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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ode to Jerry E. Smith and Jim Keith

Updated;  In my 2012 searches for proof that technological mind control is indeed being performed on humanity I found very little on the subject. And most of the ones who were making a stand on it appeared to be being targeted as well. After reading books and watching videos by Jerry Smith and Jim Keith I sensed that both of them were struggling to expose the targeting while their brain function was being effected by it. (The same has been happening to me, even while I do this update.)  Jim Keith seemed to be being more heavily targeted as he launched into research to write a general book on the history of Mind Control. This book was Mind Control World Control...
   Jerry Smith seemed to primarily blame the mind control targeting on HAARP and the military and did not really look beyond that, which I feel was probably due to the mind control being performed on him. Some of his videos clearly show his brain function being interfered with as he tried to expose and stop technological mind control from continuing. Stands for Freedom, by victims of the very same technologies which we are trying to expose, are an intense struggle that can not have perfect results. BUT if people would just look past our mistakes and accept our help and then aim to do a better job with helping to save humanity...the job would be getting done.

People like Jim Keith and Jerrry Smith were pioneers in the desperately needed peaceful stand for freedom from technological mind control. And they are no longer living their lives, because they found the courage to stand up for the rest of us and were targeted for it. (I now believe that they both may have been abducted and enslaved - their deaths staged.) They truly were heroes and I am so glad I found their work. They helped me tremendously with validation of what I was already sensing and experiencing. And I hope that my sharing their work will help people to realize that it technological mind being performed on humanity and technological weather modification is true - that my stand to expose and stop it from continuing to hurt people is not a "mental illness," but is a heart felt cry for us all to regain our freedom.

 Jerry E. Smith has done lectures, videos and a few books about the dangers of technological mind control and technological weather modification. When I tried to contact him, I found that his body died, on March 8, 2011, by causes that appear natural. I cried when I found out that he was gone, even though I did not personally know him. I feel a connection to him and I feel something wrong with his death. It sounds like Jerry fought hard to let us know what is happening. One can not help but wonder whether or not his death was indeed natural or another inconspicuous murder of those who try to expose these crimes. His research focused primarily on HAARP, as mine did for a while after reading his book. But there are many other technologies, (like the Russian SURA) scattered around the world, which can be used for the mind control and weather modification, including satellites. And this is clearly a global problem and not just and American problem. I'd like to think that some of the radio wave technologies, like HAARP, wee built for defense, rather than to enslave us. But I do not know what the intention was.

Jerry Smith's Website

Mind Control World Control... book by Jim Kieth

Jim Keith video on Mind Control

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Still Digging for Answers

   I am now wondering if the milder experimentation part of this targeting started even sooner than I have been thinking - if it may have begun with my mother, who was from Canada. (She died in 1977 of an unusual combination of two forms of Leukemia at the age of 44.) It certainly would click a few more puzzle pieces together if it had begun with her. I wish I knew, because this whole situation would be easier to deal with if I could understand it.
   I'm still digging for answers, when they are not hitting me too hard. Speaking of being hit, last night around 10pm, I got another hard laser shot into my head. I felt extreme heat and pain that extended from the left back side of my head and radiated down into my shoulder and even my left arm.
   I can't describe what it feels like to be shot at when there is no way to get away from it - no protection - nothing to duck behind or under. . .no one to call for help. I just have to take it and pray that my brain survives it, without permanent damage. I still feel like a caged animal who is being shot at in a society where no one cares to do anything to help protect me. Its excruciating on both physical and emotional levels. And I am sure that all other isolated Targeted Individuals feel the same way.

This is so inhumane and painful 
that it sores beyond descriptive words.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dawn of Truth

I wrote the following poem yesterday. . .

Dawn of Truth

They play cowardly games
To harm both you and me.
Even with the storms
They kill us to succeed.
Truth will soon dawn
Within this early mourn
To shine upon the freedom
That needs to soon be born.

   I am starting to wonder about exactly who is involved in the upper levels of this holocaust. Those who have proven to me that they ARE involved seem WAY TOO focused on convincing Targeted Individuals that it is ALL the government that is doing this to us - that it is Obama...etc. So I am wondering if Obama may also be a victim - if only PARTS of the government are involved and that the rest may be so unaware of the success of remote technological mind control that they are becoming victims of it also. Time will tell.

