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Friday, October 21, 2016

Technological Mind Control Should be the Easiest Part of the Targeting to Detect

    One of the last special editions of my "Heart Bud" paper (printed in 2014) was altered in ways that made it look like I am blaming the government; Part of a quote from 'Veteran's Today' was erased (the part that stated how technological mind control was technologically detected) and another part of it, which mentioned the government, was plugged in.
    The details of the microwave/radio wave detection, which were in this article, appear to have been changed but the core of it is still there and it proves that the technological targeting can easily be detected; "Thousands of Americans believe they are targeted by mind control technologies. At one time, we thought of all of them as “tin foil hat” conspiracy theorists. This was until we were able to break through the encoding within some mobile communications devices, signals we will refer to as “sub-carriers” for lack of a better term." http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/12/24/venturas-brain-invaders/

   Back in 2012 I had also found and shared statements in Tim Rifats articles, which said that he and an associate were using microwave detection technologies and that there was suspicion that future detection technologies could have a filter built in, which prevented the detection of the low frequencies that are used for mind control. This was in the UK but it is not unreasonable to think that it could happen globally as well. http://www.whale.to/b/rifat.html

  It appears that the technological part of the targeting CAN be detected and proven with unfiltered detection technologies. And I pray for this to happen, so that it can not slyly continue controlling and damaging people.

I beg government and military officials, around the globe, to do everything in their power to stop criminal use of all ground and space based radio wave technologies as well as the pharmaceutical targeting, which aids the mind control part of it, ASAP.

P.S. I experienced painful torture levels of microwaves being shot into by brain through most of the day yesterday.

Set Ups to Blame Victims

    I have been realizing that my original gut feeling about most, if not all, of humanity already being enslaved, to some degree, with technological and/or pharmaceutical mind control was accurate. And that there have been many dark aims for aware victims to blame other victims. It even appears that those who target me have been manipulating and altering my blog in efforts to use it to unfairly blame me! I hope they do not succeed. I hope that people realize that my blog is an example of what a Targeted Individual goes through in the grueling process of trying to figure things out and expose the targeting while still being targeted - brain lasered, body tortured, computers infiltrated...etc.
    I have been surrounded by sets ups to frame me and set ups that aimed to make me blame the government, the FBI, the military, Law enforcement, my family...etc. Due to things I have experienced, and my gut feelings, I believe that most, if not all, of these places and people are also victims of technological mind control and some have been used to help target us, but blaming only them can not have a good outcome, because they are victims too. Wars with victims blaming other victims or starting law suits can only help the darkest forces keep us all in a state of chaos and confusion.
    I pray for more efforts to be put into exposing and stopping criminal use of the pharmaceuticals and radio wave technologies that are used to target us all. . .as well as protecting victims, as long as that protection is genuinely safe and is not the sly technological enslavement that I suspect has been being used on people. God help us all to be totally set free and not used to blame or hurt each other. To many of us have been hurt already.

P.S. One of the last special editions of my "Heart Bud" paper (printed in 2014) was altered in ways that made it look like I am blaming the government. Part of a quote from 'Veteran's Today' was erased (the part that stated how technological control was technologically detected) and another part of it, which mentioned the government, was plugged in. There is more about this in my next post.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Another Alteration Found in My Writings

    I am deeply concerned about what is being done to my writings. I just realized that the post I wrote about getting an email from President Obama was not only moved to a different date but also altered! :-(   http://sharonpoet-ti.blogspot.com/2015/08/an-email-from-obama.html.
  I do not know what else has been changed. But just my having to post the fact that they alter some of my writings discredits all of them to some to some degree! This feels horrible, no matter what their motive is, especially since writing has been a large part of my work. I hope they do not succeed with any more manipulations of my writings, but I have no way of securing them since computers I use tend to be infiltrated. I pray for the freedom to do my work without any sort of interference, invasions and alterations.

I Beg You

   I beg government and media officials to let your Hearts stand up for your selves, for your loved ones, for us, for America. . .ultimately for all of humanity. Please stand up and publicly expose the technological and pharmaceutical mind control and its enslavement program...etc., so the covert wars can end and enslaved victims can be set free.  Please stand up so that people can understand what is happening and at least have the opportunity to resist the mind control, protect themselves and support each other. Please stand up so that heavily hit victims can be understood and protected from further harm. Please break the silence that too many are suffering in. Please stand up and help set humanity free. Please!

