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Monday, February 27, 2012

From the Depths of My Tears. . .

25,000 Signatures are needed by March 28, 2012
Many lives, including your own may depend on this petition.
Please sign it and pass it around ASAP.

Update; Sadly these petitions on the Gov site are set up to vanish in about 30 days if they do not get at least 25,000 signatures in that time. This petition didn't make it.

I rubbed my forehead this morning and some of my skin came off! I must be almost radio active, at this point. Feel sick and weak and nauseous. The weaker I get the more the vultures swarm me and the more they aim lasers at my head. A part of me wants to scream,

"I'm a human being who has rights!"
But I know that is no longer true.

As I cry I feel like I am grieving the past, the present and even the future. My tears flow from the helplessness I feel. Part of me can't believe this is happening and wishes I were just nuts, instead of having to face and live this cruel reality.

How can a person not feel helpless, when there is no capable person putting an end to this horrible situation?

We are being tortured, our minds are being destroyed, our bodies are being harmed! And no matter how loudly we cry out for help the rest of the population just doesn't seem to care!!!

It seems like many people want to assume we are just crazy or are just imagining this, so that they don't have to do anything to help - so that this won't interfere with their lives or their plans, although its only a matter of time before this has ill effects on them also.

A part of me wants to shake the numbness out of humanity and scream, WAKE UP AND HELP US STOP THIS!!!!

The lack of Heart in humanity - both in those who create this holocaust and in those who numbly stand by, watching and doing nothing is the only "INSANITY" in this whole situation!

I wonder how many of you are reading this as if my being tortured were a source of entertainment or something out of a fairytale that seems too unbelievable to be true. I wonder how you are going feel when you find out that this is more than real. I hope you'll have the heart to feel bad enough to not let anything like this happen to anyone else. . .EVER again.

P.S. I remember dreams I had about growing old with my children and being a grandmother and writing children's books and singing my songs. . . Now I fight for my life in a world gone wrong, while crying for help in an unheard song. . .

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Taking the Law Into my Own Hands

   Puppets are hitting me in full force! I got blasted in the head by electronic weapon and it hurts like hell! So, I have decided to take the law into my own hands also, (in a legal way,) and make them accountable in the only way I can.

Click here to view a few of their license plate numbers.

If anyone you know is on this list please help them find their hearts or report them.

Update; I have erased plate numbers from this blog due to my realization that they sometimes use stolen plates and fabricated plates and that most of them are probably mind control victims who need to be informed and set free.

Taking Charge of my Space

   Am feeling a bit mentally numb this morning. Last night's laser things into my head feel like they fried my brain. My finger dexterity is a bit slow and I keep pushing the wrong keys. But I keep typing because it is about the only thing I can do right now.
   I used to know a guy, in high school, who's brain was said to be fried from drugs. I'm starting to feel a bit like him. . .only mine is microwave fried. Maybe his was too.

   So, now I'm taking charge by tying a string from one door handle to the other so the gang stalkers can not get into my car while I am sleeping. One of them called out to me, in the wee hours of the morning, after staging the usual "street theater" stuff to wake me up, "This is when you get killed!" Maybe I'm just too numb to be scared right now. Seriously. My brain has never moved this slow.
The one who parked next to me later this morning and did a few stupid antics with her car looked like an absolute fool to other people in the parking lot.
   Two of them crowded me on the road as I pulled out - right up on my bumper, trying to intimidate me, and. . . .well. . .I thought I may have seen a chipmunk in the road and slammed on my breaks. (I love chipmunks. Had a pet chippy once. ;-)
   One of them still followed me for a ways. She must have been a new stalker recruit, because she was WAY TOO OBVIOUS and got all nervous when she saw me pulling over to let her pass so I could write down her plate number.
   Don't they know that it is now illegal to talk on their cells while driving. . .not to mention illegal to stalk? Guess they think they are above the law. And the sad part is that. . .THEY ARE, at this point in time.

P.S. I sometimes play Hearts on my computer, for a good distraction. I have named my opponents, Faith, Love and Peace. I usually win, but I am glad Love is winning this morning. Perhaps Peace will soon win.

Am thankful for the sun being out to warm me up today.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hanging in Here!

Keeping the Faith, today, that somehow, all will end up OK, even though I don't know how it can. Just taking one day at time.

Friday, February 24, 2012

As Hope Fades, Faith Strengthens

I checked my car's fuse box and found something missing. May be the thingy that ran my heater. Stolen or vanished into my imagination? (glad I still have my sense of humor.) If they wanted me to be cold they got their wish. But I'm thankful for the days when the sun shines in to heat my car. And Spring is right around the corner, right?

