what is being done to us until it is too late. 

I understand that this all sounds too ridiculously horrible to be true. But unfortunately it is VERY true and it NEEDs YOUR attention ASAP.

   It may already be almost too late! They seem to be succeeding, at this point! Something needs to be done to stop this ASAP! Their mass murders and mind control techniques are NOT "meant to be." This is NOT “God's plan.” This is an evil mission that is being implemented by criminals. . .and needs to be treated as such. We need honest law enforcement to step in.
   However, I don't know how this can be done and my hands feel mostly tied at this point. These criminals have brought me into such a state of financial ruin. . .and sometimes hit me so hard with remote directed energy weapons that it feels like I've had a lobotomy and can hardly function, let alone continue to forewarn people. . .while living in my car. I do not have the resources to spread the word in many places other than the internet, which they can obviously also control. Although I have passed out nearly 1000 of the four page newspapers (the original “Public Notice”) I am unable to have more printed, at this point. . .and I fear that I did not do a good enough job with the first printing. But you can pick up where I am staggering. Please help spread the word.
print it out and pass it to as many people as you can.

Also, I am still in desperate need of 
substantial amounts of financial help

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Those who honestly can't financially help me, but want to:
 Please periodically buy $2 or $1 lottery tickets for me or send a small amount weekly or take up collections from others. Though I need a lot to get me out of this situation, little bits of help can keep me hanging on and surviving this. 

Keeping Hope Alive with Faith that 
The HEART of humanity will win.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Tears

   Sometimes, when I reach this point where I feel like I can not take anymore, I cry. . .and my tears feel like they pour from a river that flows from all innocent Targeted Individuals. God! How can this be happening to us and why is it being allowed to continue, especially in countries that stand for freedom. . .countries like America?!!!? Answers do not come and hope sometimes fades into trenches of despair as I grope for protection that is not there. Some of us are dieing, some of us are missing, some of us are lost, some of us are hanging on and looking for a reason, an explanation. . .an end that still shows no sign of beginning.

Praying for a miracle that can end this holocaust.
Please help pray for us - for all of humanity.

Keeping Hope Alive with Faith that Light/Love will win.

Download a Public Notice paper;
(print it out and pass it to as many people as you can.)


Monday, July 23, 2012

Flagged in Churches

   I’ve had no choice but to resort to trying to get help from churches and homeless shelters, in order to survive. And I am realizing that the leaders of this holocaust even have a foot in some churches and are flagging us through their systems, in order to prevent us from getting help. 
   I just had two churches act very nice at first, then. . .it seems like they check something on a computer and completely change their attitude toward me. I just overheard one minister getting angry that she had purchased one of my books before finding out something about me. For some unexplained reason she thought it was a bad thing to have paid me - given me money for my books! The same sort of thing has also happened in 2 homeless shelters - they start out being nice and then suddenly change their attitude and/or have no room for me after looking me up in some sort of system in the computer. I still have no idea what sort of criminal they have me listed as, but the slander is working well. . .even in churches now, as well as in community stalking groups who aim to prevent me from getting or keeping jobs. They even seem to be trying to prevent me from getting proper medical attention. My faith is still carrying me through. But I am now desperately in need help from my fellow human beings – the ones who have the heart to care for me and the rest of humanity. Please help me.

I am in deep need of financial help
Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057
P.M.  Feel like my head is in a microwave. Hard to focus and think. Am getting very weak. Don't know of an honest doctor to go to without having insurance or money to pay. Please. I need help.

Later: I am feeling a bit better. I have noticed a pattern with the remote electronic attacks: They seem to hit me hard and then often suddenly let up directly after I write a post on this blog about it. Don't know what that is about.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Groping for Strength

Please read this site so you can understand my blog entries:

We are unheard victims lost beneath the lies.
We are the crumbling ones put on a list to die.
We are rising wounded begging for your aide,
Becoming specks of dust in an evil charade. 

I am doing my best to pull in my power and regain my strength, but its not working very well right now. I'm being hit with microwave or radio wave energies and it feels like its sucking the energy right out of me as well as creating more physical pain. My temp is 96.4 this morning. In my heart and mind I just want to get out there and pound the pavement for sponsors for another issue of The Heart Bud, and include some of the Targeted Individual information in it, but I'm struggling so much with my physical health that its not looking very good, at this point. . .and I need more money than I have in order to continue and expand my work for the rest of humanity. I've still been applying at other jobs, but feel like I'd be unable to perform the tasks even if I were hired, at this point. . .and even if my jobs were not being sabotaged by those who target me.  (I think they know that if I get work/money I will use it to do my work - to inform the rest of humanity. Can't fool them on this, although I've tried.) Too much going wrong to list. . .and vulture/puppets know it so the rest of you may as well too. . .because they are acting accordingly, which is why I sometimes call them vultures. Seems like almost everything is suddenly "going to hell in hand basket..." and there appears to be nothing I can do about it. I talked to another Targeted Individual yesterday and he says there is still no hope for any sort of help for us from government or law enforcement - not what I wanted to hear, but it appears true. 

