My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just Another Day


   I'm still in the room I'd exchanged for painting I'd done in 2005 - have a temporary roof over my head due to a couple whom I keep praying will not get targeted for having me in their motel. I will be leaving soon, but still have no real help or protection or place to go. Every day I feel like I die a little bit more. My mission to share this information is what keeps me going, right now. But I get punished for it almost every day.
  I was hit extremely hard last night, after making around a dozen posts on web forums. They hit me so hard with microwave weapons that I almost had a heart attack again and my brain now feels more fried.
  Some of my comments appear to be removed. I do not know if they are being changed or blocked from public view...etc. Also my privacy settings have been changed twice.
   I've had a few obvious perpetrators zoom in to try to harass and discredit me, from the start. One left threatening poems around my posts and I left him a remark that asked, "Are you a stalker?" Since then, he faded away and everyone is suddenly being really nice, but I am sure traps are being set in ways that I am not aware of. I can feel it.
   Anyway, its crazy - the harassment I go through as I try to get the word out and exercise my right to freedom of speech while fighting for my life.

    I have been forced to leave some forums. I feel completely OK leaving. There were a few nice people there, but too many seemed to be so hateful and judgmental that being anything but a cursing democrat-hating republican was not going to be acceptable. . .and I refuse to step into that sort of mud puddle. I think the whole republican against democrat and democrat against republican is sheer foolishness. For goodness sake! (Literally) We are supposed to be working TOGETHER, in order to make things better, instead of fighting like tantrumming two year olds against each other.