Local puppets have been a bit thin lately. Wonder what they are up to. Usually when I get a brake from them there is some other way they are trying to interfere in my life. Like the time when they swarmed a woman right after she'd offered me a rental and a bit of work. All sorts of weird stuff started happening at her house before I had a chance to get there! I told her they'd stop targeting her if she didn't associate with me anymore (but maybe I was wrong) This has happened more times, in the past decade, than I can now count. Almost every avenue for work or homes usually ended up being torn from me. . .often with people saying they were suddenly met with bad luck since they met me or some other form of sabotage. This was such a consistent theme for so many years. . .and who would have thought that there were gangs of puppet-vultures attacking the lives of everyone who began opening a door to help me get back onto my feet? I had even foolishly thought that the reasons why the jobs did not work out was because I needed to follow my heart into my writings more completely, instead of aiming for jobs that would only bring me money and no real satisfaction. Not so unreasonable. Right? Except that my writings were being even more sabotaged, which is what was forcing me to find other work!


But I plugged along, one day at a time, viewing each obstacle as just another spiritual challenge that I had to keep up my faith through, although hope for my financial well-being was lost over and over and over again.

Though I feel really foolish now, I am realizing that my miss-perceptions helped me to survive. Each time hope faded, my faith kicked in because I didn't know that other human beings were doing this to me - I didn't know that crimes were being committed against me.

Anyway, I am sorry if I seem a bit negative at times. I have felt really sad about the lack of help with this for so long, I guess because it feels like a lack of care. But I now realize that this holocaust has been set up to make us feel this way. . .and in knowing this I am going to try not to let it get me too far down anymore. I still have God and myself, and although my brain feels a bit too fried at times, it seems to bounce back every now and then.
   My last attempt to reach out for help from my already completely estranged family of origin, threw me into a slump that has been hard climbing out of. (Not going there again.) I've been almost completely separated from my family of origin for over two decades now and I guess its going to remain that way unless a miracle seeps into their hearts and then remains there. . .and this can only happen when the targeting is over and they become aware. Though it hurts to have no family, it is  healthier for me to remain completely separate from them, until this hell is over.

Another Retreat

I try to understand. I do.
As my pain retreats
The hand I reached
Out to you.
Its True!

(Update 4/17/15; I have since realized that those who target me had isolated me from my family and set up manipulations and even brainwashing to convince them that I was mentally ill, especially since my little brother's death in 2002, which I had felt was NOT a real "accident." He was the first one to start realizing the targeting and then he was suddenly dead.)

God is holding my hand. I feel it in the Light
That reaches for me in these cold nights.

Common sense says that if every "Targeted Individual", who was a normal person prior to being targeted, is suddenly declared "just paranoid", there would be a suspicious increase in such diagnosis. . .and that if every healthy individual who's turned into a lab rat is suddenly being diagnosed with mysterious illnesses like Lupus. . .there would be a suspicious rise in this newly generated illness. But these statistics are probably being hidden.

Doing a lot of crying lately. Feel like I'm at the end of the line. Don't know how much more microwaving I can take. My brain is feeling fried! I've desperately needed help and protection from this. There is only so much a person can take. And I'm not the only person this is happening to. If you can't care for me, please care for them and pass the word around.


I have been a Targeted Individual for over two decades now and am reaching a point where I'm becoming speechless. I feel like I have been wasting my energy screaming for help into a giant void that has been created by mind control and manipulations in almost every human being around me. I have reached out over and over over again for help with this and it does not seem to exist for me...for most of us I imagine. I feel hurt! I feel angry! I feel lost! I feel helpless!!!
I feel like a caged animal who is being mutilated and killed in a world that boasts of Freedom and human rights, yet nobody seems to care! Cries for help from Targeted Individuals seem to fall empty and spent into the heartless trench of this Technological Holocaust!
I wonder how many of our minds will be mutilated and how many more of us are going to be destroyed, either physically or mentally, before the rest of the world wakes up and finds the heart to unite into a force that can end this atrocity!!!

I feel hurt.

02/21/12: Woke with sharp pains shooting through my head. But last night the microwaving may have also helped me, because it creates so much heat in my body that it kept me warmer than I would have been without it. Still no heat in my van. My blog is being interfered with! Don't know how much longer it will remain up. Trying to not let them destroy my hope and faith.