Please Help Set Humanity Free

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Example of the "Noise Campaign" Part of the Targeting

   I have been wanting to share this for a while now but keep forgetting. Another bit of harassment, which happened today, jogged my memory.
   The noise campaign part of the targeting can get intense at times. And it happens through puppets dropping things, banging things, beeping vehicle horns, screeching vehicle tires, revving engines...etc. Sometimes its done with technologically transmitted sound and sometimes it is VERY obviously done through puppets being instructed to be where I am going and do what their master tells them to do. I do my best to ignore it all. But this is often impossible and every now and then I react to it. The experience I was reminded of today happened a couple years ago. . .
  I had walked into a McDonalds and a puppet who stood at the counter dropped something onto the floor, making a loud bang, right after I walked by. I was in a sassy mood that day. So, I turned around, walked up behind her and said, "You were a few seconds too late." And she said, "Oh I thought she was right there!" She had thought I was her partner speaking, because she didn't see me double back. I wonder how she felt when she realized it was me whom she admitted her harassment to.
   Sometimes the puppets seem like mind control victims who are not aware of what they are doing. But sometimes they obviously know exactly what they are doing.

 P.S. There have been other times when I head for a public bathroom and instead of going in I have waited, either for someone else to finish using it or to watch something on a nearby TV. On a few occasions this has put me in a position where I actually watched the puppets race to the door and reef on the handle as if trying to break in, the way they have often done to me as I sit on the toilet. On a few occasions I looked at them and sarcastically said, "That's not me in there." My reacting this way is an attempt to defuse the agitation, which is raised by these sort of things happening so much and for so long.
   I feel that the covert program, which uses their puppets to harass or harm fellow citizens, also enslaves unaware victims under the guise of it being good or helpful. But there seems to be different levels of it. One level is obviously criminal. How can anyone think that making loud noises or trying to force a locked door open or drugging us against our will or inflicting us with parasites or  intentionally damaging our property or breaking into our homes and vehicles or moving and replacing our belongings...etc., is helpful? Some puppets are obviously too lost in the darkness that surrounds heavily Targeted Individuals and its difficult to know if it is through their own choices or through being tortured or brain damaged and completely controlled.  Its a horrible thing - this covert and technological targeting. . .and I hope it is quickly and completely exposed and stopped.

    Its no wonder why, back in 2004, I started feeling like humanity was losing its Heart. It was and is. I just didn't know how back then, because I was not aware that I was being targeted and was not aware of technological mind control. But I was noticing the rudeness that was surrounding me. I was feeling the pain of unnatural amounts of losses and difficulties and being either abandoned or targeted by loved ones. And I was feeling the confusion of wondering what was "wrong with me" and what I had done to deserve it for over a decade before I realized that criminals were targeting me with covert harassment, radio wave technologies, chemicals and parasites. . .and that brainwashings, heavy targetings or enslavement was being inflicted upon those who would have wanted to be here for me.

God help us all to be completely set free

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Garlic Experiment and Cyclotron Resonance?

  Until today, I recently went through another round of the technological part of the targeting backing off and a vamp up in the parasite and chemical part. As this happened my garlic started turning bright green as it cooked. This has happened before, at a time when ginger root also contained the same green color in most of the stores I frequented. After I told a store manager about it and posted it on this blog it stopped. All seemed normal again. The ginger root stopped being green. But now the garlic is again turning green.
    This time I went to different stores to buy and test the garlic. They knew I was doing this test and I had talked about it. Three times I tried and three times there was no green color appearing in even the garlic which had turned green yesterday morning and the day before. (above is a picture of the green garlic.) What does this mean?
   It APPEARS that the green color is not in the garlic when I buy it - that something is happening to it while I cook it. This again happening during a time when they are actively trying to inflict me with parasites leads me to believe that they are trying to prevent the garlic from being effective. (Garlic and ginger are great remedies for may types of infections and parasites.) What are they doing to it?
   I believe that radio waves, at certain frequencies, can have multiple effects on a variety of substances and that this is an area we need to know more about for the safety of all of humanity. I found this information in a book by Jerry E. Smith; "Laboratory experiments have shown that a minute quantity of a substance in a living body (an amount too small to cause effect) can be excited by exposure to EMR, through something called, Cyclotron Resonance, so as to produce effects as though there were up to a thousand times as much of the substance present."
   And even too much of a good thing can be bad and even lethal. If radio waves can effect vegetables and fruits in ways that prevent proper nutrition, or worse, in ways that can harm or kill, we have a serious problem that I hope is investigated and stopped as quickly as possible.

