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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lighting the Dark

We must find the courage to stand up and face these crimes, in order to stop them.

We can only Light the dark when we face it.

P.S. Even on these rare days, when I'm not feeling partially disabled by electronic intrusions, I wonder if my pen is strong enough or heard enough to be of much help to anyone else. Its not brought any help for myself. I wonder how people can read this and not feel it and do something about it. I wonder why no one has the heart to help me. Has the whole world gone numb?
  But then I remember my daughters and the attacks on them - the undetectable mind control part of this crisis is what enables it more than anything else. I have seen wonderful people suddenly turn numb and distant. . .even cruel. Because they are unaware of the brain intrusions, they do not even have the chance to let their hearts override.  Its difficult to retain hope. I'm still in desperate need of protection. God help us!


Monday, May 21, 2012

What Ever Happened?

Some have been encouraging Targeted Individuals to file law suits. I started buying into this out of desperation for the tortures to end. . .but I have felt uncomfortable with it. I've never liked the ridiculous law suite craze, and my feelings have not changed. And I keep wondering. . .

How can these criminals be held responsible when no one
even acknowledges the crimes that are taking place!?!  

What we need is good old fashioned help and protection, instead of law suites!

We need our Freedom to be restored.
What ever happened to people wanting to help instead of judging and falsely labeling victims of crimes? What ever happened to our constitutional right to freedom and peaceful enjoyment of our own lives? What ever happened to honesty and compassion? What ever happened to integrity? What ever happened?

 We need these things back.

P.S. Because my blogs are being interfered with - altered, I am also adding more info about this "Technological Holocaust" on  http://www.targetedinamerica.com/

I have gone to print with a physical news paper form of the "Public Notice". We'll see what happens. These criminals have already manipulated things to make me look insane and have tried to frame me for crimes...etc., - anything to prevent people from believing me and realizing the Truths about what is happening to me.

My anger wants to blast out with:

Only foolishness labels its own ignorance as someone else's insanity.

Only cowardice gathers in groups to fight wars against a defenseless individual.

In my heart I can understand, but this is just all so frustrating!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Update; Part of this video was cut out - the part where the host says it found mind control claims against HAARP types of technologies "true". Was this the erasing of a mistake or a hiding if a truth? 
   The Truth I feel, and have experienced and witnessed, is that there ARE technologies being used for mind control and other forms of experimentation on targeted citizens and families. . .and it is critical that the TRUTHS about them be found and exposed so that criminal use of them can be stopped. Though Jim Kieth and Jerry Smith focus primarily on the USA there research is a valuable doorway, which I hope leads to investigations on the use of other similar technologies as well

Quote from Jerry E. Smith: "I began writing my 1998 book, 'HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy,' with the intent to sort out truth from fiction in the many claims about what HAARP could or couldn’t do. I quickly learned that HAARP was but the tip of a very nasty iceberg." (And then there is the Russian SURA - built long before HAARP. . .as well as several other similar technologies in other parts of the world.)

Update; There are other HAARP types of technologies, (Like the Russian SURA) which were built long before HAARP was. And I believe that those who are targeting America and its citizens are wanting us to blame only the USA - only HAARP and have even been brainwashing some of us into doing so. I have experienced these sorts of brainwashings and have been struggling to listen to my heart over what is being projected into my mind, which is VERY difficult during the times when I am being heavily targeted. I was experiencing heavy brainwashings of this sort around the time of this post. I believe that both Jim Kieth and Jerry Smith may have been experiencing the same sorts of targetings. I believe that Jim was a heavily Targeted Individual.
    My instincts and personal experiences tell me that these types of technologies have been being used, FOR MANY DECADES NOW! I now have reason to believe that there are other technologies, aside from HAARP, which were being used AT LEAST since the 1970s.  

    People are being murdered in ways that mimic a "natural death" and others are being harmed and manipulated in ways that they can not even imagine are possible. This is why I refer to this crisis as a "Technological holocaust." I can think of no better word to describe it. This is humanity's worst science fiction nightmare come true! (I do not believe that the deaths of Jerry E. Smith and Jim Kieth were "Natural" deaths. Their deaths do not feel right to me.)