I am in deep need of substantial financial help ASAP
Please Help Me to Help Bring Awareness to Humanity

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Financial help will be deeply appreciated

FYI: TRUE help is delivered in the form that is needed. Unfortunately, due to my situation and past experiences, the only thing that can really help me right now is money, because the abusers - "organized stalking group members" have already repeatedly knocked me down and torn away the things I need just to lured me into abusive pretenses of help or work or home or vehicle. . .and I have learned to be more careful. At this point I can only feel safe through gaining the finances to make my own choices for protection and vehicle and printings of the Public Notice...etc. However I do understand that money is the toughest thing to give in our greedy world, so I have no expectations at this point. But people can no longer honestly say that I didn't express my needs or ask for help. My pride had been replaced by my concern for my safety and health. . .a long time ago. God help all of us.
P.S. I received a message via my computer that said, "45 is being implemented" and it looks like that is indeed happening. Lot of Veteran plates on vehicles that are stalking me again. And my physical health continues to decline. I wonder if these puppets know that after they spent all these years trying to make me look like I am just "paranoid" if I suddenly die of something else it just adds to the proof of what is happening to Targeted Individuals. . .and judging by the last report I got, there are more cases of criminal organized group stalking being reported and this means hope for all of us. The Light is out there somewhere.

Later: Looks like there is a cover up about my having an elevated SED rate, due to the microwave energies they are directing at me. There is now documented proof. If anything happens to me please have me tested again by an HONEST doctor. . .for SED rate, radiation and microchips...etc., so we can help prove what is happening to us. Some doctors ARE involved and are fudging medical tests and even altering medical records!!!!

Thank you to those who are praying for me. It was nice to get those messages. It means a lot to know that, although I am alone here I am not alone in the world. It helps to know that you are out there and caring and fighting for our freedom.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another Day in My Life

Please research this crisis

So you can understand my blog entries:

In the past few days I have distributed the "Public Notice" to police and fire departments and other people I run into. But I am running out of money for gas and living in my car in this heat is a bit of a challenge.

I had been getting a bit of help here and there from an X boss. . .and he says that his business is now folding due to sudden unusual circumstances. Coincidence? His help has enabled me to survive this long, with gas in my car and a few basic needs anyway. It hasn't been enough to even begin to pull me out of this situation and protect me, but its been enough to keep me hanging in here, which has meant a lot. I can probably even go so far as to say that he has saved my life several times over again since January of this year. And that means more than words can say. I feel sad for his situation and feel sad for mine also. I have no idea what I'm going to do now. Things appear to be heading down hill quickly, at this point. . .not that they can go much further down.
   The good news is that I got a bit of peace yesterday. However, my life and body feel so ripped to shreds that even if this targeting nightmare were to suddenly completely stop right now, I don't know how I'd stand back up. My physical health feels like it is reaching the point of no return and my energy level is WAY too low this morning. I'm not feeling well today. Maybe things will look better tomorrow.

Yesterday I was working on gathering the strength to do another "Heart Bud" Publication, which plans to include information about families being used for remote technological experimentation. . .as well as my usual heart stuff. If you know of anyone who'd like to help sponsor it, please let me know.  As I head into this round I have no idea how I am going to find the energy and money to accomplish it. This is reaching a point where I will not be able to do much else for humanity, without my own needs being met. I'm feeling a bit foresaken, right now. But I want to find the strength to aim for at least one more publication anyway.
   A few years ago, when I got my class A license I had a plan of earning enough money to survive AND also do steady printings and distributions of the Heart Bud across the country. . .instead of looking for sponsors I could do it all on my own. I enjoy driving as much as writing. So the combination of driving and writing seemed like a good idea, until it got repeatedly sabotaged. Now. . .I do not think my health is good enough to drive. In fact I know its not. I'm just having a hard time admitting it. The months I spent in the Vermont Hotel may have done me more harm than good, due to the almost steady doses of  microwave energy attacks I was hit with while I was there. My physical health has declined considerably.

I am still in deep need of protection and recovery

But, dare I ask for help again? I used to feel too proud to admit how bad things were or ask for help. But now that I have been asking for so long, the difficult part is feeling unworthy of genuine help and care. Yes, I am going to ask again, because I know there are hearts in the world, who may just happen to see this and let their wisdom realize my genuine need. . .and help me to climb back on my feet and do more for humanity.

I am in deep need of substantial financial help ASAP
Please Help Me

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Thank you.


P.S. As I think of producing another Heart Bud publication, I remember the criminals targeting some of the sponsors in the last one I printed. . . and my coincidence can not let me put people in that position. I'm up against a wall here, on every level I can think of! I need the miracle that can enable me to produce and distribute the Heart Bud without endangering anyone else. This can only happen if I win the lottery or find an invisible sponsor ASAP. Something to pray for.

P.S.S. But then...a bit of POSSIBLE hardship for a few can be worth saving many. Can I do a good enough job with it though? I fear not, in this situation. But I am going for it anyway. All I can do is the best I can and hope for all to understand. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Urgent Notice for Distribution

  I created a new "Public Notice" that fits on one page. This is primarily for law enforcement. You are welcome to copy it, print it and share it with EVERYONE you know, especially law enforcement, media and government officials. Please help us, for your own sake also. http://www.targetedinamerica.com/pubnshort.doc

Monday, July 16, 2012

Moved Back Into My Car Yesterday :(

  I knew something was about to happen, after the puppet in room 7 at a Vermont hotel prevented me from talking to a nice person. Another puppet offered to get an AAA membership for me and never followed through - trying to prevent me from getting it for myself.  The hood to my car just happened to be stuck closed - (something suddenly wrong with the cable) and the sensor to my oil gage just suddenly happened to start malfunctioning. So, what happened? Today, I listened to my intuition and after finally getting a little help with opening my hood, I find that the oil tank just suddenly happens to be empty and with no oil leaks where it was parked, although I had not used the car very much in the past four months and have NEVER had oil problems or oil gage problems with it. But I know. This is all just coincidence also.   . .and so were the other attempts to destroy the engines in my vehicles. They are NOT trying to leave me stranded on the side of the road with no one to call for help. (sarcasm here) None of this is REALLY happening.

