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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Burst of Courage

   Though I had a bit of a break from the more severe levels of remote electronic attacks, in the past few weeks, it had continued on periodic mild levels and again intensified the day before yesterday.
   Today, I went into an area, where I'd been heavily harassed by local organized stalking group members,. . .and passed out the Public Notice to the Police Department and local News Paper that had printed an article about me in May of 2006.
   I hadn't thought much of that article, because I can understand normal disbelief and it was not too obnoxious. (I was using my pen name - Namatari Neachi, at that time.) But I now wonder where the editor/reporter was coming from, because of today's experience:

I walked in, handed the same editor the Public Notice and asked him to NOT give me any publicity, but to just find the heart to become aware of the targeting and harming of innocent families and individuals in our communities. . .and that on the lower levels of that organization there is a dangerous rise in criminal organized stalking...etc. I asked him to please help bring public awareness to the general situation. He got a bit fidgety when I mention "organized stalking" and nervously said that it was "out of his realm" and "probably nothing he could do."  I stood my ground after he started drilling me and said, "I know for a fact that there is a large organized stalking group in THIS community that is harming people. . ." He got so nervous that he cut me off and again stammered, "There is probably nothing I can do" as he walked away.

FYI: His negative article was kept on the internet under my name and the retraction had been quickly passed through only the local paper. The media's negative manipulations are usually subtle enough to avoid being held responsible, but strong enough to manipulate public opinion. Its all VERY sneaky.

Among other places, I also went to the police department, where I'd previously encountered TWO police officers who are OBVIOUS members of the local criminal stalking society. . .and, (thank God) TWO officers who were good decent people who really wanted to help me, but couldn't. The first one who was helping me has left the police department. Today I was told that the second GOOD officer is now also leaving the department. Coincidence? I wonder if he'll get the paper and the "Thank You" I left for him and his secretary.

This was in an area where many of the local stalking group members appear to be part of some sort of dark/satanic occult and engage in far more criminal activities than just the usual harassing, bullying and stalking.

A few years ago, shortly after I opened a PO box in a neighboring town, was when the gruesome "Mont Vernon Murder" took place - an act that appeared to have been done by proud satanic gang/group members. Coincidence? Either way, you can see the mentality of the criminals in that area. Prior to this, Mont Vernon was the kind of community that many didn't even feel a need to keep doors locked in. It was/is a nice little town.
   Is it also a coincidence that, in 2005, I was blatantly slandered on the internet by my own sister who said that I am "evil..." and that "disasters happen everywhere I go". . .and then disasters really do start happening, in many of the places I go, AFTER that statement was made? This is too weird!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Resurrecting a Dream

   In 2004, as I created "The Personal Journal" publications, I poured my heart and soul and all that I had left into it, because I had a grand vision - a dream of my writings taking off and helping people who needed to heal from devastating experiences. I had struggled through so many difficulties by myself that I wanted to help prevent others from undergoing the same lonely pains. Little did I know that I'd been a "Targeted Individual" and that the targeting would seriously intensify as I produced and distributed my publications through the year 2005.
   Though the targeting cast me into bankruptcy and homelessness, I held onto my work (my dream) and tried resurrecting it more than once. However, being targeted so heavily has made that task literally impossible for me to do without protection.

 I had advertised in the original personal journals, that the profits from my writings were to be used for creating a "Healing Center"/"Recover Center" to help people through devastating losses and experiences. Now, more than ever, that Recovery Center is needed. . .for myself as well as others. Because my work is being targeted so severely I can not make that dream come true, in the same way that I had envisioned it. But my heart yearns, more than ever, to use my writings in ways that can help humanity to overcome the difficulties we are faced with. Can you help me to help humanity?  Monetary help is DEEPLY needed.

Please help me to help the rest of humanity.
Update; I have been forced to let go of this for now. I need the targeting to end and to go through a period of recovery before I can really return to my work. I have also recently realized that even my older books and publications had been being infiltrated. I hope I can fix them all someday.
View some of my writings on the following sites: 
(My unpolished publications can be freely downloaded.)

  I believe that my whole family was targeted in the 1970s. It appears that each of us were effected in different ways. I feel that the youngest of my two sisters is a victim of severe levels of mind control. Until I learned about the mind control techniques that are used on us, I was baffled by her sudden swings in behaviors against me, which have gone WAY beyond her past jealousy issues. In some ways I feel that she needs help more than I do, although she does not realize it. My younger brother has many of the physical symptoms of being targeted, including joint problems, unusual cataracts at a young age...etc. (I think he may have been microchiped for control during the surgery.) They seem to have hit each of us in different ways. And the list goes on.

FYI: There were MANY people who KNEW that there was something off about my youngest brother's death. . .but none of us could pin-point it or prove it, because we did not know about the existence of technologies that can instantly make a person go unconscious...etc. I now believe that his death was staged and he was abducted into complete enslavement.