As for me: I am Being Hit Hard!
Click this link to read up on this crisis so that
you can better understand my blog entries:

Since yesterday I am getting the worst/longest remote electronic attack to my head, that I have experienced thus far. Since then I am experiencing constant sharp pains in the right side of my head, especially in my temple area, inside my ear and in the upper right side of my neck. I may have passed out for a while last night. AGAIN. . .I don't know how much longer I will survive this. . .or how many more electronic invasions my brain can take, before permanent damage is done.

We desperately need honest government
officials to end this crisis ASAP!!!

   I need the miracle that can protect me from this, as quickly as possible - I need substantial financial help now more than ever. Please listen to your heart and know that this is a genuine need and not a scam. Please help me.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

   Perpetrators of this holocaust have been preventing me from getting the help I need. They have successfully convinced other Targeted Individuals that I am not a TI and am just trying to get money or am a perpetrator of this holocaust.  They try to make me look crazy. They also degrade me for asking for help, in efforts to get me to stop asking. They have destroyed my business and sabotage every other job I obtain. The bottom line is that they do everything in their power to prevent me from climbing back onto my own feet or from getting help from others, because if people like me - the ones who have decades of evidence, get help and protection and are able to testify. . .this operation will not be able to continue.

Its up to the rest of humanity to help save humanity. Primary Targeted Individuals are being hit too hard to fully function properly. We need help. But more than that, humanity needs help, ASAP. Please do what you can. . .in whatever way you can.

FYI: The new email process of clumping emails together, which have the same subject, allows previous emails to be changed and prevents the retaining of the original emails. So if you get a questionable email, print it out BEFORE you respond to it. Or change the setting to receive them separately. (I learned this lesson just in time for the second round from these people.)

The "Overview of my TI Experience" page had been accessed, prior to yesterday. Parts of it had been either changed or removed. Two of the parts, that were erased, described a fire marshal reporting suspicious fire department activity during the 2001 fire in my NH home.

It appears that my computer, blog and email accounts are still being accessed or interfered with! (I've completely lost count of the computers, phones and phone numbers I've gone through with this mess.)


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One Tear

"One Tear" is a song I write in the 1990s. The heart of its meaning sings through my tears this morning. Far worse than the targeting, is the disbelief of our plight by those whom we turn to for support. 

One Tear  

Blind folded were my eyes when they dared not see.
Silent was this voice deep in the heart of me -
The little one who cries, "Oh, please set us free!"
My job is to embrace her - to count and feel her tears
And listen to the wisdom she hasn't shared in years.
One tear for each voice that dared not sing out loud
And for every angel who can't stand tall and proud.
One tear for everyone who yearns to be set free,
But searches with the mind for what only the heart can see
One for each shadow that will not turn to light
And every broken wing that's not prepared for flight.
One tear for those who pretend, but have not cared it all
And for each of the deaf who will not hear this call.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Message to Perps

Message to Perpetrators of this Holocaust
Please leave me alone. . .and also the rest of humanity.
Please find your HEARTS and end this madness.
This would be better for you also.
It will.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lets Face It!

Lets face it. . .
With determination to preserve humanity
With gentle hands reaching out to those in need
With peaceful non-acceptance of the dark seed.

Monday, May 7, 2012


   Modern technology seems to support criminals more than helping the rest of us. The perpetrators of this crisis do some shady manipulations with emails, cell phones and even through leaving phone messages using recordings of a victim's voice. It appears that they can actually send emails and phone calls, which appear to be from another person. Recent use of cell phones as well as changes to email and blog settings make dishonesty and criminal behaviors too easy to perform and hide. Through technologies that most of us are not aware of, it is said that these they are able to project voices that can be heard only by the person they are aimed at and can say anything they want to project. Can you imagine the psycho games that can be  played with that? This is VERY dangerous stuff!

FYI: the new email process of clumping emails together, which have the same subject, allows previous emails to be changed and prevents the retaining of the original ones. So if you get a questionable email, print it out BEFORE you respond to it. Or change your email setting to receive them separately.

Lately, I have been getting messages from my web provider - as if I had sent a message and was getting an automatic response back. I just realized that this may be because of mass mailings, which are being sent through my email account by someone else. (These sorts of manipulations probably happen to many Targeted Individuals, without us ever knowing about it.) So, I ask that anyone, who gets something questionable, from one of my email addresses, please either disregard it or forward it to me and let me know about it.
In 2003, my relationship with my father 
was again destroyed by this sort of tactic.

