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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Un-witnessed Innocence

    When I've sought help, from police officers, who are aware of what Gang Stalking is, more times than not I've been met with a, "WHY are you being stalked?" as if I must have done something to deserve this or bring it on - as if I may be the one who is the criminal! This has left me dumbfounded.
   I honestly have not done anything to deserve this. I'm not any sort of criminal. Before this all started, I was just an average middle class woman, who was raising two children in a middle class New Hampshire neighborhood.
   Even if I HAD done something wrong or was some sort of threat to humanity I would not deserve to be stalked, harassed, threatened, technologically tortured and terrorized! NOBODY should EVER have to go through such cruelty!
   The only criminals in these situations are the terrorists who manipulate local stalking groups against innocent people and those who do nothing to help bring it to an end, because not doing anything is the same as going along with it.
   It appears that those who run the show are using rumors or lies to "flag" us in new communities we move into. I wish I knew what they have turned me into, in the eyes of local "secret stalking societies." I wish just one of the organizations who gets this info on me would be wise enough to talk to me or do some investigating, before sentencing me to their cruelty and adding another link into a long chain of abuse and sabotaged chances for me to freely live my own life and do my work.
I pray for my innocence to shine through the deceptions and brain washings criminals have surrounded me with. 

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057