Please help stop criminal use of ground and
space based technologies that emit radio waves.


P.S. After I did the garlic test the technological part of the targeting vamped back up. Prior to that it only been mild ringing in my ears and periodic painful laser shots that only lasted a few seconds and then stopped. Most of the time when they torture me it lasts a lot longer. I enjoyed the break, but I don't want the parasites and toxic food in exchange for it. I want it ALL to completely and genuinely stop. I'm hurting today and it has been difficult to focus on this article, but I felt it had to be written.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hilary Clinton Quote for Children - Our Future

“That will be my mission as president; to make sure I do everything I can, every single day, to knock down the barriers, to open up the doors, so that every child has a chance to live up to his or her God given potential” ~ Hilary Clinton

I hope she is able to stop technological and pharmaceutical mind control from continuing to prevent children from being all that they were born to be. Who will REALLY care enough to expose, and start ending, the enslavement of humanity? I hope Hillary does, and if she does. . .I hope she becomes our next president.

Our children TRULY ARE "our future" and they need to be free. Please help them be. Too many have already been too hurt.


4:02 pm today; Painful laser shots to back of neck/spine as I post this.

Please Don't Go

   I pray for all who are aware of the targeting to not leave - to not leap into that covert hole or the lethal silence, which leaves the rest of us stranded without validation or help. Please don't go. Let your Hearts rise and grow. Please don't leave. Please don't go.


And please stop asking me to run into that wall. It hurts too much.

Life can not be lived without freedom. It can only be survived

"Shut Up," they say. "Stop Complaining," they say. And a part of me says OK. I'll write in my journal instead of talking because its a more accepting release anyway. But its not, because they read my mind or read my writings and torture me for that too! So what is a victim of technological torture and invisible imprisonment supposed to do? Pray for freedom. Just keep praying for freedom.
   Ironically my New Hampshire license place says "Live Free or Die." I understand that more now than I ever have. Life can not be lived without freedom. It can only be survived. I'm still surviving, but I'm not living. I want to live.

P.S. They know that I am not going to leap into their false covert rescue stuff. But still they prance puppets, including estranged loved ones and their friends, around me as if it were all a cool game. The oblivious puppets laugh and smile while I stand alone and continue being tortured. Not much is more cruel than this.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Another Increase in Chem Trails?

   I am not sure if this is becoming a pattern - the increase of chemtrails in areas after I spend a lot of time there. I have read that chem trails are made up of liquid and little polymer fibers which help the liquids to stay in the air for longer periods of time. But there are many different theories on what the spraying is really for. I took this video this morning in central southern New Hampshire.



Friday, October 7, 2016

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Plight of Our Families

   I know that I have mentioned all of this before, but it deserves reiterating; I am not a "bible thumper" but I do believe that there are some good and accurate messages in the bible. . .and that prophecies are more for prevention than preparation.
   The bible spoke of a time when the dark forces would be harming humanity through tearing families apart and inflicting horrible pain and suffering. I feel that this has already been happening and is being done with technological and pharmaceutical mind control, as well as covert harassment with rumor campaigns, in order to pit family members against each other - competing and judging and degrading and hating and separating, and sometimes even being brainwashed into believing bad things about each other. . .instead of Loving each other. 
   In some situations family members are literally tortured to death and the suffering spreads through all who care. In some situations a member is covertly torn away - their death staged. . .leaving remaining family members with the nagging feeling that something is wrong, which prevents healthy grieving and closure. In some situations a family member is shunned and isolated for extreme levels of torture. . .other family members blaming this primary victim and often blocked from even caring while the victim is stalked, tortured and shoved into poverty - bank accounts, homes, relationships and work sabotaged...etc. Some family members are fully enslaved and used to aid in the targeting of the isolated relative, sometimes cruelly harassing and instigating/manipulating the deprivation of the types of care and help that are desperately needed. . .and sometimes operating under a dark guise of "help" that aims to rescue/force the victim into the covert program that targets them all or to install a "mental illness," label, which strips vital levels of freedom from the victim.
    In these sad situations, where whole families are inflicted with technological mind control and used against each other, ALL family members are victims and all suffer in ways that no human being should have to endure.

