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Thursday, February 9, 2012

WHY was I Targeted?

 Update 2014; This blog has been a process of trying figure out why I am being targeted and when it all began. More has been realized since this post. Please see the page to the right entitled "Overview of my TI experience."

   I have asked, over and over again why I was targeted. I am still not completely sure. Since the severest attacks started, in 2005, when I finally realized I was being targeted. . .yet knew nothing about "Targeted Individuals" and the technological part, I have confusedly pointed fingers at "this one" and "that one" and "those people" and "that group"...etc. There were many times when I felt confused and felt like I must be going crazy. My mind would cry, "How can ALL these different people be targeting me? How can this be possible? Am I just nuts?. . ." (Only a TI can understand the futile, desperate grope for answers and help and validation while being zapped, gang stalked, harassed and drugged in a society that knows nothing about "Targeted Individuals". . .which just makes us look nuts to those whom we reach out to for support and help!) Words can not even begin to express how painful this has been and still is!
   Now that I am learning more about "Targeted Individuals" I'm realizing that it has been ALL OF the people who were obviously involved and many others on top of them. It was not my imagination or paranoia. But now I keep on wondering where it all began? Who put me on the list? And WHY? For God's sake!!! WHY? I'm sure I don't deserve this. I honestly don't.
   In general I've always been a gentle, compassionate, law abiding person, although I had my share of normal faults. My life had a heavy focus on personal and spiritual growth. I've been a humanitarian type of person since birth. I was never even remotely a threat to humanity or my country, although I am not very patriotic.(Is that the answer?)

I remember having a minor surgery on my spine in 1985, and the weird experiences I had around that and the way my life and the people around me began changing after that. And the same with another surgery in 1986.

 I remember a man, whom I met in the late 1980s to early 1990s, who was connected to a Yoga Center and ended up being a part of a large satanic occult and a secret men's group. After meeting him I was slowly surrounded by perpetrators who were weaving their way into my life, without my realizing it until it was too late. (This man had also lured me to upstate NY in 2006, where I was heavily stalked, drugged and nearly killed.)

   In the late 1990s (or around the year 2000) I had a dream that the Concord, NH public water supply was being poisoned or drugged! So, I saw this as a forewarning and reported it. It was directly after this that my dog died of a mysterious illness, two of my cats were suddenly missing, and a suspicious fire destroyed my Andover, (Potter Place) NH home. Is it possible that people are being drugged through some of our public drinking water and I reported it to the wrong person or did the ones who already had me under surveillance punish me for my concern?

   In 2005 I published a bi-monthly publication, called The Personal Journal. Within that publication I wrote a story called, "Heights of Wisdom." It appears that elements of this story and other parts of my publications were used to create a book which has become a best seller. And the authors seem connected to the targeting.
   What some could view as a threatening piece of information, which I unknowingly put into the FICTITIOUS "Heights of Wisdom" part of TPJs, was a comment about how "a huge and wide spread men's group is secretly satanic and aiming to harm the world."

 Is it possible that this is true. . .
And that they think I know more than I do?
   In the fall of 2011 I resurrected "The Personal Journals" into a book entitled "Remnants of The Personal Journal," and was suddenly swarmed by stalkers who were threatening me and putting me through a few terrifying experiences where it looked like they were trying to abduct me and run me off the road...etc.,.
Is it a coincidence that I was swarmed, with a terrifying intensity, directly after I re-birthed The Personal Journals?

(3-29-12: Within "The Personal Journal" and on my websites, www.namatari.com, in 2005 and beyond I had shared my prophetic dreams of flood disasters...etc. Could this be a threat to criminal use of weather modification technologies? (Update; All the files on the above mentioned site have been erased!)

Will this mystery ever be solved?
Will my death bury it all?

No Rights
Sharon R. Poet
I reached out for advise
"Oh you found out too late"
Then no reply.
Pushed to accept my fate
And let myself die?
Maybe I have no choice.
Maybe they already took
My reputable voice.
A fading book.
In vein I fight.
Have lost
My rights.

 Sometimes its hard to hold tight to hope. Though I now have validation there is still no help for me! But I still fight to stay alive. And my Heart still knows how to cry.

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