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Friday, July 19, 2019

Technologically Induced Dehydration

  It looks like I am being technologically inflicted with dehydration. As I washed up in a bathroom this morning I experienced a steady flow of liquid from my nose. This was sever and surely technologically induced and is not the first time I experienced it at a time when I have no cold or allergies and appears to be just to dehydrate me. By 8:45 am this morning they also blasted my abdomen with microwaves that made me run for the bathroom two times with sudden bouts of the runs. Are they trying to set me up to be nuked into a hospital under the guise of it being from the heat? I pray they do not succeed with it, because I surely would not survive the hospital that could be used to inflicted me the injection or to abduct me...etc.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

I Just Want It ALL to Stop

 I just want it all to stop - all the wars and all the covert stuff, no matter who is doing it and no matter what they are doing. This has been and still is hurting me on every level. Its been too much for too long and it has been severely hurting me in the ways that are most important to me. My inner health is important too. I don't even have the freedom and privacy required to heal from the past things and more keeps being heaped on...etc. I just want it all to stop. I want to survive (on every level) and to also be able to live my life the ways that I am supposed to...etc.

I Count Too!

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Please STOP the Covert Wars

   I beg ALL who are involved in the covert wars to STOP. I want no part of them and I do not want to be used in them by ANYONE. I direct this to both officials and those who may want to target people, including officials. The resolving of these horrible things (from what individuals do to the whole targeting thing) can NOT happen through seeking revenge and hurting people. PLEASE STOP THE COVERT WARS. PLEASE.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

 P.S. I remembered, after I put up the last post, a dream I had around 2006, about a man (an operative for the satanic force) in the trees saying something like, "We need to kill the one with blue eyes first." But I probably need not be concerned about this happening now. If it was to really happen it probably already did, back around 2012 or 2013. This may have been the start of the problem. And this raises an important question; Was the official who was hurting me and preventing help from other officials...etc., an abusive personality by nature or was he "killed" in the way of being enslaved - controlled by the dark forces and used against me under the guise of continuing to use me for bait...etc.? Was he an abuser or a victim of enslavement? I wish I knew the Truth.
   The Truth appears to be being shown in a raven (bird) who is coming around me as I face this part of my situation. This raven actually cackles like a turkey. The turkey seems to be symbolic of pretending that the covert stuff/war/using is not really happening. Sometimes I become a turkey too. I've seen many turkeys around people who are in the program. I pretend it is not happening to preserve my sanity. They pretend, in order to hide their part in it. There have been many officials involved and I do not know if they are all together or not and I do not know if they have all been enslaved or controlled or not. Its all really scary.

Dream of Walking Away

    This morning I woke with a dream, which showed me being in a facility where the man in charge had beaten me. He was carrying on as if nothing had happened and said, "We sometimes have people working over night here." I grab the lead line on my horse and walk away...my horse and I still carrying the bruises from the last beating.

   I do not know if this dream was about the past and present covert stuff or if it is about the future and a place I could end up at. I hope it is not about the future, because I do not want to be hurt anymore and I definitely do not want to be with anyone who was hurting me. If this dream is about the past, I wish it was that simple - that I could just walk away from it. My heart cries this morning, "How, God, do I walk away" when it is here in my life, watching me and following me everywhere I go, and hurting me when I tell it to stop...etc.? I wish I could just walk away and that this would make it all stop.
    The man in this dream had light hair and blue eyes and I think is the same man as one who had repeatedly covertly approached me in 2013 in the official covert stuff. This may answer the question as to who has been abusing me under the guise of doing his duty...etc.This is good to know, because I had forgotten about him and was suspecting someone else.

P.S. Last night I was sexually assaulted again, to the point of bleeding this morning when I woke (not from the place a woman usually bleeds, but further up). This obvious sexual abuse has been ongoing since shortly after I realized that the official covert stuff started and was begging for it to stop - around the end of 2013. I do not know if it is being done with laser weapons or something put on toilet paper or both.

I know that I can not blame the whole government for what one man or one group of people have been doing to me, but no other officials have been here for me and it appears like none ever intend to be. And all that is in the covert stuff blend together from my vantage point - it all seems to be together and not on the side of real freedom. It all hurts so much. Too much. I just want it all to stop.

P.S.S. I beg ALL who are involved in the covert wars to STOP. I want no part of them and I do not want to be used in them by ANYONE. I direct this to both officials and those who may want to target people, including officials. The resolving of these horrible things (from what individuals do to the whole targeting thing) can NOT happen through seeking revenge and hurting people. PLEASE STOP THE COVERT WARS. PLEASE.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

I Feel That GENUINE Good Would Understand This

   I have become EXTREMELY concerned, since the Spring of 2016, that there may no longer even be any good officials in charge of my situation, IF there ever even really were any at all. I have hoped there is and still do, but I don't know it for sure and this is a HUGE problem for me. I know who some of the officials are, but I never knew their intentions. And I do not know if they are even still who they were, IF they were even really on the side of regaining freedom to begin with! It is not safe for me to be blindly trusting and agreeing with people whom I do not even know the intentions of - people who are on the same secret/covert/dark side of the fence as the satanic criminals who have been hurting my loved ones and I.
   Agreeing to anything, especially to being tortured for the rest of my life or to leaving my life, which is the two choices they have given me, could be like selling my soul to the satanic force or just letting them destroy me. I can't do it, not matter who they use. I just can't. 

And even if there is genuinely good mixed in with the bad in that covert world, I still need it stop. This has gone on for too long and I feel that I do not have to continue being held trapped in this horrible situation and being hurt, in order to save humanity. I don't want any of it and never did. Its been hurting me and people whom I love and I do not know if ANY good has really come from any of it. It appears not. I am through tolerating just in case there MIGHT be good. Its not fair for anyone to expect this of me. I want it all to stop.

Since my last post, they appear to be seeking revenge again. There appeared to be a threat to disable my car again. I was painfully tortured with radio waves (microwaves) for hours and its starting again as I write this. This morning I was kicked out of a public park by a police officer. Then I was asked to leave another peaceful public place. I had just gone there to drink a tea. They had no reason aside from the usual vengeance that forces me out of peaceful places and into places where I can be harassed more...etc. The same pattern that has been happening for about six years, especially after I beg them to stop.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Friday, July 12, 2019