    I feel that my whole family has been a victim of sadistic technological targeting since at least the mid 1970s. I am the one who was isolated from my family with them blaming me (some even used to help target me in various ways). . .and me blaming them until I realized the technological mind control part that targets us all.
   I feel that this is happening to far more families then most of us may want to realize and it needs to be faced and stopped as quickly as possible. I sense that the same sorts of sadistic pitting have been happening between citizens and government...etc.
   These truly are holocaustal crimes against humanity and criminal use of both land and space based radio wave technologies must be stopped as quickly as possible. The worst part of the technological and pharmaceutical targeting is the way it blocks our Hearts and prevents us from fully Loving and grieving and healing and growing into all that we were meant to be. Please help restore our freedom to live and love and grow in the ways that we were born to.

Please help stop the targeting of families,
So that we can freely Love each other.


P.S. Many blame the technological and covert targeting on the government's aim to control us, especially those who are unwittingly enslaved into the covert program that targets us all. But these types targetings of families include families of government officials (my uncle worked for the FBI). They seem to be performed by a truly satanic/sadistic group whose primary aim appears to be to destroy the good - the Love and Heart and Soul and Togetherness and Freedoms that all individuals and families need, in order to grow into all that we are intended to be. Please do everything in your power to help immediately stop criminal use of both ground and space based radio wave technologies. Too many have already been hurt.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Who In Their Right Mind?

   I keep wondering who, in their right mind, would even consider using technological mind control on fellow human beings, even if they did not realize that it interferes with the natural process of personal growth - the evolution of our Hearts and Souls? I beg all who are involved in it to please stop and turn your focus onto helping to stop criminal use of both ground and space based radio wave technologies as well as their aiding pharmaceuticals. Please help set humanity free.

God Doesn't Do It! God is the Love that helps us stand up and stop it.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Vehicle Disabled and Brain Tortured

   Yesterday, my car suddenly stopped functioning after a puppet told me a story about a tree falling on the car of someone who was not obeying God and needed to learn a lesson...etc. My brain was also painfully tortured through the whole day. My car is my home and this leaves me stranded again, which is horribly distressing and just too much on top of all the other parts of the targeting. They pretend that disabling my car is to help me or "teach me a lesson" but it only hurts me and the only lesson I am learning is how cruel they can be.
   For too long they have held me in a state of destitution...sabotaging my business and other jobs and forcing me to depend on their puppets for financial help that has recently been consistently dropped in order to prevent me from saving or buying things like lead to protect my brain from their laser attacks, herbs to combat the parasites they infect me with...etc. They have been OK with my buying things that are NOT good for me, which they have actually tortured me into. After I noticed the pattern and started talking about the obvious drops in the amount of help at strategic times, their "help" took another severe nose dive.

   I desperately need help from people who are not controlled by those who target me and will not use it as a way to harass me. Please let your Heart send financial help to. . .

Sharon Rose Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

It will be deeply appreciated. Thank you.

P.S. I put a sign for help on my car and the spot where it sits, and had been surrounded by puppets, has been mostly vacant since then. Maybe they do not want their puppets to know I am a defenseless homeless person or maybe they don't want them to see the website I put onto the bottom of the sign; www.targetedinamerica.com. I may remove the sign because they could have my car towed/stolen along with what little is left of my belongings, which they had already threatened to do when they landed me here. I pray for protection for myself and my car and what little is left of my belongings.

