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Saturday, March 10, 2012

"There Seems No Hope" but. . .

   I have reached out for help and support in every possible direction and even the web forums that have been set up to "help" Targeted Individuals seem infiltrated. I hate to have to say this, but it is true - the avenues for trustworthy support or help for us are none - absolutely none at this point in time!

Due to the main stream media not exposing this targeting crisis, the criminals seem to have control, at this point in time. And there seems no hope for our survival.

Microwave Warfare - Barrie Trower


Like I've been saying. . . There is something horrible happening in our world - something so horrible that it is difficult to believe or face. But we MUST face this, because it is harming people and is sure to grow if it is not stopped. Please research this and pass the information on ASAP.

12:00pm: I switched cars on Feb 29. This one now suddenly has a broken heater also. I was severely swarmed by gang stalkers last night and this morning. Have severe pain in right side of my head. Have been feeling weak to the point of being shaky since I woke. Keep getting sharp pains piercing through my head. It feels like I am being shot with laser weapons.

8:06 pm: I have been trying to document a quick over view of my Targeted Individual experience, through the past few weeks. A bit more can be found on www.sharonpoet.com 

10:28pm: Stalkers are getting a lot more aggressive on the road. Was almost hit by two of them tonight. One drove a large truck or suv - too dark to see well as he almost rear-ended me and then flew up on my right side in break down lane when I applied my brakes. (This was around 10pm.)