 Please do excuse my sarcastic outbursts, because its my way of venting and I need to vent right now.

Thanks to a little help, I got the flat tire on my van (my back up vehicle) half fixed today. Looks like the air had been let out of the front passenger tire, within the past month, because it was fine before that and is holding up fine after putting a little air in it. (Of course after mentioning this a nail could end up in it.) This is the way things sometimes go, but I am doing the best I can with what I have to work with. When I was at the motel they had me trapped, but now they have me up against a wall. But its OK. (Sarcasm again)
I don't know how long I will hold up in this situation, especially since I am physically ill and have no air conditioning in my car, due to the heating and air conditioning system suddenly breaking down right after I had to resort to living in it after the heating system in my van had suddenly stopped working in the middle of last winter. More coincidences.

As for you puppets - organized "gang stalking" group members who try to degrade me through saying that "no one who sits on their fat ass doing nothing gets help..." I am strong enough within myself to not be too bothered by the weight I have gained. . .and everyone who knows me, (including myself) knows that I'd prefer to be working and that I have never been a "lazy" person. Your process of kicking people into ditches and then degrading them for being in a ditch merely makes YOU look bad. Sometimes I am shocked by the levels of your cruelty. . .most of the time actually. I hope, for your own sakes that you begin to find your hearts and stop letting yourselves behave like stupid, cruel puppets for the criminals who hold your strings.

The puppets also recently brought up "drugs" more than once. Would they plant drugs in my vehicle or wherever and have a Law Enforcement Officer just happen to stop me and find them? This would be WAY TOO ridiculous because EVERYONE who has ever known me knows I am not into drugs. I'm not perfect - not nearly, (And I have made my share of mistakes in the deeper past) but I do not do or deal drugs. If they try this it will merely prove their own criminal behaviors. I do not even take prescribed drugs unless it is a proven necessity in an emergency situation. My only crutch is cigarettes. I'd not smoked for years, but do now smoke a little here and there during times of extreme stress - just to calm my nerves, which sometimes flare up due to being targeted and getting no help. I don't plan to keep it up though, because I actually don't like it. I just need some protection and safety, in order to feel comfortable with completely quitting again.

The real question here is, are they really planning to do ALL of these things they mention in their catty games or are they just trying to keep me in a place of fear? They do seem to follow through most of the time. One of them recently emailed me saying that TIs are still turning up missing and their emails taken over. My experience is that they take over our emails even when we are not missing. I've lost access to at least two email accounts since 2002. . .and they seem to access and use my email accounts even when I'm using them.

It also seems like they are doing something that is messing with my digestive system in an unusual way. This is so difficult, because if I leave my car for any length of time I risk the puppets either tampering with it again or slipping something in my water...etc., and they are coming at me in full force since I left the motel, although the remote electronic harassment has been less. This isn't the first time I can deeply relate to the part of Dr John Hall's book where he felt like he had to carry all his food...etc., with him at all times so the "gang stalkers" wouldn't slip drugs into them. With him they were setting him up to look like a cocaine addict, in order to sabotage his job. With me, they just don't want anyone to believe my experiences or my prophetic dreams about what they do. They have already succeeded at preventing much of my dreams. . .and they have probably succeeded at destroying my credibility also. The only reason I continue putting the word out there is because I have a vision of other people, who CAN do more, may see what I am writing and take off with their own investigation and reporting. I pray so hard for this. I am also trying to educate the puppets/stalkers so the unaware ones have the chance to learn what sort of criminal activity they are being used for. But its all just seed planting at this point. . .and no growth visible yet.

Please help spread the word - download this "Public Notice", print it out and pass it to as many people as you can, ASAP.

Note to HONEST Law Enforcement and Government Officials:  Please PROTECT AND HELP us. Please listen to your hearts. I know you are out there - honest law enforcement and government officials. I know that our government is not ALL bad like the perps/puppets are telling us. I know there are hearts that CAN and will eventually help us. I just pray it is soon. . .REALLY soon. We've already been hurt too much and for too long. Please help us. Please.

  I created a new "Public Notice" for law enforcement  that fits on one page. This is primarily for law enforcement. You are welcome to copy it, print it and share it with EVERYONE you know, especially law enforcement, media and government officials. Please help us, for your own sake also.http://www.targetedinamerica.com/pubnshort.doc
P.S. Do a google search using "Targeted in America" and you will see the establishments that are trying to prevent my website from being seen by the public in a search. None of them were there when I chose the name and purchased the .com Seriously.

Later: They now seem to have removed themselves from the search engines after I posted this. (The same has been happening with my name, Sharon ------------ and Sharon Poet. . .and my "Poetography" prints...etc. They flood the web with new names I come up with. I know, because I always do searches as I try to label things - I aim to be unique, but then they copy me just to make my stuff get lost in their shuffles.)

FYI: I am not doing much with email right now. And I am in need of financial help as much as ever. Please help me.