PLEASE find the heart to speak up. If you get a questionable email or phone message from someone, contact them and ask them about it, instead of just believing it. And if someone tells you something, that is negative and questionable, about someone else. . .either go to that person and let them know about it. . .OR. . .just be wise enough to disregard it, instead of letting the manipulation succeed, ESPECIALLY when that manipulation can cost a person their job or their relationship with a valued friend or family member. This is an extremely important thing for us to learn during this deceitful targeting.  Lets learn to speak up and give people a chance to defend themselves, instead of writing them off and letting the dark side win.

These times are filled with lessons to listen to our HEARTS and our own deeper instincts, instead of just other people's words. Gossip hurts!
P.S. I can't tell you the amount of times that I have had jobs, friendships or relationships that suddenly turned sour for no apparent reason. I now understand the unbelievable powers of the mind control technologies that are being used on the people I get close to, but I also know that some of these situations were caused by cruel organized stalking group members telling lies and gossiping against me. And in my heart I know that they would not be able to fully succeed if we ALL just listen to our hearts above all else. Lets do it - listen to our HEARTS instead of them. Our Hearts know the Truth.

I had been concerned for the elderly woman who gave me this temporary room I am now in, because the puppets and higher perpetrators have already shown a pattern of also targeting and harming anyone who helps me. Suddenly her husband fell, (literally flat on his face) and then the exact same thing just happened to her elderly brother. Coincidence? I hope so.

Friday, May 4, 2012


There are predictions that, "in this year of 2012, the world will come to an end" or some sort of catastrophe will happen. I feel that what has been seen by these people has SOME truth to it, but I also feel that this DOES NOT have to happen. I feel that the purpose for foreseeing tragedies is often to offer opportunities for their prevention. . .and that intentional man-made tragedies ARE preventable. We CAN prevent this catastrophe. But before preventing it we need to face it. . .


In regards to mind control technologies: It is said that certain types of antidepressants enhance mind control capabilities, due to altering brainwaves and making people less resistant to being controlled. (And we wonder why antidepressants are being pushed so heavily in recent years?) These types of mind altering drugs are also being found in public drinking water! Though the media started taking off with these findings in 2008, it seems to be mostly hushed since then. . .or as far as I know anyway.

And we wonder why we have become numb!!!

Prevent criminal use of radio wave technologies,
and we have our freedom back.

It would be wise to use past predictions as tools for prevention.

Lets stop it


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Important Notice

  There are many organized stalkers - perpetrators, who zoom into our lives or stalk us on the web and pretend to be friends or fellow Targeted Individuals, while creating chaos and confusion and interference between genuine Targeted Individuals - preventing us from gathering into FUNCTIONAL groups...etc. Most real Targeted Individuals know well, this painful reality. . .and have probably remained isolated because of it.

I received these links this morning, from a fellow TI - validation for the precognitive dreams I'd shared about a silent takeover of the USA. . .from the inside. I pray that it is not too late to regain our freedom.

God, help us.


PM:  I dug into some of my old writings in my computer (the seven issues of "The Personal Journals") and found that the dates on them have been changed. I produced "The Personal Journal" and delivered its seven issues approximately every other month through the year 2005. . .with the seventh one distributed in January 2006. (The date for the TPJ #1 one now reads, December 2005. (Its amazing what they can do with technology!)
   I am not sure if it is because a popular book (The Shack) had obviously drawn ideas and even names from them or if it is other things in them that are a threat to those who are targeting me. I wish I had the energy to look through them and figure out more about why they are being broken - hidden, sabotaged. . .along with me. And I wonder if they have also targeted the subscribers who received the seven journals through the year 2005. I pray for our safety.
   I  wrote a "pretentious fiction" story, in the journals, called "Heights of Wisdom", which sometimes felt like it was coming from beyond me (like from God) and was about a negro woman, named Wisdom, who was thought to be Jesus and about darkness taking over the world. . . and the need for Light to shine in and save humanity...etc.
   This afternoon I watched a show on Nostradamus and the "end of the world" and found myself shaking my head at those who speculate and do not see that it is ALREADY happening - that the 3rd antichrist, if it exists, is surely the leader of the secret holocaust that is ALREADY happening - that the predicted mass destruction is ALREADY being done through radio wave technologies...etc. I feel to core of my soul that. . .

I hope people unite and use past
predictions as tools to prevent their success.