  I'd had a fantasy that. . . if just one family could unite with evidence and make a stand against this holocaust, all of humanity could be helped. But it seems that, in my family, the brain washings against me, on top of previous issues, have been too strong, and have been happening for too long. They are still completely unaware of the technologies being used on us. Also, due to past issues against me, it seems too easy for some of them to think the worst of me and push me away or try to convince me that I am "mentally ill"...etc. This has left me with no family to turn to. I have been mostly separated from my family since the early 1990s when their anger flared after I had told them that I needed a bit of time to myself.
   Perhaps its time for me to let go of the fantasy of us all pulling together against the targeting and close the door one final time. . .and let forgiveness finish seeping into my heart. But I still pray they soon realize what is happening to them, even though they can not seem to care about my plight. Though I've been the "Primary Target" they are also being harmed since it all began - possibly as early as the 1970s. I wish there were more I could do to help us all. 

   However, I still gain strength from the spirit of my family. Sometimes I imagine them here with me and feel that the best of them is. . .in spirit.

I have added to the bottom of the "Mind Control" page, which explains some of the issues many Targeted families are up against, whether they realize it or not. And I've added a "P.S" to the overview of my experience.

copyright Sharon Poet

I lost it -
The life I used to lead
To those who target us -
Threats of dark success.


Those whom I love
Turned into machines
Forgetting who I am
Or how to really care.


My soul hangs on
Through torturous battles,
Uncomforted pains
And frozen fears.


I can not prove my sanity to those who can not See.

"Until Love wins the game we are all insane."

No blame.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Still in Desperate Need of Protection

   One of the devastating parts of this holocaust are that if we say that we feel sad we are labeled as "depressed". . .and if we say we feel scared or leery or uncomfortable or are being stalked we are labeled as "paranoid." Its all so dysfunctional and damaging that we often have no choice but to hold back and protect ourselves from possible "mental illness" labels or institutionalization or forced drugs/medications that would merely cause more harm. Those of us who have already been isolated from loved ones, especially when our families have been brainwashed and used against us, must be VERY careful. This is my situation. The targeting created a lot of discord between my family members and I. And it worked because none of us were aware of the targeting. I'm not a fighter, so I pulled away, as they united against me, which unfortunately isolated me too much. By the time I became aware of the targeting of us all it was too late for me to convince them and I started seeking help, from officials, for us all.

FYI: People who are being targeted - stalked, threatened, shot with laser beams and directed energy weapons and blasted with mind control technologies...etc., ARE naturally going to feel scared, anxious, hurt, angry and even sometimes confused. We are going through a hell that most of you can not even imagine!!! Tacking a false label on us and leaving us to the wolves is NOT healthy for anyone. Please help us instead of judging us. Please. If people continue abandoning judging and wrongly labeling Primary "Targeted Individuals," they will continue failing to SEE the TRUTHS and failing to address the REAL issues and. . .ALL of humanity could suffer indescribably.


I am getting hit with a lot of microwave energy since yesterday. Prior to that there had been a bit of a respite during the days, (for about a week) although it felt like my brain was still being lasered at night. My physical health is staggering lately. I sure wish someone had the heart and ability to stop criminal use of, or shut down, the technologies that are used to inconspicuously harm us. This seems like our only hope right now.

I am still in deep need of financial help so that I can gain some sort of protection from this. I value my life and my mind and prefer to recover from this instead of continuing to be destroyed. Please help me.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Thank you.

Nobody can ever again say that I have not been helped, because I am "too proud or too independent to ask for help." I've flown past that issue and have been literally begging for the help I now need.

Again, many of my writings have been either altered or erased. I am also being blocked from the internet most of the time, lately. Not much I can do.  I have recently updated the info on my Technological Holocaust site, but it is being tampered with and sometimes does not load the way it is supposed to

It is difficult to stand so alone in humanity. All I can do is the best I can and put the rest in God's hands.

PLEASE print out and share this "Public Notice"

Friday, June 1, 2012

Targeted in America

I have created a new web site.

New Memory: (Updated 2014) My uncle worked for the FBI. I have wondered if he was involved, but am now wondering if FBI families are being targeted, because I know of two agents whose wives and/or children appear to be being targeted. Am I being targeted due to my Uncles job? I wish I knew the Truth.

P.S. If people continue judging me and wrongly labeling me, they will continue failing to SEE the Truths and fail to address the REAL issues here. And if this continues to happen to Primary Targeted Individuals, the crimes could grow and ALL of humanity could suffer. I pray for Light to shine into this situation.

I am still getting severe interference with this blog and other internet forums. Still praying for peace and protection for us all. I hope they find their hearts.