I Will NEVER Agree

Again.... There is NOTHING I do or say or write or don't write or erase or change...etc., that is an agreement to ANY sort of targeting or any covert stuff continuing in my life. Like I have said before, this even applies to possible good parts of it. I can not agree to the bad just in case there may be some good in itI can excuse good officials who had good intentions and were not intentionally hurting anyone,  but I do not know if they ever even existed, and I can not agree to this covert war stuff (or whatever else had been happening) continuing, because I strongly feel that it is not right for me and people whom I love. It has never felt right to me. I want it all to stop, no matter who is doing it and no matter what they are doing.
   I have repeatedly said this, but the covert hell has continued and even threatens and tortures me for not agreeing and tries to convince me that things have to be this way and that its my patriotic duty and that "Its my life - It never ends" but this is NOT what my life is supposed to be. I know this with ever fiber of my heart and soul. I am NOT supposed to continue being tortured and harassed and hurt...etc. I am NOT supposed to be held imprisoned and kept separate from people who need me while surrounded by covert wars that I do not even believe in. This is NOT supposed to be happening for the rest of my life and I don't want it happening anymore. I am NOT supposed to agree to this covert hell continuing while my loved ones and I continue to be hurt...all of us suffering too horribly and prevented from being here for each other and prevented from doing more to help remedy the whole situation...etc.
    There is so much that I am supposed to be doing with my life and that I feel I must do, which the targeting and the covert handling of it has been preventing. I do not want to blame people who just do not realize...etc. But I expect my wishes for my own life to be respected by ALL. My loved ones and I should be free to follow only our own hearts and be together and helping each other to heal from what has happened to us...without any sort of interference...etc. It is a horrible shame that those of us who could do so much more to help the rest of the world, as well, have been being prevented from doing so and have been being too deeply wounded to do much. That hell, which holds us in a torturous prisons, where some of us have been actually dieing, in various ways, has to stop. It can NOT continue. It has to stop.

  I have been accepting that the officials who are aware of my loved ones and I being targeted do not seem to have ever intended on being here for us, but this does not mean that I have to accept being used or hurt even more by them. I know, with every fiber of my heart and soul, that I do not have to continue being tortured, harassed, held in a public destitution prison...etc, in order for freedom to be regained for humanity, like some have been trying to convince me of. It is not true. I can not agree to this continuing. I want it all to stop. It has been going on for many years, possibly even since around 2003 and definitely since around 2010. I did over nine years of time, reluctant and un-trusting though it was (because I never had a choice. And it should not continue. It just shouldn't.

I will NEVER agree, of my own free will, to things continuing in the ways that they have been, and I pray it does not happen any other way. We should be free - completely free. And so should the rest of humanity.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, 
and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

P.S. For the past three years it appears that ALL of the covert stuff has been about control and silencing aware victims - the satanic criminals using both my enslaved loved ones and officials, in order to try to gain my trust and then try to force me into choosing to leave my life forever - leap into the enslavement "home"... or try to get me to agree to being tortured for the rest of life - agree to being destroyed instead of regaining freedom and being able to live my life the way I choose to.
   After writing this I experienced painful torture for many hours. Then the next morning I was kicked out of a peaceful parking place by a police officer. Then I was asked to leave a second place. It appears they are seeking revenge. They appear to have again threatened to disable my car, as I left the library yesterday. This has been a regular pattern and police officers have often been used to harass me directly after I have made a strong stand telling them to stop.  This has been happening for over six years. I have been waiting for the possible good to prove itself to me and make me feel better about it all, but it appears to have no intention of doing so. I have become EXTREMELY concerned, since the Spring of 2016, that there may no longer even be any good officials in charge of my situation, IF there ever even really were any at all. I have hoped there is and still do, but I don't know it for sure and this is a HUGE problem for me. I know who some of the officials who were involved are, but I never knew their intentions and if they are even still who they were. It is not safe for me to be blindly trusting and agreeing with people whom I do not even know the intentions of - people who are on the same secret/covert/dark side of the fence as the satanic criminals who have been hurting my loved ones and I, and who use mind control victims and harass and threaten and torture me...etc. 

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Sick Games

  Lately I have been experiencing another round of them reading my mind and covertly telling me to do what I was already planning on doing...and then degrading me for "following" them! This is a sick game that performs a set up and then accuses me of doing what is already well known that I do not want to do, seemingly just to blame me or judge me or refuse to help me...etc. I want them all out of my life so badly that the pain not being free of it all oozes from every fiber of my heart and soul. God, it hurts!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

"Unconscious" or "Dead" ?

  I was sitting in my car drinking my tea. I group of ravens screeched out a warning. Then a woman parked a ways behind me and slowly walked up behind my car, holding up her phone as if taking a video or picture of me and my car. I got out and asked her what she was doing. She said, "I just wanted to see if you were dead or unconscious." She had absolutely no reason to think I was and I told her so. I also told her that I hope she learns to follow her heart instead of what she was doing, although she may have been a victim of complete enslavement and had no free choice. This is not nearly the first time this sort of thing has been done to me. It has been repeatedly happening for about six years now. Who is checking in to see if I am dead yet or is wanting me to think that officials periodically check in to see if I am dead yet, instead of being here for us and preventing it from happening. Many of us are not still conscious and some of us are dead (one way or the other). And all of our souls and spirits are desperate for the hell to end and freedom and peace and Love and healing to take its place.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Credits Stolen

One of the patterns in the targeting has been them instigating people taking credit for things I do or say or write or create or even just wisdom I share...etc. This appears to have started when I was in fifth grade. A lot of this has been done in conjunction with degrading me for those things I say or write or create or even just wisdom I share..etc., before someone else takes credit for them. I want it to stop. 

Monday, July 1, 2019

Ticks Shot Into My Car Again?

It appears that they are again shooting ticks into my car. Found two in past couple days.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

The Solution

   I still feel, with every fiber of my heart and soul, that the solution to this holocaust is to figure out what gives the highest level perpetrators power over others and figure out what weapons they use... and then take their power and their weapons away from them. My gut feeling is that this is a common military tactic, because it is just common sense to disable the weapons of an enemy, in order to save lives.

What feeds their power? Secrecy seems to give them most of their power. It enables them to succeed with horrible sadistic targetings, which hurt people physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, because the public has been too unaware of what has been happening. Due to the lack of awareness there has even been the assumption that aware victims are just "mentally ill", which merely hurts them even more. And unaware victims tend to blame themselves and/or their loved ones, which is what the sadistic targeting wants - people being pitted against each other. (This pitting of people against each other has been happening on a massive scale in multiple ways.) It also appears that many unaware people have been being roped into the sadistic covert program under the guise of it being good or a positive fight for freedom. If only they knew.
   Their greatest power over others is fed by secrecy of their tactics and secrecy of the weapons they use. So breaking the secrecy; exposing their tactics and their weapons, is a must. Delivering awareness to all would enable people to start pulling together and helping each other, which is critically important. It will deliver desperately needed validation and understanding and compassion and help to severe victims. Exposing the sadistic/satanic tactics of the covert program (secret society) would also take away most of it's followers, who could turn toward directly helping victims, instead of being used to harass or hurt or abduct and enslave them.