BOTH of my children are awesome people, who are also victims. One had a severe V2K experience in 2008 and the other has landed in the hospital with sudden, unexplainable neurological damage that had temporarily disabled her speech and motor skills...etc. Both are victims of electronic mind control intrusions, although they are not aware of it.

More and more puzzle pieces are clicking together every day. The one question that keeps popping into my mind is. . ."What sort of people would harm innocent children and parents?" This is a question more of us should be asking and investigating before its too late.

What do you do?

When you see knives
Slipping into minds
And nobody sees
The intrusions
Or what they'll
Grow to be?
What do you do?
When everyone thinks
You're just insane
So they can win
This evil game
What do you do?
When you wish
"Insane" were true,
But there remains
Too much proof?
What do you do?

I have tried and tried to get help for my situation, but my hands feel tied, because it seems like anyone who could help either couldn't or wrongly judged me or also got targeted!

02/19/2012: I am realizing that some of the people whom I thought were mildly involved may be just victims of mind control. Still figuring things out.
   10am: My battery suddenly died as I uploaded the above statement. Went into a store last night for just a few minutes and now my heater suddenly does not work again. Was very cold last night and now. Feeling scared this morning about the weird email below.


Everything I have written in my past. . .about listening to our HEARTS over our minds is the very thing that can help us through most parts of this. This had been evident in the people around me, who have been manipulated against me (on severe levels since 2005). Those who listen to their Hearts instead of what is being projected into their minds are more able to surpass it, IF they are not being drugged. I have witnessed two people, whom I love, go back and forth with this. When their love for me overrides, they See. When they listen to their minds, they join the forces against me.

Love is the weapon
Which can deflect
Controlling darkness
They project.

HEART is the key.
Please believe me!

Download the FREE Heart Bud publication.

If I were the only person left
On Earths vast depleted nest,
Alone is something I'd feel less,
For I am drowning in the depths
Of its crowded emptiness.

My head is killing me today. Feel like I spent the night in a microwave oven. Lot of pain behind right eye, in right ear and in back right side of head. My body feels like it is on fire, yet my temp is way below normal....same old. Being hit hard, possibly for exposing this and putting the Personal Journal book back up. Have to keep moving to different Internet access points, because they keep blocking me. Severe hits in my head continuing. Am not stopping! Feel like I have not much left to lose anyway.

02/15/12: Fighting to remain hopeful today. Had a melt down. Guess I am entitled, under the circumstances. No more heat in my car makes it a bit harder to survive. But my chin will rise tomorrow and I'll stop trying to figure out who put me on the hit list and just see how much longer I can survive it.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


   I hate to have to ask this, but I am a long term Targeted Individual who's resources and relationships have already been sabotaged. I have been living out of a vehicle through most of the past few years and am struggling to survive while being tortured with various types of microwave weapons as well as  covert harassment programs and chemical/biological warfare.

    I am a decent person who had owned my own homes and businesses and had perfect credit before the targeting vamped into levels that slowly pulled the rug out from under my feet. I have no criminal record and have not engaged in any sort of activity that could even begin to justify being targeted. My life has been being destroyed and I am in deep need enough financial help to get back on my feet and continue my work, which aims to help ALL of us through this crisis. Please listen to your heart, because this is not a scam. It really isn't. Please help me.

Sharon Rose Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

   Please understand that I can not accept invitations to live with people because of being so heavily targeted. Seriously. Those whom I get close to tend to also get targeted VERY quickly. And sometimes perpetrators zoom in to "help." Monetary help is the only type of help I need. 
If I reach a point where I can pay you back with interest, I gladly will. Thank you.

Read more on my situation on

Targeted Individuals
by Sharon R. Poet

We are unseen victims lost beneath the lies.
We are the crumbling ones put on a list to die.
We are rising wounded begging for your aide,
Becoming specks of dust in an evil charade.

Please help us.

I am a writer who has become a Targeted Individual - a witness to, and a victim of, serious technological crimes. I am writing this statement to inform you of this grave situation and beg for help for those of us who are being criminally targeted and/or brutally tortured with various types of chemicals, drugs and radio wave technologies, which include psychotronic mind control weapons, microwave weapons, laser weapons and chemical warfare.

  It appears that I am almost either stalked or psychologically harassed by local organized stalking and harassment groups. My homes, vehicles, businesses, jobs, relationships and health have been being sabotaged by those who target me. It appears that I have been periodically drugged, inflicted with various types of chemicals and microwave and laser weapons.

