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Friday, September 30, 2011

Saved by Validation

   My faith has carried me through unbelievable levels of difficulties in the past decade. But a recent drive, which seemed to be aiming to finish me off through steady stalking, harassing, threatening and shooting me with some sort laser weapon had left me in a dangerously weakened and terrified state.
   In the middle of this attack, I found valuable validation for my experiences as a "Targeted Individual." I can even go so far as to say that my life was saved by Doctor John Hall's presence on the web. Finding out that there are people in the world who can understand what I have been going through. . .gave me the hope I needed to finish making it through the most terrifying weeks of my life, which started on 9-09-11, and included an attempt, by my daughters and their boyfriends, to have me institutionalized. Their drive appears to have been instigated due to my starting to realize the technological part of these crimes.

Doctor John Hall's book can be found on

An interview with Doctor John Hall:

   (I am now finding out that fabricated letters, emails and possibly even recorded phone messages had been delivered to some of my relatives and friends - messages they believe I had sent, which warned them to stay away from me...etc.!!! And the list goes on. . .)

   Due to the criminal's advantage of nearly two decades of undetected deceptions and manipulations around my surviving family members and friends. . .my situation does not look good. In my heart I feel that Truth will be shown, in the end. . .and I hope that end comes soon.
   I think the levels of strength needed to combat this can only come with a lot of Heart and realizations of the magnitude of  horrific injustices that are happening, not only to myself, but also to every other TI who is being hurt by criminal manipulations and fabrications, threats, localized gang stalking, drugging, electronic harassment and attempts to destroy life in ways that appear to be a natural death or accident.

  However, I no longer feel completely alone with this, because there are other TIs who are also fighting for their lives. 

I pray for the Light of Love to shine its healing rays around us ALL.
Until we are protected and healed - until the dark can fall.

Holding onto remnants of hope.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Un-witnessed Innocence

    When I've sought help, from police officers, who are aware of what Gang Stalking is, more times than not I've been met with a, "WHY are you being stalked?" as if I must have done something to deserve this or bring it on - as if I may be the one who is the criminal! This has left me dumbfounded.
   I honestly have not done anything to deserve this. I'm not any sort of criminal. Before this all started, I was just an average middle class woman, who was raising two children in a middle class New Hampshire neighborhood.
   Even if I HAD done something wrong or was some sort of threat to humanity I would not deserve to be stalked, harassed, threatened, technologically tortured and terrorized! NOBODY should EVER have to go through such cruelty!
   The only criminals in these situations are the terrorists who manipulate local stalking groups against innocent people and those who do nothing to help bring it to an end, because not doing anything is the same as going along with it.
   It appears that those who run the show are using rumors or lies to "flag" us in new communities we move into. I wish I knew what they have turned me into, in the eyes of local "secret stalking societies." I wish just one of the organizations who gets this info on me would be wise enough to talk to me or do some investigating, before sentencing me to their cruelty and adding another link into a long chain of abuse and sabotaged chances for me to freely live my own life and do my work.
I pray for my innocence to shine through the deceptions and brain washings criminals have surrounded me with. 

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057


A TI's Cry Into a Painful Silence. . .

Please read this with an open Heart and mind, because the mental and
physical well-being of humanity, as a whole, appears to be in serious danger.

   Through the past two decades I had felt confused and even ashamed of being hit with such magnitudes of difficulties in my life, so much so that I have hid some of it. (The worst of it has been happening since 1999) I'd foolishly thought I was suddenly just having extremely bad luck and was undergoing a huge spiritual challenge. Each time people, at new locations, started treating me badly, I'd think, "the world seems to be losing its Heart!...etc." I'd felt harmful energies being directed at me but had no knowledge of the microwave weapons or groups of individuals, that were physically targeting me.

This experience has been as confusing as it has been difficult!

   The remote weapon intrusions often made me physically ill. . .causing light headedness, blurred vision, slowed mental activity, dizziness, nausea, weakness, painful joints, bloating, hair loss, sharp pains in my head and abdomen, sudden lowered temp...etc. I'd continuously blamed these symptoms on the "Lupus" I was diagnosed with in 2006. (But I now believe that the Lupus was being caused by these electronic intrusions.)

   Anyway, as my writings have reflected, I've fought to heal from each round and climb back onto my feet through grieving and writing about it over and over again. . .not realizing the scope of what I've been up against, although it had been obvious that there were a few direct attempts on my life. My instincts and perceptions were being seriously dulled by the electromagnetic intrusions into my brain.

   My experiences through the past decade and more have been so difficult and confusing that each day has  been a struggle to get through. I've been forced into survival mode instead of being able to really living my life. There have been times when I've come close to giving up, times when I felt confused about the origins of powerful doses of harmful energies being directed at me and who is responsible for targeting me. There have been times when I felt like I could not handle anymore - times when I'd thought I was going crazy, times when I've felt shocked by the cruelty in those who aim to harm me, and times (like now) when I have felt too indescribably violated and terrified of what is happening. . .because there seems to be nothing I can do to stop it - no way out. I have cried out for help over and over again.

   As I realize that I am a targeted individual (ti) and that there are others who are going through a similar sequence of events, I feel both validated and horrified at the same time. It felt better not fully knowing, because denial of what I was experiencing had been one of my defenses.
   This inhumane process is happening through remote weapon attacks in conjunction with local organized stalking groups who are harassing, possibly drugging us...etc. Though there is much doubt that satellites are being used in these horrific crimes, my own personal experiences lead me to believe that they probably are.

I am in shock that this is not being immediately investigated and stopped. The mental and physical well-being of humanity, as a whole, appears to be in serious danger under this organization of  terrorists who are targeting - harming us.

I feel like a caged animal that is being slowly destroyed.
There is something horribly wrong happening here!

   Every day I pray over and over again for a way to stop this - a way to escape - a way to prevent this from continuing. Answers have not yet come to me.

I pray for the good parts of our government to protect us from further harm until these criminals are caught. Some say our government may be doing this for some sort of experiment and/or population control. . .etc. That is too horrible for me to want to believe. I cry. God help us!!!

 Please be aware that the stalkers sometimes interfere with websites that aim to inform the public about what is happening. Consequently the information on them can suddenly changed or be removed. Please just listen to the Heart of your own intuition.