P.S. The past year's obvious cut backs in financial help seem odd. They were even sometimes announced by puppets in advance. Like when I had tried to save $20 toward a piece of lead to protect my brain they said "your tucking it!" and then I was given $20 less help that week and then they started asking me why I am not able to save money. Another time they said "five dollars" and the helper gave me $5 less...etc. This was all so obvious that they seemed to be setting up the minister who was helping me. I am worried about him, although he proved to be on the side of those who target me, he did not seem to be aware that they were bad, although he must have been aware of saying the same things to me almost every time we met. . .things that tried to push me to go to a mental health professional, to go on disability and get help from the government and he persistantly tried pushing me toward my family, which seemed to be a set up of some sort. Most, if not all, of my family members are long term mind control victims. Some seem to be fully enslaved and controlled. They would need to be set free from, and fully realize, the technological and pharmaceutical targeting, in order for us to reunite in a way that is healing and growthfull. And I pray that this will someday happen for us as well as other targeted families.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Gang Stalking Part of Heights of Wisdom Story

Wisdom's first "gang stalking" experience

    Please excuse the poor writing in this fumbling attempt to finish my 2004/2005 Heights of Wisdom story. It gave me a better focus when I was stranded in a parking lot and feeling too scared and tortured. My last computer was disabled as I was working on it. Consequently its not very good but it hopes to grow and touch people's Hearts....someday...when I am free.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Bad Uses the Unaware Good

    This pattern seems to exist in a lot of the targeting - good people or organizations being used by the bad, which secretly remains in the background of their deceitful operations, while utilizing technological and pharmaceutical mind control on unaware people.

I pray for the Heart of all, who are aware of the technological and pharmaceutical targeting, to unite in publicly exposing and stopping the technological holocaust. God help us all to be totally set free and have a chance to recover.

Old Pains and Few Gains

   This is not my complete blog, but it is what is left of it until I gain the clarity and freedom I'd need to pull it back together, into a book, with better edits and updates/explanations. At this point, as I look back over some of my old posts, it brings back old pains that I have not had a chance to deal with properly and this, as well as the ongoing targeting and my state of overwhelm, prevents me from being able to do a very good job with it, especially the covert harassment stuff. I am confused about a lot of what has been happening in the covert stuff around me. I hope that soon, the targeting will be over and I will be able to gain the privacy and  understanding that would enable me to do better edits without technological or covert interference.

 This blog has been a desperate (literally) fight for our lives. I often did not have time or freedom for contemplation of what is or is not politically correct. Please understand and excuse my mistakes. There may be things that were not clear to me during the time when I wrote them. I will fix any misperceptions when total clarity and freedom arrives. Until then please excuse my mistakes, which often rise from my pain and concern for us all.

    In my heart I feel that there is a lot of good in our government, that their struggle with the infiltration must be immense, and that they will be here for us when they can be. But I sometimes lose sight of this, especially when I am being heavily hit with technological attacks to my brain and other body parts as well as covert threats. . .and have no safe place to run to...where there could be acknowledgment of the technological and covert targeting and protection from further harm. I'm sorry.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

I'm Sorry. I Forgot.

In the depths of microwaved pain
I forgot it until my heart saw again.
But whose to know what is never learned
When lasered memories forget to return?

I'm Sorry. I'm so incredibly sorry.

    The technological interference with my brain has caused the usual short term memory losses that many victims report. Sometimes my microwaved brain has gotten lost in the trenches of despair. . .until my heart re-grabs the handle of that bucket of hope and that long tattered rope, which hangs from the Light.
   But I have also experienced memories of specific things (important things) being wiped out of my memory. . .until something triggers them and brings them back. Among these memory losses are the memory of getting an email from President Obama in August of 2015, and the memory of a bank account that had contained around 40,000 dollars and was my emergency back up fund. . .and it now appears to be too late for me to get it back. I can understand them making me lose money as they shoved me into destitution. My other account appeared to have been being drained too. But I am having a hard time understanding why they wiped out the memory of the email, especially since they appear to have also moved my blog post about it. They have even tried to wipe my daughters out of my mind, but my heart aches for them still. Love sometimes remembers what minds forget. But not always. I'm sorry if I have forgotten things that you think I should remember. My memory will be better when my brain stops being intruded upon with radio waves. God help us all to be completely regain our freedom and have a chance to recover.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Mutilated Animal Dropped onto Windsheild!

