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Friday, March 23, 2012

In Need of Comfort

We are unheard victims lost beneath their lies.
We are the crumbling ones put on a list to die.
We are rising wounded, begging for your aide,
Becoming specks of dust in an evil charade.

I'm in need of comfort today. So I'm wrapping my arms around my tears in prayers for peace for the world as well as me.

   I left the rest of the support groups on face book last night. Those forums may be good for some Targeted Individuals, but they haven't been for me, because of the stalkers that swarm me every time I enter them. . .and the way the "administrators" just let it happen. Even in these TI support groups, the real TIs seem to fearfully tiptoe around the stalkers instead of just shoving them out of the group. None of it feels supportive to me. I have given this MANY trusting chances. . .and have had so many stalkers pretend to be "friends" who want to "help" before slamming me, that its hard to trust anyone on the web anymore.
   I'd again opened up to a few groups, in order to share the info I'd gathered, but let myself get hooked into making a few comments and found myself, as well as my blog links being bashed by one of its members. In the "support" forums the stalkers seem to work at manipulating people into thinking that I am the one who is a perpetrator and is trying to prevent TIs from getting help...etc. It becomes a foolish, energy zapping battle where I have no firm ground to stand on and only a few rare supportive words, which get lost in the masses of darkness that surround them. Its was best that I leave. But well. . .its nothing new for me to remain facing this completely alone in this physical world. Its been like this all along.
   I did exchange emails with a woman who has a shelter for Targeted Individuals in another country, but I have no way of getting there and she stated that she was not able to help me in the ways I need help, anyway. Her mission seemed to be to have us listed as disabled in order to get an income.

   I feel like I am going through a war - the kind where dozens of psycho bullys drive against one person who never gets helped and never knows when they will zoom in and start torturing with microwave and laser weapons that are painful and sometimes feel life threatening.
   I've been through too much, but still don't know of anyone who has the money, the heart and enough understanding to FULLY protect me from this situation.

Speaking of "help", I have run into a few people who see "helping" as the same thing as a dysfunctional  "rescuing." Though I think this is sometimes just an excuse to not help, I'd like to clarify the difference.
Helping = when we prevent further injury or loss, when we protect or ease a persons burden or pain - when we are here for each other in ways that are needed. 
Dysfunctional "Rescuing" = when we lift a person out of their own hole, instead of letting them learn the lessons they need to learn, like loaning a gambler money...etc.

There is a BIG difference between helping and rescuing. And in this Technological Holocaust, compassionate HELP is DESPERATELY needed for EVERY victim.

I'm still praying for the miracle that can bring me to safety and keep me protected while I recover and then climb back onto my own feet. This would take a lot of money and a lot of heart and a lot of time. . .and that is why I call it a miracle.

P.S. I just re-gained access to my back up blog - technologicalholocaust.blogspot.com !!!! :-)
Little miracles happen. :-)

P.S.S. FYI: It is normal to feel scared while being threatened, tortured and stalked, especially with no law enforcement help. This is normal human nature. . .and not "mental illness." But there is a limit as to how much a person can take. I need protection from this.