What weapons do they use? Space based technologies that emit and direct radio waves, like satellites, appear to be the primary weapons, which enable them to perform mind control on masses of people, and to inconspicuously watch, torture, injure or murder masses of people. (Some ground based ones may also be being used.) Weather Modification Technologies, and also Laser weapons, which can instigate volcanic eruptions or earth quakes, are also weapons they have used against humanity. There is a desperate need for criminal use of all space and ground based technologies to be completely stopped ASAP.
     They also use mass distribution of various types of pharmaceuticals, in order to aid the technological mind control and the blocking of people's Hearts and instincts and intuition. Things like caffeine and nicotine and other drugs also aid that process.
   Parasites and certain types of organisms that are put into foods or drinks is another one of their weapons.

The problem with disabling their weapons is that they have brilliantly made us too dependant upon them! And it is thought that we need them for our survival and to prevent other problems. I'm sure that legitimate concern for the problems, that being without them could cause, is why they have not yet been disabled. BUT, no problem that the loss of the technologies could cause is worth the continued enslavement of humanity and the destruction of the Heart of humanity. PLEASE think about this. If criminal use of them can not be completely stopped right away, then they must be disabled, in order to save humanity It is too sad that criminal use of them has not yet been able to happened. Hopefully very soon.

    More awareness would also set more officials onto the path of directly stopping criminal use of the technologies or disabling them, as well as stopping the rest of the targetings from continuing.

   Since criminal use of the weapons has not been stopped (and if it can not be immediately stopped on a global scale) the only solution is to disable or destroy them. Too much damage has been being done with them. It just has to stop. Restoring humanities freedom - saving humanity (especially the Heart of humanity) from total enslavement/destruction is FAR more important than the technologies and any problems that living without them may cause.

I have a vision of a small group of brave official Hearts openly and honestly standing up for all of humanity...and that heroic stand quickly snowballing into masses of other official Hearts, all over the globe, also standing up for all the victims and for total freedom for all of humanity...and then criminal use of the technologies, and all other weapons that have been being used against humanity, are completely and quickly stopped. Its a beautiful vision that should become a reality. It should.

I want to hold onto this vision and live to see it become a reality and then be able to reap its rewards for many decades. Don't you? The rewards for a torture victim, like myself, would be many and the most important would be being able to be closer to my loved ones without any of us being hurt for loving each other, all of us being free to follow only our own Hearts and instincts, all of us living without being tortured or harassed or hurt or watched, or brainwashed or used against our will, all of us being free to thinking and feeling and grow without interference, all of us recovering from what has been done to us...etc., and me being free to do my work without it being interfered with or sabotaged in any way...etc. Having these freedoms, as well as all others that every human being should have, would be like living in heaven. The thought of having them brings tears to my eyes, because we have not had them for so long and this has hurt us indescribably. My heart aches for freedom for all of us and the rest of the world.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

P.S. I still do not want to be used in covert wars and do not want to join the sadistic covert program. I never will of my own free will and hope it will not happen any other way. If you want to fight please put your focus on taking the power and the weapons away from all who misuse them so that freedom from harm and control...etc., can start being regained for us and America and the rest of humanity. Please. I should be free and so should everyone else.

My Letter to Target Management

  Dear Target management,
   I’m sorry that I walked out and did not show up at the meeting without calling to let you know. I was so upset about the ways that I was treated there that I needed to not be subjected to anymore, not even to talk about it before taking time to recover from it.
   I felt that the meeting would not help to make things better for me. I do not think that there is a solution for me there, at this point, except for me to remove myself from that environment.
   The harassment of me involved more than just ___________, although she certainly performed the worst and most obvious parts of it, which extended beyond harassment and into sheer cruelty. If there is management there, who truly cares about how I was treated, by the trainers whom you/they had placed me with…etc., and wants to use my experiences, in order to make things better for future employees, please let me know and I will send you more details in a letter.
   I really needed the income from that job for at least the season I had applied for. But more than that, I needed to be treated with at least just common levels of kindness and consideration. (Welcoming attitudes from your trainers would have been nice too….etc.) I feel sad and hurt that FAR TOO MUCH of the opposite was delivered.

Sharon R. Poet

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

P.S. Yesterday, covert messaging tried to lure me to that meeting at Target, which was supposed to be for me to give more details to HR about how I was being harassed and treated badly.  When I drove by and did not go I was hit with what felt like a painful laser shot to the back right side of my head. Does this prove that the bad who watch me and torture me wanted me at that meeting and does it prove that my instincts were right about there being a dark set up with that meeting? It does to me.

P.S. Target employees were rude to me when I went to pick up my check. (They did pay me fairly for the first week.) And puppets, outside of the store have been mimicking my leaving without saying anything to anyone.

P.S.S. They did pay me for the second week as well. And I have not had any response from my letter to them. Am washing my hands of it all. So, glad it's over.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Targeted at Target

The past three posts about my experiences with being targeted at Target are just one example of how parts of the targeting happens in one company. Similar things would have happened no matter where I went and have happened in other places as well. MANY people follow the sadistic covert program and MANY people are mind control victims or even complete enslavement victims who are not even aware of being used.
    This problem appears to be global and I sense that it is happening in most, if not all, of the largest companies... and that the sadistic covert program has also either taken over or shut down multitudes of small businesses. More Hearts should be standing up for freedom from it so that it can start losing its power and all aspects of it completely stopped.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

I Walked off the Job

      Today I walked off of the job that I recently posted about. It was at the Target department store in Greenland, NH. I tried to talk to an HR official, before deciding to leave, and I strongly felt that she was as involved with the targeting as two others in the HR department had already proven to be. (The HR people are also the bosses who control and oversee everything.) I actually felt that going to them was going to make things worse instead of better...and that this is what was wanted - a meeting with at least two of them and just one of me, like what was suggested for tomorrow. I know that things are not going to get better for me there. I feel it with every fiber of my heart and soul. But I feel that I could have lasted a lot longer and could have continued to bypass even the upper management set ups, if one of the women I worked closely with had not been such a cruel and obvious perpetrator.
   I now feel that this job was a set up, from the start, for the sadistic targeting program to try to have me declared insane, through using Target employees to try to get me to sign a medical permission form that they slipped into the application they handed to me... and then through threatening me and crowding me and harassing me and degrading me and mentally abusing me with intentional misinformation...etc., - trying to push me over an edge both mentally and emotionally. And I am not going to let them succeed with it.
   It was a horribly abusive environment in the "Back Room" unpacking department as well as other places in the store. It was VERY difficult for me to tolerate it for as long as I did - almost two weeks. Today the primary women I worked with, whom I wrote about yesterday, was probably informed about yesterday's blog post, (by her leader who watches me) because she flipped into an extreme pretense of niceness today, although the subtle crowding thing...etc., was still happening. I actually found her  pretending to be so nice more difficult to deal with than the honest cruelty she was doing before that. These types of perpetration puppets seem literally psychopathic and are uncomfortable to be around, especially to work with every day. But she wasn't nearly the only one. There were many others who played different roles in the targeting. I should not have even gone there after I saw a raven on the roof screeching out a warning. Did I foolishly think that it had gotten better since then? I'd hoped it did.