  Late yesterday afternoon I had parked under a shade tree and a small dead animal suddenly dropped down onto my windsheild!  I don't know if it was lasered or not, but it just suddenly dropped right out of the tree or sky within minutes after I parked my car. Since the early 1990s I have experienced periods of what I now believe were murdered animals being left at my home or in roads or trails I frequent. The first ones were decapitated chipmunks left on my doorstep at the home I'd owned in Loudon, NH.

The video is hard to look at. But. . .

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Books Stolen from my Car!

   The original 2013 edition of my Technological Holocaust book and last years edition of my Ramblings of a Targeted Individual book appear to have been stolen from my car. This book was my only solid recording of this blog since June 2013.
   About a month ago, my car appeared to have been accessed while I was sleeping - the string I tie between the doors had been broken. (This could have been done with a laser just to make me think that it was accessed that night.) There was also ample time for access into my car during the four months that it was stranded in a parking lot and forced to leave it for extended periods of time.
   I am deeply concerned about the manipulations that have been vamping up around me and my writings in the past year or two, which also include a printed page swapped with another one, the death of, and serious accident of, two friends/witnesses...etc. I pray for answers and assurance that things are better in the rest of the world than they still appear around me.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

From Blame's Covert Wars to Peaceful Freedom

     Those who are responsible for the targetings, and technological enslavement of humanity, seem to be manipulating things, in order for blame to be placed on the innocent, on people who have been deceived into thinking its a good thing or on unaware mind control victims whom they use. Please do not let this continue.
     Some say that the UN is to blame BUT it is being targeted too. Some say that America is to blame BUT it is being targeted too. Some say that it is the government BUT it is being targeted too. Some say it is the military BUT it is being targeted too. Some say it is the FBI BUT it is being targeted too. Some say it is law enforcement BUT it is being targeted too. Some say it is our families BUT they are being targeted too. And the list of places to blame could go on and on and on and on, and the resulting wars could go on and on and on. . . until we realize that too much of humanity has been being covertly targeted, enslaved and/or used. . .and we must stop the blaming and fighting and let our Hearts stand together, in order to regain our freedom. I wish the Heart of all these places would stand up, expose the targeting and its deceitful tactics and manipulations. . .and set humanity free.

Please let your Heart stand up

P.S. I do realize that nothing has been completely free of normal levels of problems or "corruptions." But with technological mind control being used by dark forces that have been enslaving and using people from all walks of life the normal problems have been magnified to a dangerous degree. The only answer seems to be to fully expose it - to inform and protect instead of blaming and fighting . .as long as the "protection" is genuine freedom and not the sly technological enslavement that appears to have already been happening 
   I hope for all levels of the technological and pharmaceutical targeting to be exposed and stopped without inflicting more hardship upon Targeted Individuals, targeted families, targeted organizations, targeted countries...etc.

    Like President JFK had said, "Our way of life is under attack. Those who make themselves our enemy are advancing around the globe. . ." And this was back in the 1960s! Can you imagine how much ground the dark infiltration has gained since then. . .with the use of technological and pharmaceutical mind control on unsuspecting people in ALL arenas?Please help it to be exposed and stopped.

A Hope for Us All

   I hope for all levels of the technological and pharmaceutical targeting to be exposed and stopped without inflicting more hardship upon Targeted Individuals, targeted families, targeted organizations...etc.


  Please do not judge or blame anyone based on what I have written on this blog. This is not a "politically correct" report or a legal report. It is exactly what the title implies - Ramblings of a Targeted Individual. If good officials are ever able to be here for me I will give them whatever information they need, privately and directly. I regret treating like a report initially. I probably shared too much of some things and too little about other things. My brain has not functioned well under the constraints of radio waves being shot into it...etc.
     This blog is an example of the grueling process that a heavily Targeted Individual goes through in order to figure out the targeting and expose it, while still being targeted - computers infiltrated, brain function being interfered with...etc. In the initial stages of realizing what is happening it is too easy to misplace blame in desperate microwaved gropes for answers, or rushed aims to expose it, with hope to end the hell or at least make a painful round of targeting back off...etc.
   The targeting is often too confusing and manipulative to fully figure out every aspect of it, especially while my brain is being microwaved. The covert harassment parts of the targeting have been extremely confusing to me, and posts about this merely reflect my perceptions at that point in time. This blog needs a lot of editing and explaining, but I am unable to do it on infiltrated computers and while still being targeted... but it does not feel safe to completely let go of it at this point in time, due to it being my primary log of the targeting...etc.
   I hope to someday have the freedom to follow my heart with better edits and explanations of the contents of this blog and the process I went through as I wrote it. (I'd also need clarification of many things, in order to do this effectivly.) Until then, please read with your Heart, look past anything that seems confusing or questionable. . .and please do not use any part of this blog to judge or blame any person or organization.