Monday, March 26, 2012


   Last night I was completely blocked from my Facebook account. Also, it appears that my past posts with links to my blogs have been removed from the TI forums I used to post in. 
   Fb said someone is complaining about me sharing "offensive material"! (This happened directly after I shared a link to my blogs) I'm sure nobody except a perpetrator would report my blog links as "offense"...or try to stop them from reaching larger audiences. 

P.S. OR.....is it possible that one of the web stalkers has gained control of my account again. In the past they have done this and erased stuff. Could they be writing or posting stuff this time? I can't even find out.. This reminds me of the last driving job I had, when someone called into the safety department to complain about me. My boss and others knew there was something wrong - that it was a sabotage...but the mother company had let me go that day. And this is how my life has been since 2005.

The wind is whipping up a storm
As darkness rages into morn.
But Light will seal this dawn
And line the road we're on.

P.S. I added a bit more to the overview of my TI experience.
I can't write much right now because the cursor in my computer keeps going out of control.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

From the Heart of Yesterday's Post

We are unheard victims lost beneath their lies.
We are the crumbling ones put on a list to die.
We are rising wounded, begging for your aide,
Becoming specks of dust in an evil charade.

   In 2005 I began publishing my precognitive dreams, which were about destructive "natural" disasters. I published them as "forewarnings of disasters" and had not known, at the time that I was foreseeing what criminals were doing.
    I used to wonder why I had suddenly started dreaming of "natural" disasters....and why they were cutting into my heart so deeply. This was not normal for me. As pieces to this puzzle click into place, I am realizing that many of my prophetic dreams were about the destruction these criminals are orchestrating. . .like the oil rig fire in the gulf, I am sure was NO ACCIDENT...ETC. I believe that weather modification technologies have been used as tools for mass murder. And this is why I'd suddenly started having all those disaster dreams in 2005, and is also at least part of the reason why they have intensely aimed to silence and discredit me since then.
Since 2005, there have been several direct attempts on my life and the criminals who are targeting me, have aimed to discredit my "Dream Forewarnings" through the media and on even larger scales - through drugging me and attacking me with directed energy weapons, each time a small storm was coming in. . . creating anxiety that would not normally be there, around literally EVERY storm, rather than just the dangerous ones. Because I did not know I was being drugged..etc., I assumed that the anxiety was because something bad was about to happen, and then put out some false forewarnings of floods.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day of Validation

   I just got a batch of validation for my precognitive dreams, and my recent insights that these increases in natural disasters are NOT all natural, but are being created by those who are leading this holocaust. I feel, to core of my soul that reports of criminal created mass murders under the mask of "Natural Disasters" are true.

I can't explain how I feel as I find this validation. Tears came flooding in and more puzzle pieces are clicking into place. My inner child is wanting to say, "There. See! I'm not COMPLETELY nuts." But the rest of me is having a good old fashioned cry, because I feel this to the core of my soul - THIS IS HAPPENING! IT REALLY IS - Storms are being used to inflict harm. And this is why I'd suddenly started having all those disaster dreams in 2005, and is probably at least part of the reason why they have intensely aimed to silence and discredit me since then.
   Many more of my precognitive dreams, I now realize were about this holocaust also. These criminals are doing a lot more than natural disasters, in order to harm and/or control citizens of the USA and also other countries. According to my insights, the oil rig fire in the gulf in 2010 was no accident...etc. And the gory list goes on. . .

Wake up citizens of America.
For God's sake!!! Wake up!!!
We can stop this!
We can.
Humanity is in serious danger!
Something needs to be done ASAP.
PLEASE listen to me.

P.S.  I used to wonder why I had suddenly started dreaming of "natural" disasters....and why they were cutting into my heart so deeply. This was not normal for me. Each time one happened, I felt like I could feel the pain of those who were lost and those who were left here to grieve. I have felt a connection to all this that I have not understood. And this morning is the same. 

I feel, in my heart, that I am meant to write about this, but my hands feel tied right now. The only writing I can do is on the web and there is mass interference here and in my own computer and also in the remote electronic targeting of my brain. There is not much I can do right now. (It feels like my brain is being monitored through every night - like they are trying to interfere with my dreams.)
I've guarded my food...etc., so closely that I've not been drugged for a while and feel more clear right now, but I'm still trapped in the technological darkness they surround me with. I'm still experiencing almost constant electronic intrusions. I'm still not safe.