   This type of situation can not be fixed or cleared up within the companies until officials are standing up for torture victims like myself and everyone becomes aware of what has been happening and the secret society is no longer using and controlling people and businesses and people are free to follow only their own Hearts and instincts...etc. And the same thing applies with all other places where the targeting happens, including our families. It is horribly sad that none have been here for us and that it appears that they do not ever intend to be. Our suffering is indescribably. Its holocaustal.

P.S. My job at Target, was like being in a hell hole and seeing how long I could tolerate it. I am trying to let it go, but keep thinking about it. I'd done my best to ignore the covert stuff, but the parts I was forced to be subjected to and the too blatantly cruel stuff is still too much and is still effecting me, even though I am not going back there. There was so much that happened there that these blog posts merely skim the surface of. Among those things was what appeared to be covert threats to not fully pay me if I did not erase my first blog post about what was being done to me there. They owe me for over fifty one hours of work at fourteen dollars and fifty cents per hour. Will they pay me? I guess a bit of time will tell. Then there's the multitudes of cruel little things... like three of the upper management people either telling me their name was something other than what it really was (around the time when a puppet smiled at me and asked, "Are you becoming acquainted with everyone?"), or standing in front of me and loudly saying, "Crazy", or several of them ditzing around pretending to forget things and get confused - mimic what was really happening to me during times when they had intentionally overloaded me with information and then kept changing the procedures or feeding me misinformation or moving things that I was in the middle of working on...etc.
   There was also the technological interference with my brain at strategic times, including attempts to laser me into anger as the covert harassment part vamped into cruel and un-ignorable levels. (They wanted a negative reaction from me, but I didn't give it to them, even though I was also being painfully tortured during some of these times. I did, however, stand up and question them about some of what they were doing to me. They used the excuse of changes being made, but this could not legitimately explain the vast majority of it - it was just an excuse they used. One of them blatantly lied to cover up some of the things she was doing to me.
   There was the interference from within the technology they gave me - the scanning device, during strategic times, which either was blocking me from scanning things (at strategic times) or was periodically flipping into a mode where the sides of the information was partly cut off in the view screen - making a scan on a "woman's" clothing read out as "men's" - only the last four letters of the word visible. Clearly an intentional set up in the technology! Something within the scanning technology also prevented me from logging out of it on the last day I was there.
   There was the multitudes of times when the most blatantly obnoxious perpetrator there had distracted me at times when I either pulled away or turned to find that someone else had quickly entered the work area and was hanging out by my water bottle. They were either trying to drug me or were wanting me to think they were.
   There was the satanic type of music that they turned on and blasted after I walked into the back of the store (or at strategic times), which repeatedly screamed out, "Kill. Kill. Kill..." as well as other dark/bad/sadistic things...etc.
   I only worked there for nine days, but it feels far longer and like it was way too long. And I did it just for money -  compromising my own values just to get money to survive the targeting while being targeted even worse as I did it! (What's wrong with this picture?) I should not have gone there, especially if Target seeks vengeance through not paying me fairly. (But how do I survive, without putting myself in the degrading dangers of begging on the streets, like they have been forcing me to do for years now?!!!) Even through all of the crap that the employees at the Greenland, NH Target did to me I actually worked hard and did as much as, even sometimes more than, some other employees...and I also sometimes did it better than some of them. I deserve to get paid. I also deserve to be free of the harm that has been being done to me, everywhere I go....etc.

P.S.S. They did pay me for all the hours I worked, at the price they said they would. But the money wasn't nearly worth the pain and harassment and worries it put me through.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Update on Second Job

This second job isn't going well at all. Today there was no severe technological torture, but a lot of covert harassment.
   The two women who are training me are VERY clearly puppets for the program that targets me. The primary one who does the training has been intentionally giving me misinformation, even telling me to do something the wrong way, after I was already doing it the right way, and then lied about it, today. The only time she ever sang along with a song, that was playing, was today with the words, "one way or another I'm gonna git ya." She does seem to have it in for me. I keep wondering if she is a mind control victim or if she is one of the puppets who follow orders and know what they are doing. I'm thinking probably an intentional puppet since she stood by a box of baby clothes and asked "where are the baby clothes?" while knowing where they were and was just mimicking me doing that during my first few days, while I was overwhelmed and learning, as they kept moving things around to different places after telling me where they were. (The baby things are actually the only thing they did not move after telling me where it was, so I guess I should have checked if they were still there instead of asking.) After she did the mimicking she said again, "Stupid thing" pretending it was about the package she was opening, was really talking about me. They are also doing a lot of intentional crowding. Today, as I walked in after lunch she loudly said, "Get out of here." I said "No. Try though you have been. I'm not leaving." She did not respond. But I probably am leaving sooner than originally planned.
   The other woman I work with does a lot of misinformation and obvious intentional crowding, but I think she may be only a mind control victim. Both have made my learning experience far more difficult and do not seem to care. I was the one apologizing to them for asking too many questions during my initial days of being too overwhelmed with it all. I should not have apologized. They should, but they's have to be free and caring for that to happen and I'm not holding my breath. I just have to get away from them.
    I will be leaving right away if the upper management does not give me hours that enable me to work, alone in the area I was hired for or something more private, as soon as the sabotaged training is finished. But I don't know if they are also behind the push to be so cruel to me that I leave. I do not know if there is anyone there who is not part of sadistic covert program. Although some have not been obvious or cruel, it doesn't mean they are not part of it. I guess a little time may tell.

Monday, June 17, 2019

A Second Job

I just got a temporary second job at a box store and pray that it will not be used to hurt me in any way...and that I will be able to get back onto my own feet, take better care of myself and do more with my "real job" - www.poeticpublications.com...etc. Having to work at a place that I do not feel comfortable working has been being forced by the targeting since around the end of 2005, as the sabotaging of my real job vamped up and they shoved me into destitution.