Sharon Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Few Reminders

 Jane Burgermeister - pandemic update 25 June 2012


One Tear  
Copyright by Sharon R. Poet

Blind folded were my eyes when they dared not see.
Silent was this voice deep in the heart of me -
The little one who cries, "Oh, please set us free!"
My job is to embrace her - to count and feel her tears
And listen to the wisdom she hasn't shared in years:
One tear for each voice that dared not sing out loud
And for every angel who can't stand tall and proud.
One tear for everyone who yearns to be set free,
But searches with the mind for what only the heart can see
One for each shadow that will not turn to light
And every broken wing that's not prepared for flight.
One tear for those who pretend, but have not cared it all
And for each of the deaf who will not hear this call.


Innocent Targeted Individuals
by Sharon R. Poet
We are unheard victims lost beneath the lies.
We are the crumbling ones put on a list to die.
We are rising wounded begging for your aide,
Becoming specks of dust in an evil charade. 

I am still in desperate need of financial help. 
Please Help me 
(Please Read "Resurrecting a Dream" Blog Entry Below)

A couple new links for us:



   It is difficult to remain mentally clear while being targeted so heavily. I'm sure I've made a lot of mistakes and misjudgements on this blog. Please just listen to your own hearts above all else. I've been a fool for so long that I'll probably remain one for a bit longer. Perhaps I will get the chance to let wisdom take the reins. . .someday.  (The targeting of my brain would have to stop, in order for this to happen.) Until then. . .I'm doing the best I can, under unbelievable circumstances, and am hoping that your hearts will understand.


Please help spread the word - download this "Public Notice",
Print it out and pass it to as many people as you can.

Love will win in the end, even if its not in our lifetimes.
In my heart I feel sure of this. Its my consolation.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Missed Film Interview

   Yesterday was my pre-scheduled interview with man who is doing a  movie exposing injustices. I did not get to it due to being heavily targeted from the 9th through late yesterday. I shut my phone off and drove up the coast looking for relief. I do not know how much help the movie will give to Targeted Individuals, since its focus is mainly on the judicial system, but I'd have liked to give it a chance. I'm glad to hear from Bill that at least four targeted individuals have made it to interviews. And the saga continues. . .until a miracle happens.
I've just had four months in a room, where it had been difficult for most organized stalking games to remain unnoticed. . .unless I went to a store...etc. (A few of them remained VERY close by through my stay here.) Though the gang stalking and harassment had been less in these months, I got so much interference from remotely directed energy that I've not been able to do much. However I feel that, over all, I regained some of my strength and sanity and am thankful for that. I do not know what will happen next. I'm moving into my car and doing the best I can to keep the faith that the Light will shine around some future bend. Until then I'll look within.

   The perpetrators of this crisis can do some shady manipulations with technologies, emails, cell phones and even through leaving phone messages using recordings of a victim's voice. It appears that they can actually send emails and phone calls, which appear to be from the victim's email or phone. Through technologies that most of us are not aware of, it is said that these criminals are able to remotely project voices that can be heard only by the person they are aimed at and can say anything they want to project. This can be used to make a victim feel like they are going insane or to make people around the victim think the victim has said something he/she has not really said. I hear that these voices CAN be recorded. But with most people being unaware that such a thing can even be done from an unseen distance, can you imagine the psycho games that can be played? It seems that they can transmit odors also. There is not much that they can not do and our lack of awareness of these technologies is what enables their success. This is VERY sick and dangerous stuff! Educate yourself. Please.

Please help spread the word - download this "Public Notice"
Print it out and pass it to as many people as you can.

   Still getting a lot of hits from Russia on this blog. Feels like there is something to this. There may be more foreign involvement with this holocaust than most of us realize. Could it be true that they WANT us to think it is ONLY the USA government that is performing these crimes against humanity? I feel concerned that the parts of our government, that are not involved, may be becoming unaware victims of the mind control technologies.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Symptoms of Microwave Targeting

These symptoms are for heavily Targeted Individuals.
Find more on www.targetedinamerica.com/symptoms.html

Heavily targeted individuals experience symptoms that range from periods of unusual or repetitive thoughts and mood swings, diminished hearing and eye sight, head and body pains, diminished eye sight and hearing. . .to painful levels of electronic torture delivered with laser and microwave weapons. Long term experiment cases can have unusual tooth decay, ridges on finger nails, chains of unusual medial problems, unusual discord between family members...etc.
Heavily targeted individuals are also reported to experience symptoms that range from periods of unusual stress, mental confusion, forgetfulness, unusual or repetitive thoughts and mood swings, immune system problems, diminished hearing and eye sight, body bloating, dehydration, unusual head and body aches, diminished eye sight and hearing and blocked emotions. . .to symptoms that mimic schizophrenia, nervous breakdowns, brain damage, blindness, paralysis...etc. (Severe victims can be forced into things like
lethal shootings at schools or navy yards.) Long term experiment cases can also have unusual tooth decay, ridges on finger nails, chains of unusual medial problems. Unusual discord between family members.

Each time I try to perfect this list I get targeted more heavily. These are the most common symptoms I get when I'm hit hard with microwaves and what appears to be laser beams of electromagnetic frequencies shot into my brain and other parts of my body. The worst of these were happening from around 2001-2003 through 2011.