   I hope this blog, through all of my bloops and blunders and the outside interference, can still help us all to regain  freedom from all levels of the targeting. . .and ultimately help free America and save the Heart of humanity from destructive technological and pharmaceutical mind control.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Scary Weapon Attack

   The night before last I experienced several hours of a painful laser attack to the upper left, front, quarter of my brain. It stopped a few times, for just a few minutes, but was relentless through the rest of the evening. This was really scary due to the fact that it was in the area that lobotomies happen and the same area of the brain that appears to be being damaged in targeted people.
    This creative part of my brain is a critically important part of me and my work and my process of personal and spiritual growth. I do not want to be damaged any more than I already have been and feel horrible for those who have completely lost that vital part of themselves. Please help stop these sorts of targetings.

  Update;  In situations like this, those who target me may be just trying to terrorize me into thinking that they are damaging my brain. These sorts of terrors happen a lot. Among other recent ones they had a puppet say, "Breast cancer" as they walked by me, just before they started painful lasering of my left breast. Other similar things happen as they laser my lungs, spine, brain, legs...etc. A couple years ago they were threatening to make me blind while effecting my eye sight with laser weapons aimed into my brain. And the list could go on. I don't write most of it, because I try to ignore it instead of letting it scare me. . .but sometimes I can not help but to feel scared. Its scary to have a threatening criminal aim a weapon at me, in order to inflict pain and fear. . .even if it does not leave me with permanent damage.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Reposting of the Vision of Hope

   I beg government and media officials to let your Hearts stand up for your selves, for your loved ones, for us, for America. . .ultimately for all of humanity. Please stand up and publicly expose the technological and pharmaceutical mind control and its enslavement program...etc., so the covert wars can end and enslaved victims can be set free.  Please stand up so that people can understand what is happening and at least have the opportunity to resist the mind control or protect themselves and support each other. Please help expose the targeting without inflicting more pain upon targeted families...etc. Please stand up so that heavily hit victims can be understood and protected from further harm. Please break the silence that too many are suffering in. Please stand up and help set humanity free. Please!

A Fiction Vision of Real Hope;

   Recent tortures include new rounds of the lasering of my spine. Last night I was suddenly woken with severe lasering of my throat and lungs around 2am, as a driver came near my car to move a truck! Today, after posting about manipulations on my blog I am experiencing pain in my chest, which is probably the usual death threat of inflicting me with a heart attack with a laser weapon. I have experienced this a lot and am sure that it is inflicted with lasers aimed at my chest, due to the timing and the fact that the pain completely goes away for a few seconds on the times when I have quickly moved in ways that shield my body. In the past several months I have experienced a vamp up in painful laser and microwave weapon attacks on my brain.

 Please do not judge me based on anything I write or do not write or publicly share...etc. I have more in hard copies and on storage devices if it is ever needed. . .although my belongings have also been infiltrated through access to my vehicle. My writings have been interfered with, by those who target me, in multiple ways. The most recent thing I caught appeared to be the altering of the date on a post from 2012 to 2013. Since I recently experienced FOUR hard drive failures and one monitor failure I am forced to use public library computers that are obviously infiltrated and too often surrounded by librarian puppets who do not respect my need for peace and quiet. My efforts to make changes to past posts, due to my newer realizations, appears to be being sabotaged. I am still not being allowed to change the password to the ftp program which accesses my primary website pages. I pray for them to remain secure.  I do not have the equipment, freedom, peace or privacy that I'd need to follow my heart into perfecting all of my writings. This is the best I can do right now. So, please excuse the mistakes and areas of possible criminal intrusions and alterations. I hope that I will someday have the freedom to fix it all and explain it better.