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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Singing my Prayer

This is one version of a song I wrote at a time when the targeting was vamping up. As I dig out my guitar and attempt to fumble the strings into singing it's tune. . .most of it seems to fit this time period even more than that one. . .

My Prayer

God, if I have to feel this - if I have to cry,
Send a little Angel down from the sky.
I need your comfort. I can't do this alone.
Need Love here with me 'til I return Home.

If you can pardon - if you can forgive
What I have become here - how I've learned to live.
Let Your Light shine on me. I cry here in the dark.
Praying for Your Light now. . .even just a spark

If I must experience darkness of Earth plain
Cast Your Light upon me so I can feel You again.

Those who try to help me, though some of them care
These people just don't see all that's hidden there.
Where my pain comes from - the places I have been
Can't be understood here, so I cry once again.

I know I have to open to the depths of what I feel
But only Love from Home can truly help me heal.

If I must experience my heart ripped to shreds
Hold me while I feel this. This pain is what I dread.
If I have to pay for the treasures I may have lost
Hold me as I grieve and dearly pay the cost

If I must experience darkness of earth plain
Cast Your Light upon me 'til I be with You again.

   I am thankful that I do see and feel God's Light shining for me. Without that I'd not have made it this far. For sure. Its the only comfort I've had through the toughest parts of this targeting. But I need more and am trying to open up to more, and I need to feel safe in order to fully do it.
   I started smoking while surrounded by threatening puppets and its hard to quit while still under such attack or while worrying about what they may do to people I am close to.
   Every day I wonder if they will really kill my daughter, as they have threatened. Never in my life have I been under such distress. I feel like I am living in a horror movie. . .and need to step out of it, but there is no door or avenue to leave. Trapped.
   I pray for a miracle that can deliver me to safety so I can relax and take care of myself and also those whom I love. Am getting sick again. Too much harmful energy they are directing at me since last summer. Losing physical strength still. 

P.S. Someone is trying to access this blog and had created a draft for a new page. Also it took me a long time to log in, because the google thingy kept "redirecting" the page. Don't know what this means, but I know I have been hacked into again. Please let me know if anything changes. (Interesting how I got bombarded after writing about "natural" disasters not being natural. Their behaviors validate my feelings, although I had already put this on two other blogs I raised and had mentioned it at least a week ago on this blog.