The most dangerous long term effects are interference with our process of personal and spiritual growth and the loss of our freedom. The ramifications of allowing this to continue are almost unspeakable! And worse than this is happening.

Sudden bloating of my whole body
Hair loss (more than the norm)
Hearing loss (off and on)
Ringing in ears (very high pitch from mild to severe)
Blurred eye sight (off and on)
Altered depth perception (during severe attacks)
Sun sensitivity (during severe attacks)
Sluggish mental activity (Sometimes severe)
Memory loss (sometimes severe and mostly short term memory)
Emotionally numb
Uncharacteristic Anger (sudden bouts around times of inflicted trauma)
Physical Fatigue (sometimes debilitating. I get this a LOT!)
Nausea (sudden rounds of it during heavy attacks)
Sudden onset of sinus problems (without infection or cold and with dark circles under eyes)
Shortness of breath (sudden and unexplainable - often with the fatigue)
Dizziness (sudden rounds of it during severe attacks)
Sudden sweating (sudden heat rushes in body or head)
Body feeling feverish but temp way below normal (96 to 97)
Sharp shooting pains into head (Often on top of head and around ears and temples)
Deep pain down right side of back of head (often forming a knot at base of skull)
A Lot of heat in head (like it is burning up (even hot to the touch) but with no fever)
Pain behind right eye and eyebrow (gets intense!)
Gums swelling and teeth bleeding and hurting
Burning sensation in mouth (sometimes a metallic taste)
Tingling in body (usually in nose, rectum, between shoulder blades and in pubic area)
Stings: Sudden stinging sensations (as if being bit by a bee or leaving a burn blister)
Pain in joints and muscles (sudden rounds of)
Intestinal problems (including elimination problems from one extreme to other for no apparent reason)
Sudden spells of fluttering in my heart (racing and skipped beats for no apparent reason)
Heart beat vibrating through whole body (often with the fatigue and shortness of breath)
Lupus - Elevated SED rate (Severe in 2006.)
Morgellons disease
Sudden rounds of severe chest pain (for no medical reason)
Malfunctioning of technology (Since 1970s, watches computers and vehicle electronics malfunction)
Parasite Infestations (Inflicted with internal parasites as well as fleas and ticks and skin parasites…etc.)

More is listed below
Also see more on www.targetedinamerica.com

New page on Morgellons

I'm sure to be forgetting some things, but this the bulk of what comes to mind right now. They never happen all at once. I get sudden rounds of different things, which can mysteriously stop as quickly as they started. The worst of it is always at strategic times, like when being punished for saying or writing something.
   Lately I am also getting unusual levels of deformity and pain in my hands. This accelerated after I received a message that showed a man pointing a gun with words that said, "A keyboard and a 45." (I perceive this as a threat to stop writing - to just fall into silent acceptance of these crimes against humanity.) It sometimes feels like my hands are being lasered. . .and my upper right arm as well.

Here are a couple pics of growths that are forming in my fingers. Notice that my pinky is getting larger than my other finger. This is not swelling. Its a growth that is spreading, like the one that is partly shown in the second finger I show here. (The one in the second finger started a while back, but has suddenly grown a lot lately and I can no longer fully straighten my finger.)

I have also experienced periods of biological warfare that effects my lungs with sudden burning and pain followed by chocking up globs of flem that has little black spots in it. Sometimes its a sudden burning in my nose and lungs (as if I just breathes in something) that is followed by flu symptoms. This has happened at times when I was not sick and had no other symptoms before the sudden attacks.
I have experienced something put on toilet paper that burns my skin...etc. There is more but this is enough for now.

YUP. Lets give this a bit of time and see if someone can declare these as symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia. . .or pedophilia or murderers or thieves or drug addicts or some other criminal label, so that nobody will ever know that these symptoms are caused by Secret Remote Directed Energy Weapons and that there are sly satanic criminals out there, who are targeting us. But then some people do not need medical diagnosis, because they seem comfortable with just pulling one out of the air as long as it makes us look bad or unbelievable or like we are exaggerating. . .or what ever. Actually I am just faking it. I mean. . .wouldn't anyone love to be experiencing this! Sorry for the sarcasm. Well. . .maybe I'm not sorry, because I don't even want to hold it back right now, because I need to vent. I'm not doing very well. The short break from this crap has made it feel worse since I'm getting blasted again. And, believe it or not, I value my hands and my health and my freedom and my life, so this bothers me. Wouldn't it bother you?

Other Symptoms

Targeted Individuals often get different physical symptoms. I have not had some of the following symptoms, but I've either witnessed them or have heard of them through other Targeted Individuals. (most of the symptoms are medically unexplainable)

Unauthorized Surveillance Symptoms: Feeling like we are being watched when there appears to be no body there.

Dehydration: Often severe even when consuming a lot of fluids.

Birth Defects: I have read reports that a targeted pregnant woman can have a child with a minor heart defects. One of my children was born with a minor heart defect and four breasts. I was told by a doctor that I have a problem with a valve in my heart. . .but then another doctor told me that I didn't. Its hard to determine since some doctors are part of the criminal operation. I have recently been told that two of my brothers also have minor heart defects. I fully believe that my mother was a Targeted Individual. . .or they made it up to make it look like it runs in the family.

