My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


  Lately I am dealing with so much that I feel like an emotional YO-YO. Sometimes writing on this blog feels like I am just casting myself into the judgments that search for reasons to expand. But I know there are good people out there who can care to keep an open mind and heart. I will write for them, but keep it a bit more brief. (The more personal stuff hopes to find its way into a book.)
    Because they seem to target everyone I get close to, I find myself sometimes throwing up walls and staying away from people, whom I love, so they will not get hurt any more than they already have been. Can't describe how difficult it is to watch a person get harmed in ways that they do not even realize, just because of associating with me.
   God and his/her Angels are what keeps me going. Each time I feel like I can't take anymore, that Light shines in to lift me back up. I feel a bit like a yo-yo though. I pray for all of us. This whole situation has been so long and so painful, on every level, that its sometimes difficult to keep the faith. But I do. Thank God, I do.
   In my heart I know that Light and Love will win this battle, even if its not in time for those of us who are being destroyed right now. I find consolation in this knowing.