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Sunday, April 15, 2012

!!! Believably Unbelievable !!!

Who can blame anyone for innocently not believing. . . 
I mean. . .really. . .

Common citizens being held under constant satellite surveillance and being stalked, harassed, threatened and literally terrorized by organized stalking groups? (And there is no law enforcement help?)

Secret remote electronic mind control technologies being successfully used on unaware people? (The types of drugs, that are used to enhance mind control technologies, being found in public water supplies in the USA?)

Microwave energy, which I believe causes Lupus and possibly other terminal illnesses, being remotely directed at people?

Technologically generated disasters that are harming masses of people under the mask of "Natural Disasters"?

What good person could ever even imagine that this can be happening?

But it is happening. It really is.

PS.  I  have recently been allowed back into my own fb account, but am often blocked from sending messages to friends, from gaining friends and from creating new pages. The puppet/vultures are also now zooming in on my other web accounts. They follow everywhere I go and appear to be able to access every account I set up (I have no idea what they may be posting under my name!) They also try to twist my own words into things that will make me look bad, through changing a word here and there or swapping paragraphs around or altering addresses to links. So PLEASE just listen to your own hearts above all else

I'm being hit with large doses of microwave energy tonight - lot of pain in my head!