   My family members remain unaware and appear to have been brainwashed against me. They do not believe me and have refused to help me in the ways I need it. One family member has even aimed to openly slander me on the internet. (A police department printed copies of these posts and had knocked on her door to warn her to leave me alone.) She has backed off since then. Other family members have openly refused to financially help me until I have myself labled as "mentally ill." 
   Loved ones who could have fully been here for me, and those who had started realizing what is happening, have either suddenly died in what APPEARS to be accidental or natural deaths. . .or are also being heavily targeted.
   I have been financially ruined and am now living in my car. Since 2005, those who target me appear to be trying to discredit me through slandering me or framing me for crimes. There have also been several attempts on my life in ways that appear to be trying to make it look like an accident or natural death. There have been attempts to give me heart attacks and I've had over 6 sudden brake failures on my vehicles in the past few years...etc.

   Every day I pray for the targeting to stop - for this Technological Holocaust to be exposed and ended. But each pain filled day rolls into the next and years creep by as I fight to survive and expose these crimes against humanity.

   This is all so painful that I sometimes wish they'd just kill me and get it over with, but the relentless torture continues. My heart is breaking and sometimes I cry for all of us and want to scream, WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? HOW CAN IT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE? WHEN WILL IT END? HOW MANY MORE WILL BE INCONSPICUOUSLY MURDERED, EITHER MENTALLY OR PHYSICALLY, BEFORE SOMETHING IS DONE TO PROTECT US? But no answers come and the torture continues. . .and even vamps up as I fight to produce papers that are surrounded by threats, deaths, painful laser shots and microwaving.

   We need the targeting to be exposed and stopped. I beg you to do all that you can to help stop these horrific crimes against humanity, because there is only so much we can do while being targeted. We need you. We need your hearts to stand up for us, because we are dieing a slow cruel death. Please help us.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Message for Humanity

There is a serious and critical crisis happening which can not continue to be ignored or unrecognized without lethal consequences for ALL of humanity! Seriously.

[ Update 2018; They erased this post and replaced it with something else! I have restored and lightly updated out some of it. When I first started realizing the scope of what I sense is happening I felt outraged and sad and scared. I still feel the same way, except more scared and more discouraged that this has not yet been stopped. There is not a doubt in my mind or heart that the inconspicuous murders are indeed happening and that they are being done in various ways, but that the technologically induced physical illnesses appears to be the worse of it. The radio waves shot into our bodies may even be used to effect certain types of parasites or organisms that people have been being inflicted with. According to experts, radio waves shot into the body can create almost any types of physical illness, including autoimmune diseases, cancers, diabetes, lung inflictions, cataracts, arthritis, COPD, asthma...etc. And it can effect our brains in ways that can rob us of our own free will or intentionally mimic what the psychiatric DSM labels as "mental illness" or visa versa. ]

This may be a bit difficult to believe, but PLEASE bear with me, because I write this with the wisdom of experience and there is proof of technological capabilities and scientific data to back it up. I am a genuine "Targeted Individual" who has searched for answers to what I now feel has been happening to me and my loved ones for decades. Though I am still figuring things out, through looking back at my experiences and doing research and trying to listen to my own instincts and precognitive dreams I have realized that this horrible situation extends way beyond me/us and into the rest of humanity.
   I have sensed that masses of people are being tortured and murdered, both physically and psychologically, in ways that make the deaths appear like a natural terminal illness or due to mental illness suicides...etc. Many have died. Many are dieing. Many are fighting for their lives. And most do not even know what is happening to them.
    I feel sure that what is being diagnosed as "Lupus" is the result of radiation and other harmful energies being directed at people who are either being used for technological experimentation and/or have been put on a list to be terminated in ways that are not obvious to the rest of humanity. In 2006 I was diagnosed with lupus and then had a dream which showed me that my being sick was due to bad energy being directed at me by a man who is in a satanic occult. I now realize that the bad energy was microwave energy - radio waves. And there is not a doubt in my mind that many other illnesses are being caused by radio waves intentionally effecting various body functions.
    This present disaster seems more dangerous than Germany's historic Holocaust, in some ways, because it is secret and is being done with types of pharmaceuticals and technology, which most of us are not aware of. The technology being used has the ability to effect and even manipulate people's minds from a distance as well. I know this sounds a bit sci-fi, but PLEASE give this the benefit of your doubt, because many lives are in serious danger. Actually all of humanity is in serious danger.

