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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Please Research this for Your Own Safety and that of Your Loved Ones

My blog is being periodically interfered with. Please let me know if you notice uncharacteristic changes. Thank you. 
I recently read something about these criminals also being able to effect the weather and create storms and earth quakes, as well as kill whole flocks of flying birds...etc. This sounds too unbelievable, and even more unbelievable that such harmful intentions can be allowed to freely do such things. . .  BUT it would explain a lot....THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

7:40am: Had a couple days break when I switched vehicles. But they caught up with me and am paying dearly for fixing info they changed on my blog! Lot of microwave energy. Am being hit hard right now as I write this. Feeling dizzy - hard to concentrate!! My lungs were hit hard early this morning.
   Last night a Veteran rig pulled in near me and my cell phone was again disabled just before I was swarmed... Was there going to be another attempted abduction? I don't know for sure and I didn't wait around to find out. I headed into a more public area and did a lot of driving. Can't afford to continue this way. Someone please find the heart to help me.

   I just decided to re-share the book I wrote in February 2010, when I didn't know how much longer I'd live.