P.S. June 21, 2019; The technological targeting completely backed off for the orientation at this temporary job. On the first and second days of working, I experienced several periods of painful technological torture. On the third day (today) they hit me with hours of excruciating pain in my whole upper torso. This torture is the same as what had been being done when I wore a bra in the late 1970s and 1980s...and then the pain would suddenly stop as soon as I took the bra off. Since I first posted this pattern here on this blog, they have also been doing it at other times, I guess to make it look like its not a perverted thing. But it was, and it becomes an unbearable torture thing when I am in places where I can not take off my bra, in order to make it stop.
   I know the pain is not my bodies natural reaction to wearing a bra, like I used to think, because I can wear one, without it bothering me at all, when that pervert is either not there or is not exercising the perversion. I am now too fat to go without a bra like I used to when I was skinny and too small chested for it matter. I can not go without a bra at this job, but I can't bear the pain either. Today was so horrible I almost collapsed once and had to fight to hold back tears since.
   I'd hoped the roof on such a massive commercial building would help block the space based laser weapons, like it has seemed to do with other forms of the technological targeting, but I guess it doesn't. Today it was worse than most other times. I hope it does not continue.
   I should not have to leave this job, in order to stop the torture, it's the torture that should be stopped, not my income....just like it was the torture targeting that should have been stopped instead of my real job being stopped. Right is right and fair is fair and it should apply to me to.
   Its horrible to have to work in a place that lost my trust on the day I filled out the application, due to them slipping in a form for my signature to give permissions to a medical and/or mental health facility...supposedly for drug testing, although it was not a requirement for this job - none of the other applications had those forms - only the one they handed to me. But I do not know of a better place and the targeting would have to stop in order for things to work out at a better place as too.

P.S.S. June 25; Aside from rounds of technological targeting I have also been experiencing the usual covert harassment, which includes puppet messaging (like a co-worker coming stand in front of me and loudly say, "crazy", and satanic music being blasted in the area I work in and what appears to be trash intentionally dropped in paths I walk. My trainers have been reluctant to train me and give me the tools I need to do a good job, even seeming to be disgusted with having to train me from the very start. One example of this is when I asked to be trained on a needed scanning devise (after days of waiting to be and not being able to perform all aspects of my job without it) my trainer said, "If you don't know how to log into it you can't use it!" I had to remind her that she was supposed to train me on how to log into it...and then she reluctantly did. And there has been rounds of what appears to be intentional misinformation from various people...etc.
   Some of the puppets are probably mind control victims, but some appear to know exactly what they are doing to me and even laugh about it. There are some coworkers who have treated me nicely too. But the others make it very difficult to stay, even if the technological targeting were not so painful at times, like when the lead boss came to talk to me a few days ago. Over all there are a lot of members of the covert program there and so it is not at all comfortable or safe feeling. If I were not so desperate for money to survive I would have left by now. I may have to soon leave anyway.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Born Free

The lyrics in this song makes my heart yearn, to the point of aching, for the freedom to follow my heart and to not be divided from loved ones and to not be pushed to hide in order to gain freedom...etc. Humanity should be free of all that controls and all that suppresses and all that harms. . .so that we can grow into all that we were born to be.

"Born free to follow your Heart...Live free... Stay free
where no wars divide you... there's no need to hide."

Born Free - sung by Roger Whittaker


Friday, June 14, 2019

Dick Wagner Targeted

   As I look back at my experiences with my Embracing Feelings book its opening doors to new realizations and I'm noticing more of the targeting patterns. Richard Wagner's song, "Remember the Child" had played an important role in validating my feelings around the late 1980s.
   I feel that Richard (Dick) Wagner was being targeted, especially since then, possibly due to his Heart's work with John Bradshaw (whom I also feel was being targeted) because his, "Remember the Child" song that was touching masses of other Hearts. He's become more known for his rock accomplishments, but I think that Richard Wagner's greatest accomplishment was the healing work he was doing with his "Remember the Child" song and the masses of Hearts he was touching with it. It all appears to have been ended far too soon. Reports state that Dick Wagner underwent debilitating medical problems with his brain malfunctioning...etc., and I feel that it was probably not natural illnesses, but was being intentionally inflicted on him. I think that poor man was literally tortured horribly in the later part of his life. Its heart wrenching. I wonder if he was also another long term victim - a Heart forced down the wrong roads and his Heart kept too blocked by forces beyond his control...etc. I hope his Heart, Spirit and Soul are now wrapped in God's Love....and that he has not been enslaved and that his death had not been staged like has been done to many.

Dick Wagner - Remember the Child


   This "Remember the Child" song should become a number one hit for eternity. His Heart should be remembered and continue being shared, not only to help touch other hearts, but also to defy those who targeted him for having one and help bring more Love into our troubled world. - "'ABC' me crying. Mama make me smile. Rock me in your arms a little while. 'ABC' me crying. Won't you love your child. EFG, I'm sorry. Daddy take my hand. Tell me what I've done so bad. EFG I wonder. Why are you so mad? Don't you love me Dad? Cross my heart I swear MA, I won't cry no more. I'll just lay in silence, down here on the floor. Cross my heart and hope to die if you don't want me anymore. 123 for you Ma. I won't talk so loud. I won't laugh so hard. I'll shut my mouth. 123 for you Ma. I won't make a sound. 'Doe ray' mean and angry words are all I hear, through my bedroom walls, Dad. Loud and clear. 'Do ray me' I lay awake and shake with fear. And wish I had no ears. Try to remember the child that once was you. Did you hide in the darkest corner of your lonely room and pray to God to help you through the long and lonely nights...afraid to holler Mama on please come hole me tight. Go on and close your eyes Mama. Take a little trip through time, Dad. Let it all come back to you and give unto every child the love. The love denied to you. And remember the child will remember his whole life time too." ~ Richard Wagner https://youtu.be/a7nnFrOVg5s

Then there came the song, "I never cry" which is the opposite of where Richard's Heart really was.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Becoming "Like Children"

   Those who believe in the Christian view of God are probably familiar with the bible's declarations, "God is Love" and "We must all become like children." These are two parts of the bible that have felt VERY true to me. And I strongly feel that "becoming like children" is not only about being honest and direct and literal, but is also about allowing unrestrained feelings...so that our Hearts remain connected to God. God's hands work through our Hearts and we must do our part, not only to help others, but also to keep our Hearts clear for Love to work through us.

New Manipulation in the Same Old Way

    There have been many manipulations done to my writings, in order to either make me look bad to others, whom the perpetrator seems to know and show my writings to at strategic times or after erasing something. They recently erased the fleshing out of a rough draft of a statement and then appeared to have caused a lot of views on my new blog before I noticed and put it back. The statements are below. Can you see the difference?

Unfleshed out statementOld suppressed pains are sometimes triggered and released when new pains are inflicted - like the loss of a loved one can trigger pain of a previous loss of another loved one...etc. But the deepest healing happens when we are not being inflicted with more pain and have enough safety and peace and support to open our Hearts...and this is what we all should have. (I am not even sure if I had initially written the rough statement this way! The word "inflicted" is one I would have used for this statement, because it was, from the start, heading toward the exact opposite type of meaning...as you can see in the second half of the above statement and below.)

Fleshed out statement; Old suppressed pains are sometimes triggered and released when new pains naturally happen - like the loss of a loved one can trigger pain of a previous loss of a loved one...etc. But the deepest healing happens when we are not being inflicted with more pain and have enough safety and peace and support or privacy to open our Hearts.
   There are people who seem to use this concept of new pains triggering old suppressed pains as an excuse for intentionally inflicted abuse that they try to justify with things like "Its an opportunity for growth" or "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." But the truth is that healing does not take place when a person is under attack. Pain should never be intentionally inflicted upon anyone. And embracing and releasing our suppressed pain is what makes us stronger and healthier.