   As for Targeted Individuals; There are countless numbers of  "Targeted Individuals" (TIs) who have been fighting for their lives and trying to gain understanding and protection. The targeting aginst these people is being done Hitler style, with family members and friends, being manipulated against the primary target. Although everyone who is close to the target gets targeted also, the goal appears to be to isolate the primary target and leave him/her with no person to turn to for help. . .prior to inflicting more sever levels of torture or abduction or murder.
   It appears that many of the victims, who have become aware are intentionally mis-diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in efforts to prevent the victims from being believed. Can you imagine the effect this has on a person who is not really ill and is really being tortured both physically and psychologically? What is being done to us is so outrageously inhumane, that the natural human response is to slip into denial and overwhelm. But most Tis are not even aware that they are bing targeted...they just suffer alone, which is just too horrible.
   But there seems to be a numbness in humanity on this subject. Probably due to mass brainwashings.  Most people do not want to hear about it or deal with it or look at it or believe it, even though there is proof that something is horribly wrong. BUT WE MUST FACE THIS CRISIS FOR ALL OUR SAKES. WE MUST SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! I want to scream, WAKE UP PEOPLE! FOR GOD'S SAKE! WAKE UP! We are crying out for your help! We are like caged animals who are being mutilated, tormented and tortured and abducted and enslaved or murdered! PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO HELP STOP THIS! And those who call themselves Targeted Individuals are not the only ones who are being hurt.

We are unseen victims lost beneath their lies.
We are the fading ones put on a list to die.
We are rising wounded begging for your aide,
Becoming specks of dust in an evil charade.

Estranged family members, neighbors, friends and strangers of "Targeted Individuals", including medical and political professionals, are being called to find the Heart, and the strength, to resist both past and present manipulations. . .in order to stand up and save the masses of crumbling lives.

I fear that I may have realized the scope of this too late for myself and my loved ones, but that it will not be too late for most of the population. Please do what you can to help the world to know and stop this from continuing. Please.

Some journalists and authors and officials who have had the courage to speak out about this say that they are being targeted also. . .but I feel that this would stop if it is brought out on a large enough scale.

In my Soul I feel that
This will end up OK -
That the HEART of humanity
Will save the surviving race
Before COMPLETE control
Falls into place.
Lets let it.

Whether you think I'm crazy is neither here or there.
The proof of what is happening is already here.
All it needs is for US to find the Heart to care.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Still Alive

   After yesterdays release of grief and woe, I regained a bit of strength. . .and its a good thing, because the puppet/vultures swarmed in full force! (I now call gang stalkers "Puppets") They sure do swoop in when they think you can't take anymore!
   One of the puppets told me they put parasites in my drink the other night and today it seems true. Am doing garlic tabs again. Have a lot of pain behind my right eye today and my vision is blurred again. Last night I felt strange sharp pains in my stomach and then a weird cold feeling run through me. Am feeling sort of numb mentally and the old familiar metallic taste is back in my mouth. Sharp pains in top of my head...etc. Good news is I got many pics and license plate numbers.
   One of the perps who had infiltrated my life and friendships back in the 1990s offered for me to go stay with her for a while. (I'm just shaking my head in disbelief) The only offers for help I get are from puppets/vultures!!! 
   Lately they are calling me a "stalker" and seem to be baiting me to go after them. I sometimes give them a copy of  my Heart Bud publication or tell them I hope they find their hearts. Don't know if I am reaching any of them.
   Well, I have been begging for help with this through MANY years and I guess I'd be a fool if I started expecting it now. There really is no available help for this yet. But God assures me that although I'm still on my own with this, I'm not completely  alone. So I am going to fight till the end, no matter what that end may be. 

I'm NOT giving up!
I just sometimes need to 
Let myself feel and release 
The unbelievable hell 
That is happening to me.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

In Dreams

 As I return to focusing on taking care of myself instead of trying to convince people of what is happening, my heart is drifting back over the destruction of the past two decades of my life.

   Since I am learning about how the perpetrators project dreams and thoughts into their victims and those who are close to them, more pieces of my life's puzzle are clicking together. 
   Yes. . .it appears that the technology for mind control and dream projections is in existence and being used on unsuspecting individuals! Believe it or not. (Even though I have experienced it, I am having a hard time believing it. But I am being forced to face this reality.)

Excerpt from this site: "The development over the last decades since the Cold War arms race has included, as a major strategic category, psycho-electronic weaponry, the ultimate aim of which is to enter the brain and mind, Unannounced, undebated and largely unacknowledged by scientists or by the governments who employ them – technology to enter and control minds from a distance has been unleashed upon us. The only witnesses who are speaking about this terrible technology with its appalling implications for the future, are the victims themselves. And those who are given the task of diagnosing mental illness are attempting to silence them by classifying their evidence and accounts as the symptoms of schizophrenia, while the dispensers of psychic mutilation and programmed pain continue with their work, aided and unopposed!"

