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Monday, February 27, 2012

From the Depths of My Tears. . .

 Please Sign New Government Petition  
 25,000 Signatures are needed by March 28, 2012
Many lives, including your own may depend on this petition.
Please sign it and pass it around ASAP. 

Update; Sadly these petitions on the Gov site are set up to vanish in about 30 days if they do not get at least 25,000 signatures in that time. This petition didn't make it.

I rubbed my forehead this morning and some of my skin came off! I must be almost radio active, at this point. Feel sick and weak and nauseous. The weaker I get the more the vultures swarm me and the more they aim lasers at my head. A part of me wants to scream,

"I'm a human being who has rights!"
But I know that is no longer true.

   As I cry I feel like I am grieving the past, the present and even the future. My tears flow from the helplessness I feel. Part of me can't believe this is happening and wishes I were just nuts, instead of having to face and live this cruel reality. 
   How can a person not feel helpless, when there is no capable person putting an end to this horrible situation? 
   We are being tortured, our minds are being destroyed, our bodies are being harmed! And no matter how loudly we cry out for help the rest of the population just doesn't seem to care!!! 
   It seems like many people want to assume we are just crazy or are just imagining this, so that they don't have to do anything to help - so that this won't interfere with their lives or their plans, although its only a matter of time before this has ill effects on them also.
    A part of me wants to shake the numbness out of humanity and scream, WAKE UP AND HELP US STOP THIS!!!!

The lack of Heart in humanity - both in those who create this holocaust and in those who numbly stand by, watching and doing nothing is the only "INSANITY" in this whole situation!

I wonder how many of you are reading this as if my being tortured were a source of entertainment or something out of a fairytale that seems too unbelievable to be true. 
   I wonder how you are going feel when you find out that this is more than real. I hope you'll have the heart to feel bad enough to not let anything like this happen to anyone else. . .EVER again.

P.S. I remember dreams I had about growing old with my children and being a grandmother and writing children's books and singing my songs. . . Now I fight for my life in a world gone wrong, while crying for help in an unheard song. . .