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Sunday, April 1, 2012

HAARP Earthquake - Evidence

[UPDATE; I have erased the core of this post. During this time I was being convinced that all the targeting was being done by HAARP. BUT Russia also has the comparable SURA. There are sure to be other similar technologies in other parts of the world. And the Tesla technoloies were something that the medical field was VERY interested in....etc. And we can not be sure which one is responsible or who is doing it. ]

   P.S. A poetry website is infiltrated with stalkers who are leaving rude messages on my poetry posts and then changing them. . .or leaving supportive messages and then changing them after I print a reply. . .and making unrelated, confusing replies to my comments on other posts. The way this site offers the ability to edit messages makes it a supportive playground for stalkers who play cruel games and then pretend nothing is happening. (The gang stalker motto)

   But its OK. I knew my days there were numbered, and that they would zoom in sooner or later. I was able to plant a few seeds with good people and the criminal's games are just more proof, unless a site operator is involved, which seems possible, because there were too many glitches with my posts to be all "coincidences." A post I tried to put up, in order to defend myself from a rude comment, was erased over and over again. So they either have access through my account or through management hard to tell.

    I'm being hit with steady doses of microwave energy tonight, after connecting with some good legitimate people who are working to expose this crisis. My computer was also infiltrated again - preventing me from emailing them and preventing me from sending info through their website.
P.S. I have not experienced the V2K - Voice to skull transmissions, which other TIs speak of, but I am beginning to realize that they ARE using it on me. . .just not in a way that I can hear. Judging by the way some people are acting when I am near them, it appears that THEY are hearing something that they think is coming from me. Unbelievable!