Symptoms that Mimic Mental Illness: Victims can experience sudden mood swings and feel anxious - like they know something horrible is happening to them, but can not figure out what it is. Victims and/or their loved ones can easily assume it is a "mental illness" due to lack of awareness of remote mind control technologies. And, sadly, some doctors are more than happy to prescribe medications that aid the complete success of said technologies. Hearing voices that are sneakily technologically projected (V2K) are common. (These voices can also be projected to people who are near the target, in order to make them think the target is saying foul things...etc.)

Misdiagnosis: Falsely labeling Targeted Individuals as "mentally ill" is almost the worst part of this, because it forces 'help' in ways that are NOT needed and completely prevents help in the ways that are DESPERATELY needed.

Brain Farts: (lol gotta hold onto my sense of humor!) Intrusions into our brains can cause interrupted thoughts or speech.

Nerve Irritation or Damage: Periods altered depth perception, eye sight and hearing. . .also numbness in lips, face or right arm, unusual head aches, bouts of small sharp pains shooting into head, deep pain behind right eye and eye brow, pain down back right side of head, muscle or nerve twitching in eyes or other parts of face, burning sensation in mouth, aching teeth and swollen gums...etc.

Seizures: Sudden seizures for no medical reason.

Neurological Problems: Sudden unexplainable neurological problems, which can range from mild numbness in various parts of body. . .to sudden brain damage with severe altercations to speech and motor skills.

Forced Speech: Saying things and not knowing why you said them and sometimes even sudden episodes of gibberish talk - making no sense (rare)

Dreams with Unusual Messages: Psychotronic weapons can project dreams into our brains.

Personality Change: Slow or sudden altered belief systems, taste, desires, preferences, values, morals ...etc.

Sudden Onset of Unusual Physical Injuries: Injuries seem to suddenly happen almost on their own. Things like sprained ankles, joint problems and slipped discs can be remotely inflicted.

Tumorous Growths: These may or may not be cancerous.

Birth Defects: A targeted pregnant woman can have a child with a minor heart defects (like I did in 1982)

Blocked Hearts: Long term Mind Control Victims often become selfish, egotistical and uncaring toward others. (This is evident in the families of Primary Targeted Individuals.)

Sudden medically unexplainable neurological symptoms (brain injury for no apparent reason)

Cataracts at an unusually young age
Unusual lung problems
Unusual cellulite accumulations
Sudden unusual mental blocks with certain things
Joint problems and back problems
Suddden Unexplainable Pains
Sudden unusual obsessions (including unnatural craving s for things like unhealthy foods, tobacco, coffee, alcohol, drugs..etc.)
Unusual rounds of anger (usually at strategic times)
Unusual onsets of cravings for sugar and unhealthy foods
V2K ( technologically projected voices to make victim appear mentally ill.)
Sexual stimulation that does not feel natural
Depression or sudden onset of mood swings (which do not match feelings)
Unusual weight gain or loss (This can be sudden and severe)
Sudden unexplainable open sores on body
Thoughts that feel unnatural
Mental confusion
High pitched ringing in ears (This is often very faint)
Morgeloins disease (Probably spelled wrong)

Find other symptoms on
Find more on www.targetedinamerica.com/symptoms.html

Most general Targeted Individuals do not even realize they are being targeted. When we start realizing that we are being targeted, and start talking about it, we become inflicted with severe levels of psychological harassment, from organized stalking groups, in efforts to make our testimonies sound like we only have "paranoid schizophrenia" or whatever. . . so that no one will believe us and the criminals can continue freely targeting us. Until people start realizing what is happening the criminals will probably continue their success with destroying our lives. Please help expose and stop these crimes.

We are unheard victims lost beneath their lies.
We are the tortured ones put on a list to die.
We are rising wounded begging for your aide
Becoming specks of dust in an evil charade.

Find more information on links below

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Something New Happening Here!

 I recently had a few hours of joy - talking to an old State Trooper acquaintance - drifting back in time and pretending that this crisis is not happening and even fooling myself, for a few moments here and there, into thinking that I can return to a "normal" lifestyle. . .even though the TRUTH is that this can not happen until the lethal targeting of humanity is stopped. 
   Perhaps I needed those moments to preserve my sanity. I think I did and am grateful for them, because from the morning of the 9th to this afternoon I dealt with another round of vamped up energies/radio waves aimed at my head - another punishment for talking about mind control technologies...etc., which couldn't help but to weave its way through the otherwise pleasant and interesting conversations? 
    OR... The unusual part of these conversations was that the electronic harassments had COMPLETELY stopped only on and around those days of our conversations and a large part of the time since I had first contacted this person. I recently wondered why, but not for long, because I got an email, yesterday, from one of the KNOWN stalkers, which let me know that the harassment is being vamped up, (Which it has been!) that help has been prevented, that  I will not get helped and do not deserve it. . .in the usual cryptic way.
ATTENTION:  If someone, who has the technologies to detect the energies/radio waves that are being directed at us, has found the heart to be checking in on me/us, you should know that the criminals seem aware of it and are backing off when they know their energies can be detected. (This is what my insights are telling me)  Just fyi.
   My heart does not want to think that this Trooper acquaintance is involved in targeting us, though some Police seem to be, and although this can easily be perceived that way, since yesterday's email...and a few things he said and the way all electronic tortures stopped during the times when he was aiming to have conversations with me. The one sure thing that seems to have happened is that some sorts of manipulations took place to prevent me from getting the type of help I need.
   I had a dream that the Trooper was "watching someone who is watching me" and I am not 100% sure if this is good or bad. But its not feeling good at this point, because he mimicked so many of the the things perpetrators do.
   Its REALLY difficult to fully listen to my own instincts/intuition while being attacked with remote directed energy weapons. The organized stalkers may be just playing head games with me again. Either way the result is the same for me.
The manipulations around preventing us from getting help or being heard or believed are so sly that it is often difficult to figure out until after its all played out. This is one to watch.

