My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Friday, February 10, 2012

Still Alive

   After yesterdays release of grief and woe, I regained a bit of strength. . .and its a good thing, because the puppet/vultures swarmed in full force! (I now call gang stalkers "Puppets") They sure do swoop in when they think you can't take anymore!
   One of the puppets told me they put parasites in my drink the other night and today it seems true. Am doing garlic tabs again. Have a lot of pain behind my right eye today and my vision is blurred again. Last night I felt strange sharp pains in my stomach and then a weird cold feeling run through me. Am feeling sort of numb mentally and the old familiar metallic taste is back in my mouth. Sharp pains in top of my head...etc. Good news is I got many pics and license plate numbers.
   One of the perps who had infiltrated my life and friendships back in the 1990s offered for me to go stay with her for a while. (I'm just shaking my head in disbelief) The only offers for help I get are from puppets/vultures!!! 
   Lately they are calling me a "stalker" and seem to be baiting me to go after them. I sometimes give them a copy of  my Heart Bud publication or tell them I hope they find their hearts. Don't know if I am reaching any of them.
   I've still gotten no response from the THIRD letter I sent to the FBI! Well, I have been begging for help with this through MANY years and I guess I'd be a fool if I started expecting it now. There really is no available help for this yet. But God assures me that although I'm still on my own with this, I'm not completely  alone. So I am going to fight till the end, no matter what that end may be. 

I'm NOT giving up!
I just sometimes need to 
Let myself feel and release 
The unbelievable hell 
That is happening to me.