There is no valid excuse for abuse.
It just shouldn't happen.

Never have I ever gotten so many hits on a new blog, especially on a specific page, so quick. I hope whoever saw it that way is able to listen to their hearts instead of what manipulator. Why do I share things before they are finished? Because my thoughts and writings have been being plagiarized and prevented and altered...etc. and I feel that the only hope they have is if I openly share them as quickly as possible. Unfortunately they can use this against me too. Who are they manipulating? Is it my only chance of genuine help? I hope not. I should be fee of all sorts of interference.

P.S. Am I being too suspicious? Is it just a coincidence that the important fleshing out of a statement was erased and then a lot of hits on that page? Possibly.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019


Back up blog without my full Poetic Publications Name

   My work has been being sabotaged and slandered from the start of it, in the early 1990s, because it is about healing the Heart of Humanity. I have been recently noticing that other people, whose work has a similar focus have also been being targeted in some of the same and obvious ways. (John Bradshaw, of the Home Coming series, is one of these people.) I recently noticed that his work has been being buried under other things that use his titles on youtube and Amazon. The same thing has been happening to my work. There is no other Poetic Publications business, but it no longer comes up on searches and my book titles are used by others whom my work has been being buried under on the web searches...etc. Someone has even used my business name in a gmail address and blog...etc. Around 2005 I was the first one to coin the phrase - Poetography. Then my Poetography was not only buried under other people using the name, but also blocked on my own websites. And this is just a few examples. And its all just too wrong and should not be happening.

I have been trying to survive by focusing on something meaningful - the resurrection of my first Embracing Feelings book,. which was the first result of the most important part of my work - the healing of my own heart. All levels of it has been being sabotaged and this feels horrible to me, because it is horrible. ( https://poeticpublication.blogspot.com/p/embracing-feelings.html ) Looking back is helping me to realize more of the targeting patterns and that this may be the thing that made the targeting vamp into such horribly destructive levels in the 1990s.

I do not view my work as a "job" because it is more than that and is not just for money. But I now call it my "REAL JOB" here because one of the many harrasments, that aimed to stop me as I launched into completing my Embracing Feelings book in 1999, was being repeatedly asked when I was going to get a "real job." This continued for many years and was too invasive. The Truth is that my work/mission/business is as real as it gets and the most important part of it is the process of healing my own heart. I already had a real job and still do. Just because its not what some people understand or prefer, and just because its not only about making money, does not make it any less real or important than any other. To me, this actually makes it more important. Far more important. And it should not continue being sabotaged and prevented. It is horrible that I have been forced to take on other jobs, just to make money to survive, because my real job has been being prevented. I know that my work would have been financially successful if it had not been being sabotaged, parts of it even stolen while I was knocked down.

   In my work I had wanted to also write a book about the good times in my life - embracing the peace and happiness and joy...etc. And I feel sad that this has not yet happened.

This post was inspired by my focusing on my work. I started a new blog for a back up for my Poetic Publications website, because they have been taking down my work websites... and its a shame that I can not even have the full Poetic Publications address due to someone else using it, which I feel is no coincidence at all and is part of the targeting. Mine has be without the 's' in the name of this part of my work. They have a gmail email address with my work name as well. These sorts of things are probably done by someone whom they control.

Back up blog without my full Poetic Publications Name

P.S. It should be illegal to use someone else's registered business name or original work titles on the web, especially when its to take away from or shove down or prevent the finding of the original creator.
In the late 1980s they tried to use members of my family to tear me away from healing and my work. Then when that did not succeed, they started infiltrating my life with what now appears to be satanic occult members or people who were controlled by them and claimed to be into personal growth.

Monday, June 3, 2019

My Faith in Officials

   I have had a lot of faith in the good here in America as well as in the rest of the world, irregardless of what some have done to me or have been used to help do to me, since the early 1990s. It is this faith that has been begging officials to stand up for themselves as well as us. It is this faith that has refrained from writing many things, and has erased many things, with the hope that the good will grow and shine if they are not feeling too threatened. It is this faith that has stood up for the government, even though some of it appears to not deserve it. It is this faith that has been waiting for many long and excruciating years, for good decent officials to step in and stop the hell from continuing and be here for all of us victims, in my personal situation. It is this faith that has been so deeply hurt by the fact that in all this time, and after uncountable numbers of reports sent, non have shown up to be here for us or prove their actual existence. It is this faith that has lead me to feel so devastated as things seem to get worse and... still... non are standing up for their own freedom and our freedom and America's freedom and humanity's freedom. It is this faith in the good that has repeatedly reminded me that and has even written that, "They will stand up as quickly as they can" and "they are victims too and must be struggling,".  Even through many years of being hurt by the bad and my loves ones and I still being either tortured or harassed or framed and threatened or enslaved and used or trapped and used...etc., I have believed in the good.  

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves,
and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

They Pretend

They have repeatedly pretended to be good after being bad, 
even with the covert messaging stuff.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, 
and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Friday, May 31, 2019

A Leary Leap

   What I really desperately need, for a long time now, is to be free of the targeting and have my own bank account back (without this being used to hurt me) and take time to recover and set myself up with a safe place to live...etc., before launching into a new start with my work and whatever else I have to do to fund it....etc. The sabotaging of both my life and my work has been too huge for me to even begin to get past it while still in this destitute situation and everything being infiltrated and controlled...etc. I should have these needs met. But, genuine help with the targeting stuff still appears to not plan to ever really be here for me and I just don't know what to do.
   Other jobs, (that I have been forced to turn to, in order to survive and support my primary work,) have been sabotaged, throughout the past, as well. They have also been used as avenues to harm me even more. I have felt like I no longer have the strength to try again, without a lot of recovery time and freedom from the targeting. But I dug up some strength, as well as some courage, and went to a staffing company, which the state of NH Employment Security office recommended - Bonney Staffing. And I pray that a decent door will open for me to be able to earn enough money to not only survive and be able to take better care of myself, but to also quickly get back onto my feet with a home and my primary work and start paying off my debts...etc. I know that this new job venture could be dangerous for me, which is why I am posting this. Please help pray that it does not open doors for me to be abducted or hurt in any way or form.

