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Friday, May 4, 2012

Acknowledgable Forewarnings

There are predictions that, "in this year of 2012, the world will come to an end" or some sort of catastrophe will happen. I feel that what has been seen by these people has SOME truth to it, but I also feel that this DOES NOT have to happen. I feel that the purpose for foreseeing tragedies is often to offer opportunities for their prevention. . .and that intentional man-made tragedies ARE preventable. We CAN prevent this catastrophe. But before preventing it we need to face it. . .


The perpetrators of this holocaust have already demonstrated a pattern of using distractions to draw attention away from their criminal activity.

In regards to mind control technologies:

It is said that certain types of antidepressants enhance mind control capabilities, due to altering brainwaves and making people less resistant to being controlled. (And we wonder why antidepressants are being pushed so heavily in recent years?) These types of mind altering drugs are also being found in public drinking water! Though the media started taking off with these findings in 2008, it seems to be mostly hushed since then. . .or as far as I know anyway.

And we wonder why we have become numb!!!

Prevent criminal use of radio wave technologies, and we have our freedom back.

It would be wise to use past predictions as tools to prevent what will surely happen if we don't wake up and prevent it.

What I have been feeling is being validated by MANY people, who are from different walks of life and different time periods. We have ALREADY been repeatedly forewarned, through HUNDREDS of years, of what is going to happen IF we do not prevent it.

Are we going to keep numbly watching or are we 
going to find the heart and courage to stop this?

Lets stop it

P.S.  A few thoughts: I am 200% certain (due to my own experiences) that remote mind control techniques were being used on unsuspecting US citizens BEFORE the early 1990s and MOST likely even before the mid 1980s.  Due to things I am remembering about my mother, I am even wondering if it was being inflicted on unsuspecting citizens by the early 1970s. It is said that the HAARP was not operating until around 1995. (If this is so, it means that there are also other mind control technologies. It has been said that some satellites may be secretly equipped with Microwave Weapons. It is said that Russia has been more advanced than the USA with mind control technologies. Normal common sense says that other mind control technologies, which remain COMPLETELY undocumented, have probably been secretly perfected and used.

 Since 2005, these perpetrators have tried hard to destroy me and any credibility I may have left.  According to my own intuition, they may be about to slam me again. I can honestly say that I do not care what you think of me. I do, however, hope that you start listening to your own hearts and instincts above the deceitful manipulations of slanderous criminals, for the sake of all of humanity.

   At this point, it is not me they will hurt with more slanders - it is the people who need this information. . .and this rings true for EVERY person who is fighting to bring public awareness to this crisis.

I pray that no matter what ANYONE SAYS,
you listen to the HEART of your own instincts 

Click HERE to download a "Public Notice"
Which you can print and passed out

Praying for us all.