I used to log my dreams and analyze them, had grown to trust, and understand them. . .and had used them as a tool for personal growth. It appears that, through the past decade or so, I received some projections of dreams and this has brought me to a place of doubting my own dreams.

A victim I became
In humanity's cruelest game.

   Since 2005 I had documented recurring dreams of giant, black clouds coming over us and people who are being harmed and even killed. I have assumed it was about flooding but it may also be about those who target us and those who do nothing to stop this horrible massacre from happening.
    I am now realizing that, because the criminals had originally aimed at destroying the credibility of my precognitive dreams it leads me to believe that my dreams were a threat to them. 
  As I look back, I am realizing that my precognitive dreams were probably picking up on the destruction they were creating in the world.....from the unusual storms and drugs being put into a public water supply. . . to human mind control and cloning. . .oil takers bursting into flames and even earth quakes...etc. 
   I know this sounds unbelievable that they can be accomplishing such things with technologies. But I feel confident that time will show the TRUTH, and its up to the rest of humanity to decide how much time - how much destruction will be allowed, and how many of us are going to be psychologically or physically destroyed for KNOWING or SEEING. . .before help arises.

Video on Drugs found in Drinking Water
FYI: Mood stabilizers aid the success of remote mind control Technologies.)

    As for the projected dreams, I can not tell you how much it hurts to be realizing that I probably wrongly judged my own father, because of a dream I'd had after praying for answers to the issues between us in 2004. . .and how I had wrongly judged some other family members, neighbors and friends who were also being manipulated by forces that none of us were aware of.

   That's not to say that my family and I did not have our own valid sets of issues to iron out, as every family does. But the real problem is that those issues were seriously compounded and turned into fabricated lies and chaotic destruction by the perpetrators who are targeting us.

A painful mass of confusion is what my past has become.
Don't know if we can heal - the destruction can't be undone!

   I'm not sure exactly how much of the difficulties between my family of origin and I were our own issues and what parts were just manipulations cruelly cast between us by those who targeted me and may have hit ALL of us, with brainwashings, while we THOUGHT we were in the SAFETY and privacy of our own homes! But it is all beginning to make more sense.
    I feel like a fool for not knowing this was happening to me, (to us) for allowing these criminals to interfere with and destroy my life for so long, before realizing and that I may never be heard beyond their projections of insanity.
   My anger cries, "How could we be so blind!," yet, in my heart I am beginning to understand and forgive.  The ill effects this has had on my life, and the lives of those whom I still love, are immeasurable and impossible to express, at this point!

It may be true, what someone told me - I am finding out "too late" - My life is being destroyed in this cruel twist of fate.

 In the past I had scraped up the courage to rebuild, to recover, to move forward, after each devastating blow. And now I try to do the same, but still, there is no help for me and too many who are assuming that none of this is really happening. And I can't do this alone. But. . .
  In a "support for Targeted Individual" forum I was told to "NOT let the public know" what has been happening to me, "because they will just assume" I am "insane" and the criminals will have won the game.
   Well, its true. The assumptions are there. For sure. But I still feel that the opposite is true. WE MUST SPEAK OUT ABOUT THIS! EVEN IF THEY THINK WE ARE INSANE, BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT WILL PLANT SEEDS THAT CAN SPROUT INTO THE HELP WE NEED. Since time is of the essence I hope you consider this:

What if what they've done to me 
Is spreading through humanity?
Would you "turn the other cheek?"
It is.

I pray, but. . .
Without my trusted dreams, 
How is God to answer me?

WHY was I Targeted?

Update 2014; This blog has been a process of trying figure out why I am being targeted and when it all began. More has been realized since this post. Please see the page to the right entitled "Overview of my TI experience."

I have asked, over and over again why I was targeted. I am still not completely sure. Since the severest attacks started, in 2005, when I finally realized I was being targeted. . .yet knew nothing about "Targeted Individuals" and the technological part, I have confusedly pointed fingers at "this one" and "that one" and "those people" and "that group"...etc. There were many times when I felt confused and felt like I must be going crazy. My mind would cry, "How can ALL these different people be targeting me? How can this be possible? Am I just nuts?. . ." (Only a TI can understand the futile, desperate grope for answers and help and validation while being zapped, gang stalked, harassed and drugged in a society that knows nothing about "Targeted Individuals". . .which just makes us look nuts to those whom we reach out to for support and help!) Words can not even begin to express how painful this has been and still is!