Will someone help me? - Will someone finance my protection and a safe place to produce my writings. . .and then a way to distribute them, which I hope can help bring this holocaust into deeper levels of public awareness? The world needs help. . .and I need help.

Time is of the essence here.

Friday, March 23, 2012

In Need of Comfort

We are unheard victims lost beneath their lies.
We are the crumbling ones put on a list to die.
We are rising wounded, begging for your aide,
Becoming specks of dust in an evil charade.

I'm in need of comfort today. So I'm wrapping my arms around my tears in prayers for peace for the world as well as me.

I left the rest of the support groups on face book last night. Those forums may be good for some Targeted Individuals, but they haven't been for me, because of the stalkers that swarm me every time I enter them. . .and the way the "administrators" just let it happen. Even in these TI support groups, the real TIs seem to fearfully tiptoe around the stalkers instead of just shoving them out of the group. None of it feels supportive to me. I have given this MANY trusting chances. . .and have had so many stalkers pretend to be "friends" who want to "help" before slamming me, that its hard to trust anyone on the web anymore.

I'd again opened up to a few groups, in order to share the info I'd gathered, but let myself get hooked into making a few comments and found myself, as well as my blog links being bashed by one of its members. In the "support" forums the stalkers seem to work at manipulating people into thinking that I am the one who is a perpetrator and is trying to prevent TIs from getting help...etc. It becomes a foolish, energy zapping battle where I have no firm ground to stand on and only a few rare supportive words, which get lost in the masses of darkness that surround them. Its was best that I leave. But well. . .its nothing new for me to remain facing this completely alone in this physical world. Its been like this all along.

I did exchange emails with a woman who has a shelter for Targeted Individuals in another country, but I have no way of getting there and she stated that she was not able to help me in the ways I need help, anyway. Her mission seemed to be to have us listed as disabled in order to get an income.

I feel like I am going through a war - the kind where dozens of psycho bullys drive against one person who never gets helped and never knows when they will zoom in and start torturing with microwave and laser weapons that are painful and sometimes feel life threatening.

I've been through too much, but still don't know of anyone who has the money, the heart and enough understanding to FULLY protect me from this situation.

Speaking of "help", I have run into a few people who see "helping" as the same thing as a dysfunctional "rescuing." Though I think this is sometimes just an excuse to not help, I'd like to clarify the difference... Helping = when we prevent further injury or loss, when we protect or ease a persons burden or pain - when we are here for each other in ways that are needed. Dysfunctional "Rescuing" = when we lift a person out of their own hole, instead of letting them learn the lessons they need to learn, like loaning a gambler money...etc. There is a BIG difference between helping and rescuing. And in this Technological Holocaust, compassionate HELP is DESPERATELY needed for EVERY victim.

I'm still praying for the miracle that can bring me to safety and keep me protected while I recover and then climb back onto my own feet.

P.S. I just re-gained access to my back up blog - technologicalholocaust.blogspot.com !!!! :-)
Little miracles happen. :-)

P.S.S. FYI: It is normal to feel scared while being threatened, tortured and stalked, especially with no law enforcement help. This is normal human nature. . .and not "mental illness." But there is a limit as to how much a person can take. I need protection from this.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Roadblocks - Truthblocks

On March 20, 2012 I created a new blog - http://www.technologicalholocaust.blogspot.com/ This blog and the email address associated with it appear to have been taken over for a while. Even the recovery email address appeared to have been changed. As of a few minutes ago, my information was still on it, although I do not know if any changes were made to it's content. This new blog contained the same info that my http://www.targeted11.blogspot.com/ contained. It was my back-up.

FYI: Between 2001 and 2004 all my hotmail email accounts had been taken over and my contacts repeatedly erased prior to that complete take over. In 2006 my primary email, which had been advertised in my publications - thepersonaljournal@gmail.com (or hotmail.com) had been taken over and the service would not allow me to recover it.

