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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hope. . .for Humanity

What is happening to "Targeted Individuals" soars way beyond INHUMANE. . .
and into what can be accurately described as a Holocaust!

I am one of those innocent people who is being targeted for reasons I am no longer sure of. I have tried to figure out who has done this to me and why. . .and have come to the conclusion that, due to the manipulations and sly tactics of those who target me, I'd rather not make anymore guesses into their darkness and put more of my energy into surviving it. Prior to being targeted I was an average middle class woman raising two children in an average middle class NH neighborhood. I was certainly not a threat to anyone. (I had not yet been putting my writings into the world) There appears to be no reason for me to be targeted. It appears that my whole family has been ripped apart by the targeting.

I pray with all my heart
For this hell to come to an end -
For those who tear us apart
To find their Hearts again.

Please do what you can to AT LEAST spread the word so that we can start heading in the direction of preventing these horrific crimes. PLEASE!

My own situation remains unpredictable, due to these crimes not being recognized by most of those who could help. Many other people, whom I know, are in similar situations and I have no idea what the future holds for us. It does not look very good, at this point. Those who know nothing about it seem to find it too outrageous to believe. And most of those who are aware are either fading victims or are too scared to get involved. But I feel certain that HOPE will grow when the good parts of the US government start aiming at catching the terrorists who are running this organization. . . and when local law enforcement officials get involved enough to aim at stopping local organized stalking and harassment groups.

P.S. PLEASE don't let this continue happening to people. Help to educate the public on this issue so that TIs - "Targeted Individuals" do not continue being crucified by not only the criminals and those whom they manipulate, but also by the people they love, through their assumption that victims are just "mentally ill" and that none of this is really happening. PLEASE!


(Public awareness can help more than anything right now.
Help the media get a hold of this and expose it. Please.)

The following statement, which I found on another website, is something I could deeply relate to. I hope this brings some level of understanding to those who care and have witnessed and misunderstood my desperate gropes for finding validation and help, through the past decade.

"The reader needs to understand that the tactics and technologies used by today's organized stalkers are customized, taking elements from a huge "master menu," for each individual target. This, in turn, means that targets will tell different stories, and relate many different theories as to who is responsible, why they, personally, are being targeted, and how the technological harassment is being carried out.

Readers should understand that these sometimes seemingly conflicting reports by targets are not an indication that organized stalking "isn't real," but rather a result of the customization of individual harassment programs.
I ask the reader to understand the position of targets of organized stalking. Out of the blue, they experience blizzards of harassment for which there is no apparent cause. Every facet of their lives has come under attack, both by strangers and even some of their acquaintances. They can be forced out of their jobs by unceasing harassment. Their children, pets, and family members can be harassed as well. All in ways carefully designed so that outside observers can dismiss complaints as "over-active imagination."
It is a perfectly natural response for a target to grasp at any article at all that mentions organized stalking or electronic harassment, and post it, without regard to whether the claims in that article are valid.
It is perfectly natural to develop personal theories as to why this is suddenly happening to them, because there is almost no official information available.
Just as a drowning person will sometimes try to force a rescuer under water in a desperate bid to get above the water, organized stalking targets will proclaim their information and claims loudly, on the Internet, trying to get public attention to end their nightmare. They are not able to exercise the laid back critical thinking that they could before the targeting began.

So for you, reader, it is essential to understand that the many web sites with unsupportable claims are not necessarily an indication of delusion, but instead, the natural result of desperation, perpetrator secrecy, and having all public officials deny organized stalking is even possible." (I'm sorry I do not remember what website I got this from.)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Help for "Targeted Individuals"

I'm sorry I can't put much here, because I am still figuring it all out myself, but I can share the helpful things I have been doing. If you are in the end of the destruction process, as I am, you are probably finding no help in the people around you. So. . .




Drink a lot of water.

Stay on the move as much as possible: This often gives us breaks from satellite intrusions, especially when we drive on winding roads.

Hold tight to Hope and Faith

Let yourself cry: God knows we have a lot to cry about.

Keep a journal: writing will help you release the emotional pain.

Deep breath and remain calm when under attack: Don't let them turn you into the paranoid lunatic they want you to become. Jump out of your car and take pictures of the "gang Stalkers" and write down their plate numbers. Take charge of the situation. If nothing else, this will make them back off a bit.

(But protect your camera, because after I did this for an extended period of time my camera suddenly went completely dead and when I replaced the new batteries, and it asked me to log in the date, the date options jumped from 2003 to 2025! The present years wiped out. fyi: only time/date stamped pics are accepted in court.)

Pray to a Higher Power for help: I have found it sometimes effective to pray out loud for God's Love and Light to protect me and also flow into the person who is attacking so they will find the Heart to stop.

Visualize pure white Light filling your body, surrounding you with protection and overflowing into whoever is doing this to you.

Singing and toning in different pitches; It sometimes works.

TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THIS: I know that we are being advised to "not tell people" about our experiences, "because this can lead us into the trap of being labeled as mentally ill and institutionalized." But I feel that if we ALL start talking about it LOUD AND CLEAR and with documented proof that this is possible, we have far more of a chance of being helped than if we remain silent. The silence is what is killing us!!! These crimes freely continue BECAUSE most of the public is not aware. Start a web site or blog.

Don't Give up
Copyright by Sharon R. Poet

Don't ever think we will not escape,
Or that our rescue will remain too late.
Don't give them the power. Don't let them win.
Don't let hope fade. Don't give up again.
Cast aside their darkness and let the Light sing.
Climb up on their stones and raise your broken wing.

Here is a free download for you.

Sorry this is the best I can do right now.

Be careful to listen closely to your instincts on the web, because there are many traps set up by those who target us. I have fallen into several of them when I was desperately grabbing for validation. Not all of those who call themselves TIs are real - some of them are perpetrators.

How to Help a Targeted Individual:

Each case is unique and in different stages of the process. It is best to just ask the TI what they need, in order to keep themselves safe. But here are some ideas, based on my own experiences.

1. Compassion: Care enough to listen and never judge, degrade or look down upon a TI. And MOST IMPORTANT - do not foolishly ass-u-me that he/she is just paranoid or mentally ill, because this will merely add to the TI distress. Surround the TI with people who have the courage and Heart to make a stand against this - this is the greatest protection there is, because the stalkers do not want witnesses.

2. Understanding: Educate yourselves as much as possible on the subject and practice empathy.

3. Pass the word around: The more publicity there is the better the chances are for law enforcement and government to begin investigating and putting an end to these horrifically cruel crimes.

4. Funding: A TI who is near the end of the destruction process, as I am, is probably left with no home, no family to turn to, physical health problems and not enough resources for protection. This is when a miracle is needed - A miracle that can provide safe/protected living quarters, where there is time to heal. (MANY NEED THIS.) Some may just need help with obtaining video cameras, new phones that are not traceable, medical attention...etc. IT IS BEST TO JUST ASK WHAT IS NEEDED, LISTEN AND THEN DO YOUR BEST TO PROVIDE IT.

IMPORTANT: The stalkers often zoom in and pretend to be wanting to help me through what they are doing to me. . .which has appeared to be efforts to get close enough to abduct me, drug me, frame me, plant tracking devices...etc. Due to this part of it, items given by strangers may not be trusted by a TI. Although money seems to be the most difficult thing for people to give, this is what helps the most. . .aside from a safe, supportive place to live.

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