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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Technological Holocaust

 Victims of Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment Are crying out for help! 

   I was an average middle-class mother, raising two children in an average middle-class Loudon, New Hampshire neighborhood before the worst of this began, for reasons unknown and surely unjustifiable. These blog entries are a fight for my fading life. . .and that of other Targeted Individuals, most of which I believe are not aware that they are being targeted - harmed by criminals who seem to have gained access to satellite surveillance and weapon systems. I am desperately trying to bring public awareness to this serious problem so that we can survive and help others to not have to experience what we are suffering through. PLEASE read up on this and do what you can to help spread the word.
   It appears that once we start realizing what they are doing to us, the targeting vamps up and we are isolated from society through a series of cruel manipulations (in traditional Hitler-form) and set up to look crazy, in order to prevent us from getting the help and protection we need. . .and protect the secrecy of their crimes.

   We have been being tortured and destroyed through what is viewed as natural deaths, suicides, false "mental illness," disablement or through framings for imprisonment, or even blatant murders that look like natural deaths...etc. 

    Part of these attacks are being done with remote electronic weapons, which emit an energy that creates illness, discomfort and sometimes even intense, torturing pain. 

I believe that the mysterious illness of "Lupus" is created by microwaves and is just one of the lethal results of these indescribably horrible crimes against humanity, which some say are for "population control."

 Inconspicuous, "Organized Stalking" and Electronic Harassment with the use of surveillance, appears to be a SERIOUS, growing problem! 

Here are some of the things these criminals are doing to terrorize us (based on my personal experiences)

Relentless, stalking and various forms of harassment.

* Threatening to kill the victim or the victim's children through cryptic messages.

* Electronic Harassment with what is said to be microwave energy, and also with some sort of lasers, which induce severe pain, burning and heat in body. Microwave energy and/or drugs inflicted onto victims cause unusual levels of anxiety.

* Satellite surveillance. Can you imagine what it feels like to be watched 24/7

* Pretending to befriend or help victim so that deeper levels of emotional turmoil or harm can be inflicted.

* Taking or killing victim's pets.

* Instigating financial ruin.

* Manipulating situations to make the victim think that innocent people are the ones who target them. 

* Entering victims home to move items around, to plant bugs or harmful high frequency noise makers, or to put drugs or poisons on frequently touched surfaces or in food or water...etc.

* Hacking into the victim's phones and computers: (Cant tell you how many printers, phones and computers I have been through since 2005 alone. More than dozens!)

* Planting tracking devices, (sometimes through cell phones) 

* Repeating portions of victim's private conversations in public places or on internet or in emails.

* Sabotaging jobs and relationships through lies and rumors or through fabricated letters, emails or possibly even phone messages, which people assume are from the victim. I have experienced countless times when I was doing well in a job or friendship when SUDDENLY people started treating me horribly for no apparent reason! This used to baffle me, but now I understand that it was the brainwashings and perp rumors/slanders and that people just believed them instead of talking to me about it.

* Sending cryptic messages that let the victim know what will happen to them next.

* Frequent directing of harmful microwave types of energy at the victim. (Weapons used for this are listed as "non-lethal" although they may are causing serious illnesses like Lupus.) Some sort of harmful laser weapons are also used to inflict severe pain, which can not be explained in medical exams and can cause things like heart attacks and aneurysms...etc.

* Infesting Victim's home or body with lice or fleas.

* Inducing sleep deprivation in any way possible.

* Directing subliminal messages and possibly even manipulating images into a sleeping victim, for mind control in both the victim and those who are close to the victim. (This can be more powerful than most of us would think!) I'd still not believe it if I were not seeing it in old friends I have recently connected with...etc.

* Mind Control and dream manipulations: I have been slow to believe this part but my experiences say that its true. 

* Attempts to find and constantly push the victim's emotional "buttons".

* Infecting victims with various forms of bacteria, poisons or, illnesses.

* Attempts to destroy the victims home or vehicle in ways that appear to be accidental or coincidental. (The last home I'd owned was destroyed in a suspicious fire in May of 2001!) Lost brakes on both my car and tuck within a few months. 2 engines ruined.

* Creating frequent loud noises around victim, which includes blaring music, banging, slamming doors, yelling and "street theater", which can contain sudden outbursts of anger either verbally or with blaring vehicle horns or screeching tires...etc.

* Attempts to set up the victim to be blamed for some sort of criminal activity, which the stalkers perform. (Also attempts to push the victim into criminal activity, saying that torture will stop if we do it."

* Attempts to cut the victim off or run victim off the road or even abduct the victim.

* Crowding

* Drugging and raping the victim.

* Spraying chemicals that burn lungs as well as infecting victim with various forms of bacteria.

* Trying to push victim into violent acts, (I have experienced this more than once)

* Attempts to publicly discredit the victims who speak out or are public figures.

* And the list goes on. . . 

(These are just some of what has been happening to me.)

Attacks start out slow and subtle and then increase as the perpetrators succeed at isolating their victim. The final steps aim to push the victim into a seemingly natural death, suicide, mental breakdown or being jailed - ultimately destroying the victim's life.
   This and more happens so inconspicuously that even the victim often does not realize what is happening to them - that groups of people are actively and intentionally trying to destroy our lives. . .our sanity.
It took me over two decades of hell to figure out what was happening. (I wonder how many victims just completely assume they are  insane instead of realizing what is really happening. Its too sad to think much about!)

I understand that this is too horrible to even think about, (God knows it took me too long to figure it out and face it!) but we MUST think about it and face it for the sake of our own loved ones, and our fellow human beings as well as our selves.

Targeted Individuals cry out for acknowledgment of, and protection from, the hell of relentless stalking on top of electronic and psychological harassment we are striving to survive.