This whole technological and pharmaceutical targeting thing is far bigger and far more deceitful than I had originally thought. My pen, on the web, may not be of much help, due to me being targeted and parts of it being infiltrated. But its all I can do at this point. Wouldn't you do the same if you knew what is happening? I hope so. Right now there is too few of us speaking out. If more of the public became aware and found the heart to make a stand, hope for our future could rise. . . Anytime that the Heart of humanity is ready to step in and help stop these criminals from gaining even more control.....the situation is beyond ready for it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Singing my Prayer

This is one version of a song I wrote at a time when the targeting was vamping up. As I dig out my guitar and attempt to fumble the strings into singing it's tune. . .most of it seems to fit this time period even more than that one. . .

My Prayer

God, if I have to feel this - if I have to cry,
Send a little Angel down from the sky.
I need your comfort. I can't do this alone.
Need Love here with me 'til I return Home.

If you can pardon - if you can forgive
What I have become here - how I've learned to live.
Let Your Light shine on me. I cry here in the dark.
Praying for Your Light now. . .even just a spark

If I must experience darkness of Earth plain
Cast Your Light upon me so I can feel You again.

Those who try to help me, though some of them care
These people just don't see all that's hidden there.
Where my pain comes from - the places I have been
Can't be understood here, so I cry once again.

I know I have to open to the depths of what I feel
But only Love from Home can truly help me heal.

If I must experience my heart ripped to shreds
Hold me while I feel this. This pain is what I dread.
If I have to pay for the treasures I may have lost
Hold me as I grieve and dearly pay the cost

If I must experience darkness of earth plain
Cast Your Light upon me 'til I be with You again.

I am thankful that I do see and feel God's Light shining for me. Without that I'd not have made it this far. For sure. Its the only comfort I've had through the toughest parts of this targeting. But I need more and am trying to open up to more, and I need to feel safe in order to fully do it.

I started smoking while surrounded by threatening puppets and its hard to quit while still under such attack or while worrying about what they may do to people I am close to.

Every day I wonder if they will really kill my daughter, as they have threatened. Never in my life have I been under such distress. I feel like I am living in a horror movie. . .and need to step out of it, but there is no door or avenue to leave. Trapped.

I pray for a miracle that can deliver me to safety so I can relax and take care of myself and also those whom I love. Am getting sick again. Too much harmful energy they are directing at me since last summer. Losing physical strength still.

P.S. Someone is trying to access this blog and had created a draft for a new page. Also it took me a long time to log in, because the google thingy kept "redirecting" the page. Don't know what this means, but I know I have been hacked into again. Please let me know if anything changes. (Interesting how I got bombarded after writing about "natural" disasters not being natural. Their behaviors validate my feelings, although I had already put this on two other blogs I raised and had mentioned it at least a week ago on this blog.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Targeted Premonitions

 Little puzzle pieces are still clicking together. I imagine they will be for a long time, as clarity seeps into this long confusing batch of years.

In 2005 an 2006 I had shared precognitive dreams I'd started having about flood and storm disasters happening. I now fee that these dreams were not about natural disasters and were about man made disasters performed with weather modification technologies.

[Update; I had shared here dreams of other disasters, which I now feel were not natural either, like the dream I had about the oil rig fire in the gulf and the dream I had about America being being taken over from the inside and the dream about hoards of America people being pulled out of their homes and shoved into quarantine facilities in a horrible war. And dreams of holocaustal amounts of deaths here in America.
   Since writing this posts I have realized a lot and I am still just as concerned about all of it, if not more so. I have reason to believe that the secret take over of America has been happening with technological mind control and its masses of deceptions that make the innocent look guilty and makes the bad look good...etc. There is a desperate need for America - all of its government and all of its military and all of its other citizens to fully realize the effects of and be set free from the technological mind control and not allow the deceptions to succeed. And the same for other countries - for all of humanity... so that the covert wars stop and the evil darkness that has instigated them fails to succeed.]

 It was obvious that something unusual was happening to me connected to my precognitive dreams of disasters. . .and I feel that I have finally figured it out.  From 2006 to 2011I    

 will finish later.

was drugged and/or electronically anxiety induced each time a small storm was coming in, (in the years following 2005) was to make me react in ways that would completely discredit my REAL premonitions. (It unfortunately seems to have worked)

I had never been a person who was prone to the types of anxiety they induced. And I'm still not, even with what I'm going through now. It appears that the only times that I've had extreme anxiety has been when I'd been drugged or my brain had been lasered by them.