   One sure pattern in those who target me and other genuine TIs is that they do all they can to prevent our needs from being met and to make sure that things we have an issue with do indeed happen and they seem to have connections in high places - the only places that have the technologies to detect the radio waves/energies that are being directed at us. 

I finally got the "Statistic" reports on my website fixed. (It had been disabled) and now realize that people who try to visit my websites are OFTEN getting a "404 unavailable" message. . .or something like that. But I have learned that refreshing the page will sometimes bypass this. Still interference!

If I can no longer expect law enforcement help I need monetary help from genuine HEARTS more than ever: Please Help me

Update (Oct. 23,  2014); I should not have written this. In the mist of my confusion and distress I have sometimes written on my blog, as if it were a private journal, without thinking of the public outcome. The original post (which had since been changed) showed that I had fully believed, at the time, that this trooper man was a perpetrator, because he had tried pushing me toward a job at a school. . .just like other perpetrators were intensely doing around that same time period. . .in what appeared to be an attempt to put me into an environment where I could be framed for child sexual abuse - one of the obvious aims of those who target me.
    There were also other things in the conversation that reeked of him being a mind control victim and controlled by the program that is targeting us. BUT I AM DEEPLY SORRY IF I WAS/AM WRONG. 
   Unfortunately I am still unsure, due to the ways I have been treated, messages I have gotten through puppets, and my insights of him being overpowered by those who target us.
    However I  believe that many of those who follow orders of perpetration are also victims, especially this man who I knew before the targeting vamped up in the late 1980s and 1990s, which appeared to do so on him as well, because we were becoming friends. And I feel for him as well, although I WILL aim to protect myself. . .and the only ways that I have been able to do this is through public writings and I am TRULY sorry if this has hurt him or anyone else.
   All of this is such a confusing mess to me that I have since aimed to refrain from even trying to figure out who is or is not with the perpetration. I hope this man can at least try to understand my plight and find the heart to realize that he has probably been part of a program that is infiltrated with perpetration if not slyly run by it. Because I knew him to be a good person before the worst rounds of targeting started, I see him as more of a victim than a perpetrator. People like him need protection from these crimes as much as those of us who are being tortured. I feel this to the core of my heart and soul. Its True, weather you want to believe it or not.

Download FREE Public Notice Here:

P.S Judging by recent changes I'd found in my writings, and statements by several stalkers, it appears that they are aiming to try to frame me for being a child sex offender, which I hear is being done to many Targeted Individuals. Since I am a woman this seems a bit ridiculous, but I guess there are some real female pedophiles. JEE! Its like a full time job just trying to stay ahead of these criminals - anticipate their next move so I can keep myself protected. When I'm in a good mood I have to laugh at this. Let me see. . .they aimed for me to be seen as insane/paranoid and even institutionalized by my own family. And now they want me to be seen as a pedophile. . .perhaps because the first plan has not worked out so well - they couldn't drive me nuts! Well...not completely anyway. I wrote the sarcastic song I share in the previous entry, about being "insane." (My way of coping) Maybe I need to write a comical or sarcastic song about being a pedophile. Well....I probably can't do that because its about hurting children and I don't like thinking of children being hurt. Good Grief! I wonder what's next. If they can't make you all think I am a pedophile, perhaps tomorrow they will try to make people think I am a hmmm....well I guess I don't even want to guess. There is a part of me that wonders if they really do frame people or if making us think they are going to is part of the psycho game - just to try to make us live in fear - just as part of the psychological torture. Time will tell and I'm not going to let it bother me too much.

They shine between shattered dreams
And threads torn from love sewn seams


I am suddenly gaining weight although I'm not eating much. Something wrong.
I recently had a dream which showed something being sprayed in the sky and was so thick that it looked like metallic rain coming down upon us. The feeling in the dream was that this is NOT a good thing.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Monday Computer Crash?

   Something smells fishy behind this computer crash warning. I wonder if tomorrow's crash is going to JUST HAPPEN to have ill effects on the computers and/or web accounts of outspoken Targeted Individuals and Activists who've been trying to bring public awareness to the remote technological targeting...etc. This could be interesting to watch. There has already been established a pattern to these sorts of tactics, with other people  included, just to make it APPEAR random. If accounts that contain emails, which can be used for evidence are suddenly wiped out, this alone is a form of proof. 


(Even parts of my statements, which say that these abuses have been happening "for DECADES NOW," have recently been erased from my youtube comments!)

Good Grief!!! Why can't you people just take responsibility and stop the targeting? Wouldn't this cost less than continuing the fight? You can't keep killing, framing or institutionalizing EVERYONE who sees or realizes what is happening and has too much of a heart to join it. . .without that also becoming a source of proof.

You'd look a lot better if you threw in the towel and repaired the damages instead of continuing to destroy us and the evidence. Please do. . .for all our sakes. . .yours included. Please find your hearts.

  Is it a "coincidence" that my computer just suddenly started not allowing me to copy files to usb or cd storage devices?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Toxic Vaccine?

