My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Taking Charge of my Space

   Am feeling a bit mentally numb this morning. Last night's laser things into my head feel like they fried my brain. My finger dexterity is a bit slow and I keep pushing the wrong keys. But I keep typing because it is about the only thing I can do right now.
   I used to know a guy, in high school, who's brain was said to be fried from drugs. I'm starting to feel a bit like him. . .only mine is microwave fried. Maybe his was too.

   So, now I'm taking charge by tying a string from one door handle to the other so the gang stalkers can not get into my car while I am sleeping. One of them called out to me, in the wee hours of the morning, after staging the usual "street theater" stuff to wake me up, "This is when you get killed!" Maybe I'm just too numb to be scared right now. Seriously. My brain has never moved this slow.
   The one who parked next to me later this morning and did a few stupid antics with her car looked like an absolute fool to other people in the parking lot.
   Two of them crowded me on the road as I pulled out - right up on my bumper, trying to intimidate me, and. . . .well. . .I thought I may have seen a chipmunk in the road and slammed on my breaks.  (I love chipmunks. Had a pet chippy once. ;-)
    One of them still followed me for a ways. She must have been a new stalker recruit, because she was WAY TOO OBVIOUS and got all nervous when she saw me pulling over to let her pass so I could write down her plate number.
   Don't they know that it is now illegal to talk on their cells while driving. . .not to mention illegal to stalk? Guess they think they are above the law. And the sad part is that. . .THEY ARE, at this point in time. 

P.S. I sometimes play Hearts on my computer, for a good distraction. I have named my opponents, Faith, Love and Peace. I usually win, but I am glad Love is winning this morning. Perhaps Peace will soon win.

Am thankful for the sun being out to warm me up today.