Now that I am learning more about "Targeted Individuals" I'm realizing that it has been ALL OF the people who were obviously involved and many others on top of them. It was not my imagination or paranoia. But now I keep on wondering where it all began? Who put me on the list? And WHY? For God's sake!!! WHY? I'm sure I don't deserve this. I honestly don't.

In general I've always been a gentle, compassionate, law abiding person, although I had my share of normal faults. My life had a heavy focus on personal and spiritual growth. I've been a humanitarian type of person since birth. I was never even remotely a threat to humanity or my country, although I am not very patriotic.(Is that the answer?)

I remember having a minor surgery on my spine in 1985, and the weird experiences I had around that and the way my life and the people around me began changing after that. And the same with another surgery in 1986.

I remember a man, whom I met in the late 1980s to early 1990s, who was connected to a Yoga Center and ended up being a part of a large satanic occult and a secret men's group. After meeting him I was slowly surrounded by perpetrators who were weaving their way into my life, without my realizing it until it was too late. (This man had also lured me to upstate NY in 2006, where I was heavily stalked, drugged and nearly killed.)

In the late 1990s (or around the year 2000) I had a dream that the Concord, NH public water supply was being poisoned or drugged! So, I saw this as a forewarning and reported it. It was directly after this that my dog died of a mysterious illness, two of my cats were suddenly missing, and a suspicious fire destroyed my Andover, (Potter Place) NH home. Is it possible that people are being drugged through some of our public drinking water and I reported it to the wrong person or did the ones who were already watching me punish me for my concern?

In 2005 I published a bi-monthly publication, called The Personal Journal. Within that publication I wrote a story called, "Heights of Wisdom." It appears that elements of this story and other parts of my publications were used to create a book which has become a best seller. And the authors seem connected to the targeting.

What some could view as a threatening piece of information, which I unknowingly put into the FICTITIOUS "Heights of Wisdom" part of TPJs, was a comment about how "a huge and wide spread men's group is secretly satanic and aiming to harm the world."

Is it possible that this is true. . .
And that they think I know more than I do?

In the fall of 2011 I resurrected "The Personal Journals" into a book entitled "Remnants of The Personal Journal," and was suddenly swarmed by stalkers who were threatening me and putting me through a few terrifying experiences where it looked like they were trying to abduct me and run me off the road...etc.,.

Is it a coincidence that I was swarmed, with a terrifying intensity, directly after I re-birthed The Personal Journals?

(3-29-12: Within "The Personal Journal" and on my websites, www.namatari.com, in 2005 and beyond I had shared my prophetic dreams of flood disasters...etc. Could this be a threat to criminal use of weather modification technologies? (Update; All the files on the above mentioned site have been erased!)

Will this mystery ever be solved?
Will my death bury it all?

No Rights
copyright Sharon R. Poet

I reached out for advise
"Oh you found out too late"
Then no reply.
Pushed to accept my fate
And let myself die?
Maybe I have no choice.
Maybe they already took
My reputable voice.
A fading book.
In vein I fight.
Have lost
My rights.

Sometimes its hard to hold tight to hope. Though I now have validation there is still no help for me! But I still fight to stay alive. And my Heart still knows how to cry.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Technological Holocaust

Victims of Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment Are crying out for help!

I was an average middle-class mother, raising two children in an average middle-class Loudon, New Hampshire neighborhood before the worst of this began, for reasons unknown and surely unjustifiable. These blog entries are a fight for my fading life. . .and that of other Targeted Individuals, most of which I believe are not aware that they are being targeted - harmed by criminals who seem to have gained access to satellite weapon systems. I am desperately trying to bring public awareness to this serious problem so that we can survive and help others to not have to experience what we are suffering through. PLEASE read up on this and do what you can to help spread the word.

It appears that once we start realizing what they are doing to us, the targeting vamps up and we are isolated from society through a series of cruel manipulations (in traditional Hitler-form) and set up to look crazy, in order to prevent us from getting the help and protection we need. . .and protect the secrecy of their crimes.

We have been being tortured and destroyed through what is viewed as natural deaths, suicides, false "mental illness," disablement or through framings for imprisonment, or even blatant murders that look like natural deaths...etc.

Part of these attacks are being done with remote electronic weapons, which emit an energy that creates illness, discomfort and sometimes even intense, torturing pain.