Lethal Vaccines - Part of Depopulation Program?
My instincts had always told me that vaccines are NOT good things, especially for our children. I’ve never had a flu vaccination and WILL NOT allow any to be forced upon me... 

 Jane Burgermeister - pandemic update 25 June 2012

The previous address for this video had stopped working so I uploaded this one.

Jane Burgermeister’s Blog

PLEASE print and share a "Public Notice" asap

I am being hit with painful remote directed energy blasts as I do this posting. My right arm and hand is literally seizing up and sharp pains are shooting down the back of my head. When I am hit hard my head feels like it is on fire and my oral temp drops WAY below normal - usually between 96 and 97.

7-7-12: I am being hit hard in the past couple days, especially since I had a few conversations with an old State Trooper neighbor and told him about the mind control and weather control stuff. This also sometimes happens when my info gets more accurate. It seems that my writings are still being accessed and things changed. When I first tried to add this last batch of info there was a lot of interference. It seems that each time I find a good source of validation, it is either wiped out, or targeting is vamped up, or threats come in some cryptic form or they attempt to frame me...etc. Thank God for intuition and my dreams. They have saved me thus far. But I am not holding up very well. I am still in desperate need of financial help so I can protect myself.

Cry for Help

It has been VERY difficult for me to listen to my instincts and be mentally clear while being targeted and swarmed by criminals who are pretending to be Targeted Individuals and had been feeding me a lot of misinformation. So please excuse my stumblings on this blog and elsewhere. 
   My nephew had informed me, around December of 2002, that he had a dream of a "silver box in the sky aiming something at someone." (a satellite?) I wish I'd known before now what that meant and that he is probably also being targeted, in ways that no one around him realizes, because he was also getting insights on what is happening to us. I believe that those who target us inconspicuously murdered my youngest brother. Please make note of this. If anything happens to my nephew you will know why.
FYI: Like I’d previously stated, I am still getting a lot of hits from Russia on this blog - almost 20% from the start. . .with serious vamp ups as soon as I started heavily exposing the mind control part of the targeting.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Message for Law Enforcement Personnel

Lack of awareness enables the tortures
Please become aware

Dear Law enforcement and military personnel,
Please listen to your HEARTS and research this. YOU have the power to save yourselves and your own loved ones along with the rest of humanity. . .from the inner destruction that has already been allowed to go too far.

Please let your HEARTS free us all 

If nothing else, PLEASE read up on the types of technologies that  HAVE ALREADY BEEN IN USE FOR DECADES NOW, and can only  continue negatively influencing and harming more of us if law enforcement, military and main stream media remain unaware or under the control of the criminals. Educate yourselves and break free. PLEASE.

Lately I am feeling that police departments, on both local and state levels, may be more involved in the organized stalking and harassment of innocent victims  than I'd wanted to believe. But I don't want to blame them - It makes sense that the remote mind control would be intensely aimed at them first. If this is the case, it is so sad, because this makes them victims also. And most of them probably do not realize that they may be being used as puppets in an operation that is harming innocent people and will surely end up also harming their own loved ones if it is allowed to continue and grow. I pray for them to listen to their hearts enough to break free.

Please help send prayers for this.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

From my Grief

I removed the videos I had on this page due to being slammed by an estranged family member, whom I feel is an unaware victim of electromagnetic mind control, and continues with obsessive hatred toward me, under the mask of "love". I should have known that someone would try to use my videos against me, instead of finding the heart to SEE. I'd not meant to offend anyone and am sorry if I did. But I'll defend myself no more. The door is sealed. I pray for all the pain to heal.

Update; I have replaced the video, although I was being microwaved and was crying through most of it. My brain had also suddenly skipped a few beats when I started talking about the mind control part of the targeting. This felt like the mind control stuff trying to hide the mind control.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Losing Hand

   I'd been referred to a company for a job, and had been excited, since last friday, when I first inquired about it. This was a difficult step for me to take. I'd gathered up the strength to try again, even though my own businesses were sabotaged and multiple other jobs have already been sabotaged and my health is not well.  Over the weekend I'd convinced myself that perhaps this is the job that could not be sabotaged and could not be used as an opportunity to try to set me up for a crime or whatever. . .and could sustain me until other doors opened.
   This morning, as I sat talking to the assistant manager in this company, the door to his office was suddenly opened by a woman who interrupted with a gruff, "What's going on here?" I didn't recognize her until she coldly said, "I'm your relative."
   It turned out that the general manager of this company is my X husband's current wife - a woman who appeared to have aided the failure of my last attempt to pull my own children into a fight to end the targeting of BOTH of them and I. She is one of many who have judged and labeled me instead of caring to look into the situation I am in, which has helped to hurt all of us. This is also the woman who taught my children how to look down on me for not having "money"or a "real job"  while being targeted - slandered, stalked, struggling with Lupus...etc. What are the odds of someone like her being the manager of a company I was referred to?
As I drove away my tears slowly realized that I'd just lost another job - another opportunity - another chance to climb back onto my feet. I cried. . .and then foolishly sad down to do a video while also being microwaved. (This is the only video I've done and, to the trained eye, the microwaving is obvious in some of my statements and behaviors, but to anyone else I'd probably look nuts.)

The cards were stacked against me from the start. . .by coincidence or by covert manipulation. I'll probably never know for sure which one.