My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lighting the Dark

We must find the courage to stand up and face these crimes, in order to stop them.

We can only Light the dark when we face it.

P.S. Even on these rare days, when I'm not feeling partially disabled by electronic intrusions, I wonder if my pen is strong enough or heard enough to be of much help to anyone else. Its not brought any help for myself. I wonder how people can read this and not feel it and do something about it. I wonder why no one has the heart to help me. Has the whole world gone numb?
  But then I remember my daughters and the attacks on them - the undetectable mind control part of this crisis is what enables it more than anything else. I have seen wonderful people suddenly turn numb and distant. . .even cruel. Because they are unaware of the brain intrusions, they do not even have the chance to let their hearts override.  Its difficult to retain hope. I'm still in desperate need of protection. God help us!