   But I can't tell you how difficult this is. Like John Hall had shared in his book, we can't always take all our food with us every place we go. The puppets are so many and so persistent, that it makes it an almost impossible battle to just prevent ourselves from being drugged. . .let alone dealing with the rest of it.

Discrediting those of us who are a threat to the criminal mission seems to be a strong focus, within the operation.

I know its hard to believe, that technology can kill people in ways that appear natural and can cause storms and earthquakes...etc. My mind has been having a hard time believing it also, because of my own technological ignorance. But my instincts are saying, "YES! ITS TRUE! Even my dreams say it is. . .and have been doing so since 2005. I hope I am proven wrong, but until then please give this the benefit of your doubt, because. . .what if it is true?


Lately I am dealing with so much that I feel like an emotional YO-YO. Sometimes writing on this blog feels like I am just casting myself into the judgments that search for reasons to expand. But I know there are good people out there who can care to keep an open mind and heart. I will write for them, but keep it a bit more brief. (The more personal stuff hopes to find its way into a book.)

Because they seem to target everyone I get close to, I find myself sometimes throwing up walls and staying away from people, whom I love, so they will not get hurt any more than they already have been. Can't describe how difficult it is to watch a person get harmed in ways that they do not even realize, just because of associating with me.

God and his/her Angels are what keeps me going. Each time I feel like I can't take anymore, that Light shines in to lift me back up. I feel a bit like a yo-yo though. I pray for all of us. This whole situation has been so long and so painful, on every level, that its sometimes difficult to keep the faith. But I do. Thank God, I do.

In my heart I know that Light and Love will win this battle, even if its not in time for those of us who are being destroyed right now. I find consolation in this knowing.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I'll not continue to share how I feel
With judgments of what is real
But I leave my heart and insight
To help us through this night.

Information on Technological Holocaust

I've updated The Heart Bud


* I can not guarantee that perpetrators have not altered my writings.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

News Reports and "Sharon's Bud" Targeted

Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment on national
TV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJx2qgKL4kc

Mood Stabilizers Found in Drinking water 2008

In 2008, I ran into a lot of criminal interference as I tried to create the second issue of a little paper, entitled, "Sharon's Bud". My work kept getting wiped off my computer...etc. I was able to get it printed and distributed after a few grueling months of stumbling around the puppets. However, the press release was altered by an editor of a major news paper company, and became intentionally misleading. It also appeared that Sharon's Bud was being removed from most of the drop areas - preventing people from being able to pick them up. Over 500 of them were stolen by a man/puppet who pretended to want to help distribute them. And there were two blatant attempts to kill me in the months following this distribution.

I didn't cognitively know then what I know now, but there seems to be something in this paper that they did not want humanity to read. In this little bud of news paper I had encouraged the opposite of everything they stand for. Its about bringing more Love into humanity and helping each other through tough times. Here is a free Download. Please pass it around. "Sharon's Bud" Free Download

P.S. I'm still worried about the stalkers having my license.

From a Targeted Individual Sharon R. Poet 

I don't want to be left to evil pretenses of helping hands. 
I need to be comforted by those who can care to understand. 
I don't want you to declare me insane for their hateful gain. 
I need you to soothe my wounds instead of inflicting more pain. 
I don't want you to watch from a silent distance while I die. 
I need you here beside me as I pray to God and cry.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

"There Seems No Hope" but. . .

   I have reached out for help and support in every possible direction and even the web forums that have been set up to "help" Targeted Individuals seem infiltrated. I hate to have to say this, but it is true - the avenues for trustworthy support or help for us are none - absolutely none at this point in time! 

Update; This video was erased from its previous address, which seems to happen a lot with video about the targeting. New address; https://youtu.be/iLWRdkxKXiw  Previously posted; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvn-8ITy0oc (It is possible that they are changing the addresses in my posts.)

There is so little informatuion on the technological part of the targeting that we have to use all we can get to help prove that it is happening. General Barrie Trower makes some really important statements about how radio waves (microwaves), shot into the human body, can inflict things like leukemia and tumors and can inflict a person with symptoms that mimic what can be labeled as "mental illness."
    Like I've been saying. . . There is something horrible happening in our world - something so horrible that it is difficult to believe or face. But we MUST face this, because it is harming people and is sure to grow if it is not stopped. Please research this and pass the information on ASAP.