P.S. In recent years they have VERY obviously sabotaged my attempts to earn my own money, Like I have stated before, they have literally forced me to be dependent on them for survival money and they have used this to deprive me at strategic times for several years now. This has been extremely difficult for me, to say the least. To saboatage my efforts to earn my own money, they have done things like painfully lasered me (to the point of excruciating injury) or vamped up the general nuking, or disabled my car....etc. The last time I had actually been hired for a job, my car suddenly stopped running (August last fall), leaving me stranded in a parking lot for months forcing me to lose the job. In the deeper past, they had let me get jobs in places that they used to hurt me more, including drugging and raping me.
   So, I am suspicious that nothing happened to prevent the job interview this time, and that the targeting even actually backed off, as I went to Bonney Staffing. They didn't even interfere with my brain function or inflict me with physical pain during the interview, like what has been done at many other times. Should I go and just hope that the girls at Bonney Staffing are safe and kind and respectful and fair and will send me places that also have these qualities? Is there a plan to get me placed at a job and then suddenly vamp up the targeting while I am already there, so they can have me hospitalized or institutionalized or abducted...etc. Is it worth the risk? But what do I do if I do not take the risk? A puppet recently again pushed me toward retrieving my bank account, but there have and still are set ups around it. The recent ones seem to be that they will allow me to have my own money back if I become their obedient and non-"complaining" puppet "on the road...etc. (This was said, using a bank employee and a customer for the covert message the last time I made rounds to try to retrieve it.) It appears that if I refuse to join them and "stop complaining" they will either follow through with the framing of my daughter or steal my money and pretend that it never really existed! The recent dream I shared seems to be implying that the framing of my daughter is recent, and being done with the altering of bank records, rather than mind controlling her into doing it in 2005. But no matter how they have done it, or who they used, the general outcome is still the same - my money is being held hostage, in order to force me to join the sadistic program that has been targeting all of us all from the start. I should be able to go to officials and get help with this. But many already know. It now appears that the FBI knew long before I did, and that this has been am axe being held over my head for years before I even realized what had happened or what it was about. I can not help but wonder if it was an FBI agent who set the whole thing up this way to begin with. And recent emails I sent let other officials know, but (like my recent dream implies) those who are good decent officials and would want to help me appear to be being influenced (or taken over) by the ones who do the set ups to hurt us and do not want anyone to help me. I'm really at my wits end with this whole situation. The distress is HUGE on top of everything else. My survival, on all levels, is also being held hostage, with yet another sudden drop in financial help as well, forcing me to either leap into the job trap or the bank trap...and I am sure this is VERY intentional. There seems no way out of this situation. This just really should not be happening, especially since that covert world claims to be "all good" officials. It just should not be happening.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Torture and Another Attempt to Cause Auto Accident

    Yesterday, after the blog post about the dream I had, I experienced painful torture in the form of laser shots to the top left part of my head as well as some of the more usual nuking. This morning I experienced another lasering of my lower let abdomen. And then, after updating some of the previous post I drove to a store and saw a vulture swarming and then a vehicle leaped right out in front of me and stopped in the road, seeming to try to get me to hit the car.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Dream of Psycho Fisherman

    I recently had the following dream after praying for answers. Before having it I was in a place of wanting to know the Truth about the official covert stuff and was actually hoping and wanting to be wrong about some things. I was in an objective place and had even sensed the Light shining in for me just before I had the dream. I know that this dream is not a reflection of my fears or my beliefs or my mis-perceptions and that it is not a projected dream. I know it was an answer to my prayers...to show me what has really been happening to me.

Dream of Psycho Fisherman 

I go to a man who is in a place where he does not want me to stay at. I leave. Then he is next to me, fishing with a large Liberty bell on the end of his fishing line. I notice and stay away...on the other side of trees. I tell him that, “I am staying over here," - Not joining him - not in agreement with the fishing. He suddenly starts casting the heavy liberty bell toward me, instead of out into the water like he had been doing. He keeps smashing it into me over and over again. Its a big heavy cast iron type of bell. I fall onto the ground. He keeps smashing me. He is a psychopathic type of personality. I am barely breathing and struggling to keep my head above the water. He suddenly stops and pretends to be good and pulls out his cell phone and says, “I’ll call 911 to get help for you.”
   I aim for help someplace else and run into another fisherman. I feel really scared that he will thrash me too. He doesn’t – he does not even notice me or my plight – he’s just there to fish. Both of these places were in darkness and the fishing was all happening in the dark. I'm staggering and all beaten up. 
   I go to another official’s office, one that is lower and more on a state level. The Light is shining in that office. People are moving furniture out of his office while I talk to him. He says that he cannot help me because I was “not thinking positive.” I feel shocked.
   Then I am in a cafe with my youngest daughter. (She is faded, as if there only in my thoughts or in spirit.) There is a group of women bragging, “It’s OK. We just helped him bury someone else.” Then I am cornered by a group of male thugs who are very threatening. One says, right in my face, “He had his way with your daughter last night.” I feel really scared – terrified and desperate for help that is not here for me. ~ end of dream

   I’m sure that there are those who may want to perceive this dream as something other than a symbolic portrayal of a horrible and painful situation that I have been trapped in. But the Truth is still the Truth. For me, the dream was validation for many things. (Too much to explain it all here.) It has saddened me terribly. And it has raised more fear for myself and my loved ones as well as good officials who have been being taken over - brainwashed into not being here for us...etc.

   In my dreams the dark is bad and the Light is good. Its always been this way and I do not think it means covert vs. not covert, which is another way it can be perceived.

    The fishing is symbolic of officials using me for bait, (supposedly for the sake of restoring Liberty, which is why the Liberty bell.) This has really been being done without my permission and against my will for many years now.  I have been begging for it to stop, and for officials to stand up and be here for us,  since I realized it had begun. Things have seemed to be getting worse and not better and I have desperately needed the opposite of what has been happening. But its been years and at least one official has been seriously hurting me and even appears to have been preventing help from other officials. I desperately need it ALL to end.

The official covert fishing stuff is not “all good.” It really isn’t.

Who is the psycho fisherman? That part of the dream was very dark and I could not see the face, but a name was in the dream and was the name of a man whom I know to literally be a psychopathic type of personality and possibly even a killer. But he is not anyone whom I had turned to for help and I am sure that he is not one of the officials who have been using me for bait 'for the sake of Liberty'.... which means the fisherman is not literally the man named in the dream, but that he has a serious psychopathic type of mental problem, like the man named does.
   The official fisherman could be one of many different people, whom I have turned to for help. I think he is most likely one of the two FBI agents, whom I suspect. But then... I had also turned to a retired state trooper and Senator Shaheen and President Obama and they ALL have been turning me away and they now ALL also appear to be using me for bait (fishing near me) instead of being here for me. And there are many other places that I have turned to for help as well.
   The psycho fisherman appears to have far reaching levels of control over others, even other officials. He appears to have also been intentionally sabotaging chances for me to get genuine help...etc.

