My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One Tear

"One Tear" is a song I write in the 1990s. The heart of its meaning sings through my tears this morning. Far worse than the targeting, is the disbelief of our plight or status by those whom we turn to for support. 

One Tear  

Blind folded were my eyes when they dared not see.
Silent was this voice deep in the heart of me -
The little one who cries, "Oh, please set us free!"
My job is to embrace her - to count and feel her tears
And listen to the wisdom she hasn't shared in years.
One tear for each voice that dared not sing out loud
And for every angel who can't stand tall and proud.
One tear for everyone who yearns to be set free,
But searches with the mind for what only the heart can see
One for each shadow that will not turn to light
And every broken wing that's not prepared for flight.
One tear for those who pretend, but have not cared it all
And for each of the deaf who will not hear this call.

A woman told me, a couple months ago, that "two Targeted Individuals trying to help each other are like a person with no arms trying to help a person with no legs." She was right.  There are so many vicious stalkers swarming us that it is sometimes difficult to accurately distinguish who is OK and who is a predator. . .and our defenses are so heightened that it is difficult to even communicate with each other, unless a trusting bond has already been formed, especially on the web. There are a few clicks of web TIs, but they do not trust new comers. TIs that are new to the web can find them selves getting slammed by both perpetrators and other TIs. (This has happened to me during all THREE of the times when I reached for support.) I reach no more.

This blog and the rest of my writings are the best I can do to help all of us, at this time. I'm sorry I can't do more.

P.S. I'm getting direct and obvious threats to stop writing. After I set boundaries and threw up walls in front of the degrading emails and web harassment's, the electronic blasts became stronger - more severe than ever. My head hurts like hell! Guess they are determined to make me suffer, one way or the other. It is their pattern to hit me harder when I'm already down. And last night I was already down. (It does not help that a jealous ego, in a woman, whom I thought was a fellow TI, just blasted through the boundary I set, in order to degrade my writings and I, in group emails.) But I will build higher walls and let myself cry this out and then stand back up. . .and let God hold my weary hand. I am doing the best I can.