 I have been trying to document a quick over view of my Targeted Individual experience, through the past few weeks. A bit more can be found on www.sharonpoet.com

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sneeky Changes

I was blasted with severe levels of Electronic shocks to my brain last night and woke with a severe head ache. A punishment for not letting myself be trapped into a situation where they could harm me or fabricate a crime against me?

I recently found that there had been extra "drafts" made of many of my blog pages/posts...around the time when I noticed some changes to my blog and one of it's links. So, there may be other changes I am not aware of. Please just listen to your Hearts.

Lately the gang stalkers are jumping out in front of me on the road and then seem to be taking pictures of me through their rear windows. Is this a set up to try to accuse me of being the one who is stalking? Time will tell....or this statement will prevent it.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Set Ups

The puppets seem to be very active lately and trying over and over again to lure me out of NH, possibly to set me up for some sort of crime, which I hear is a regular practice for them!

I had a dream a few years ago, that forewarned of my being framed for a crime - a sexual assault crime with a boy/child. And I believe I may have just evade this, thanks be to God and that dream.

A man (TI) called me and offered a free expensive hotel room or apartment - all expenses paid as well as organic food...etc. He was laying out a royal red carpet "just to help" me....and had also offered a part time job tutoring his son, "just to help" me get back onto my feet. Hard for a person in my situation to not leap into it! But my gut feeling was not a good one, so I listened, let him talk and observed. . .and eventually it came out that he was a diagnosed "psychopath." Red flags went up at this point, because Targeted Individuals display symptoms of paranoia, which is different from being psychopathic. The perpetrators display psychopathic behaviors - preying on other people and creating chaos and pain...etc. The TIs are scared and wounded victims of such behaviors...etc.

It didn't start clicking together, until after he got angry with me for saying that I needed time to think about it. Then, the next morning, his ill intentions became clear when he proceeded to angrily slandered me in a TI support forum, because I felt uncomfortable with the way he was pressuring me into IMMEDIATELY heading down to RI to accept his offer. The site owner supported him and asked me to leave the "support for Ti" forum.

After the slander, I got angry and brazen enough to call and leave a message asking him if he "has the courage to come up and meet me face to face...instead of being the coward puppet/perpetrators are."

I think because I know they want me to continue being scared, I sometimes get a bit too bold. But I meant what I said to him.

I hear that the best of these puppets usually just blindly follow orders and then hide behind the deceitful bully groups. Usually dozens of them against just one of us! How fair and courageous is that?

If just one puppet, out of each organized stalking group, had the courage to come and meet me, and talk to me and see who I really am...they would have the chance to realize that they are attacking innocent people. But none seem to have the courage or the Heart to do this. Its insane!

I'd had a website advertised here, which suddenly changed into a page that said, "restricted porn site..." (the link was to www.icaact.org) Ironically, the site seems to have changed back to its original form, since I posted this announcement. I'm not sure what to think and do not know if they orchestrated this change within only my computer....or on the web. PUPPET GAMES! This is a typical example of the types of mind games they play. Always invading our homes, vehicles, computers....moving things, changing things, creating mind boggling chaos.

Please let me know if anything else I have written or posted seems changed or weird.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Please Research this for Your Own Safety and that of Your Loved Ones

My blog is being periodically interfered with. Please let me
know if you notice uncharacteristic changes. Thank you.

I recently read something about these criminals also being able to effect the weather and create storms and earth quakes, as well as kill whole flocks of flying birds...etc. This sounds too unbelievable, and even more unbelievable that such harmful intentions can be allowed to freely do such things. . . BUT it would explain a lot....THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

7:40am: Had a couple days break when I switched vehicles. But they caught up with me and am paying dearly for fixing info they changed on my blog! Lot of microwave energy. Am being hit hard right now as I write this. Feeling dizzy - hard to concentrate!! My lungs were hit hard early this morning.

Last night a vehicle pulled in near me and my cell phone was again disabled just before I was swarmed... Was there going to be another attempted abduction? I don't know for sure and I didn't wait around to find out. I headed into a more public area and did a lot of driving. Can't afford to continue this way. Someone please find the heart to help me.