I believe that the mysterious illness of "Lupus" is created by microwaves and is just one of the lethal results of these indescribably horrible crimes against humanity, which some say are for "population control."

Inconspicuous, "Organized Stalking" and Electronic Harassment with the use of satellites, appears to be a SERIOUS, growing problem!

Here are some of the things these criminals are doing to terrorize us (based on my personal experiences)

* Relentless, stalking and various forms of harassment

* Threatening to kill the victim or the victim's children through cryptic messages.

* Electronic Harassment with what is said to be microwave energy, and also with some sort of lasers, which induce severe pain, burning and heat in body. Microwave energy and/or drugs inflicted onto victims cause unusual levels of anxiety.

* Being Remotely Watched. Can you imagine what it feels like to be watched 24/7

* Pretending to befriend or help victim so that deeper levels of emotional turmoil or harm can be inflicted.

* Taking or killing victim's pets.

* Instigating financial ruin.

* Manipulating situations to make the victim think that innocent people are the ones who target them.

* Entering victims home to move items around, to plant bugs or harmful high frequency noise makers, or to put drugs or poisons on frequently touched surfaces or in food or water...etc.

* Hacking into the victim's phones and computers: (Cant tell you how many printers, phones and computers I have been through since 2005 alone. More than dozens!)

* Planting tracking devices, (sometimes through cell phones)

* Repeating portions of victim's private conversations in public places or on internet or in emails.

* Sabotaging jobs and relationships through lies and rumors or through fabricated letters, emails or possibly even phone messages, which people assume are from the victim. I have experienced countless times when I was doing well in a job or friendship when SUDDENLY people started treating me horribly for no apparent reason! This used to baffle me, but now I understand that it was the brainwashings and perp rumors/slanders and that people just believed them instead of talking to me about it.

* Sending cryptic messages that let the victim know what will happen to them next.

* Frequent directing of harmful microwave types of energy at the victim. (Weapons used for this are listed as "non-lethal" although they may are causing serious illnesses like Lupus.) Some sort of harmful laser weapons are also used to inflict severe pain, which can not be explained in medical exams and can cause things like heart attacks and aneurysms...etc.

* Infesting Victim's home or body with lice or fleas.

* Inducing sleep deprivation in any way possible.

* Directing subliminal messages and possibly even manipulating images into a sleeping victim, for mind control in both the victim and those who are close to the victim. (This can be more powerful than most of us would think!) I'd still not believe it if I were not seeing it in old friends I have recently connected with...etc.

* Mind Control and dream manipulations: I have been slow to believe this part but my experiences say that its true.

* Attempts to find and constantly push the victim's emotional "buttons".

* Infecting victims with various forms of bacteria, poisons or, illnesses.

* Attempts to destroy the victims home or vehicle in ways that appear to be accidental or coincidental. (The last home I'd owned was destroyed in a suspicious fire in May of 2001!) Lost brakes on both my car and tuck within a few months. 2 engines ruined.

* Creating frequent loud noises around victim, which includes blaring music, banging, slamming doors, yelling and "street theater", which can contain sudden outbursts of anger either verbally or with blaring vehicle horns or screeching tires...etc.

* Attempts to set up the victim to be blamed for some sort of criminal activity, which the stalkers perform. (Also attempts to push the victim into criminal activity, saying that torture will stop if we do it."

* Attempts to cut the victim off or run victim off the road or even abduct the victim.

* Crowding

* Drugging and raping the victim.

* Spraying chemicals that burn lungs as well as infecting victim with various forms of bacteria.

* Trying to push victim into violent acts, (I have experienced this more than once)

* Attempts to publicly discredit the victims who speak out or are public figures.

* And the list goes on. . .

(These are just some of what has been happening to me.)

Attacks start out slow and subtle and then increase as the perpetrators succeed at isolating their victim. The final steps aim to push the victim into a seemingly natural death, suicide, mental breakdown or being jailed - ultimately destroying the victim's life.
This and more happens so inconspicuously that even the victim often does not realize what is happening to them - that groups of people are actively and intentionally trying to destroy our lives. . .our sanity. It took me over two decades of hell to figure out what was happening. (I wonder how many victims just completely assume they are insane instead of realizing what is really happening. Its too sad to think much about!)

I understand that this is too horrible to even think about, (God knows it took me too long to figure it out and face it!) but we MUST think about it and face it for the sake of our own loved ones, and our fellow human beings as well as our selves.

Targeted Individuals cry out for acknowledgment of, and protection from, the hell of relentless stalking on top of electronic and psychological harassment we are striving to survive.