The Official Office that is in the Light in my dream; The dream symbology of someone's belongings being moved out of their space is either a literal physical moving or a taking over of that person internally. I believe that other people moving him out of his office, and the statement he made in the dream, is about him being taken over with mind control, in order to prevent him from being here for me. I AM DEEPLY CONCERNED THAT THIS MAN MAY BE IN DANGER OF BEING BRAINWASHED OR ENSLAVED RIGHT NOW. I HOPE OTHER GOOD OFFICIALS GET THIS AND HELP HIM TO RETAIN HIS FREEDOM. I think he is most likely the Attorney General office, in Concord, NH, but it could be a Sheriff office as well. I hope the dark forces do not succeed and that he stays in the Light.
   This sort of thing appears to be happening in my situation from the start, good officials whom I turn to appear to be pulled away from me and silenced in various ways, in order to prevent them from helping me and some have even been completely enslaved (possibly under the guise of it being for "protection"). I have strongly felt, from the start, that it is safest for officials to quickly and openly stand up. It seems that when people are whisked away and hidden, under the guise of it being to protect and help, is when they are completely enslaved.


   I hope that all good officials in my situation, as well as that of other torture victims, realize what has really been happening to me and that a victim writing things about the government or other officials does not always mean that they are part of the crew who is just against and targeting the government. Some people are really being hurt by parts of the government. Its not perfect, especially since it has been a target too...and the mind control and enslavement being kept so secret has made it run rampant everywhere...etc. Please let your Hearts be here for us no matter what we say or write. We need your Hearts to be here for us so badly.

   I’m sorry of there have been genuine officials, which I have perceived as bad, due to this situation I have been held trapped in and due to what only one, and his followers, have been doing to me. But I can’t help it. I have no trust in the covert stuff and I do not want to be used for bait while our lives continue to be destroyed...etc. If good does not want to look bad it should be separate from the bad and not doing the same things that the bad does – it should be in the Light and here for us and stopping the bad from continuing.

More may be added later. I am being painfully tortured for posting this!

One Psycho Fisherman
Copyright Sharon R. Poet

One psycho fisherman
Pretending to be good
One psycho fisherman
Not doing what he should

One psycho fisherman
Beating with a Liberty bell
One psycho fisherman
Casting me in his hell

One psycho fisherman
Making it all look bad
One psycho fisherman
I should have never had

One psycho fisherman
Manipulating the show
One psycho fisherman
Everyone should know

One psycho fisherman
Don’t blame the victim
One psycho fisherman
For what is done by him
For what is done by him

P.S Two weeks later: I have felt overwhelmed with feelings coming up since having this dream. I have flipped from feeling the pain of validation to feeling the fear for myself as well as my loved ones and officials who have been being brainwashed into not standing up for us as well as themselves. I am still overwhelmed with it all, especially since, after I initially posted it, I experienced rounds of torture and then intentional deprivation of financial help and demands to erase it. I will possibly add more when I have finished processing it and can follow only my own heart.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

My Older Writings Have Been Being Wiped Out!

   My old writings have been being wiped off of the web!  Those who target me have been infiltrating and interfering with my writings in multiple ways. They have been wiping out most of the contents of the Announcement pages of my primary websites - www.poeticpublications.com and www.heartbud.com and www.targetedinamerica.com. In the past year or so they wiped out my www.sharonpoet.com site, which explained a lot about my work...etc. They recently wiped out my www.heartbud.com website, which was an important part of my work. And I just found that they blocked and redirected my www.sharonsbud.com site, which is where the first 2007 version of my Heart Bud paper was posted.

   Also, in the past year, all of my published books were removed from yet another publisher's website! (This is the second time my books got wiped out of a publisher's website, forcing me to start over with new current dates of publishing, even though they were originally published a long time ago.) Dates in my devices have even been being changed all along, as well as the wiping out of files in my computers. These sorts of things should be stopping since I realized them happening and have been even publicly exposing them, but it has continued as if they think they can freely do whatever they want with my work...etc....and this is extremely disturbing!

  The first loss of my work, due to their interference, was the destruction of the final manuscript to my Embracing Feelings book, in a suspicious fire in 2001. Every aspect of my work has been being sabotaged, in multiple ways, from the start of it. I have felt desperate to get the targeting to stop so that I can retrieve and fix what is left of it and freely continue with other aspects of my work as well. At this point I feel desperate for the targeting to stop so that I can survive - so that I can recover my own health...and then get back to my work...etc.

P.S. I had erased my web posting of my Into the Light book,  in order to tone down possible issues it  could raise in others, because I had actually never intended to share it before doing some serious editing. The targeting vamping up had pushed me into posting it to begin with and it was not finished. And I have erased few things like web postings of my first Technological Holocaust papers and web postings of my earliest blog writings, because some of the info I shared was not accurate due to my learning as I went along...and I did not want it to create issues...etc.  But perhaps erasing them was the wrong thing to do. Perhaps I should have left them all up and just explained them. The other files I have saved are not safe either, because they can just be confiscated and altered too....but I hope they aren't. I should have a safe place to save what is left of my writings, but I do not know how to create one, at this point. I have been way too much at the mercy of those who seem to have ill intentions. 

Tears of a Torture Victim

 This picture grew from a doodle. It represents the tears of a Torture Victim.

Tears of a Torture Victim
copyright Sharon R. Poet

  Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves,
 and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Will We All Be Saved

Will We All Be Saved
copyright Sharon R. Poet

Friends enlisted
Thoughts twisted
Pain seething
Barely breathing

Shot with microwaves.

Empty groping 
Help hoping
Shaking hand
Sabotaged stand

Loved ones now enslaved.

Time losing
Too abusing
So much gone
Can't go on

Shoved toward the grave.

Strength falling
Heart calling
Grief pining
Light shining

Will we all be saved?

No Covert Side For Me

I want to make it VERY clear that, no matter what I write or do not write or say or do not say or do or do not do...I am not on any side of the covert war stuff. To me, this has never been about choosing sides, its been about waiting for genuine and - NON-covert help to arrive here in our lives.

   We victims should have good, decent, honest, uncontrolled, aware officials here for us. When we do there will finally be someone on our side - the side of standing up in the Light for the victims and for freedom from all levels of the targeting. When that happens a reachable Light will finally be shining at the end of this horrible torturous holocaustal tunnel.

P.S. The covert stuff tries to make me choose a side and tries to declare me on this side or that, depending on what I write. I am on no side in the covert stuff. I wish there were Hearts here on my side who were into standing in the Light with Truth and Compassion...etc. It is just too sad and discouraging that this has not happened yet.

Satanic Framing, Threats and Blackmailing to Force Victims Into Enslavement "Forever."

I am NOT leaving my life so that they won't 
succeed, because if I leave my life they will. 

    I have received many different threats against myself and my loved ones, in efforts of those who target all of us to force me into silence or into agreeing to leap out of my life and into enslavement "forever." The first one, that I am aware of, was issued in 2006. This threat was issued through one of my rare V2K experiences (as I woke) and said, "Your daughters will be OK if you leave." I am now realizing that this was right after the bank thing could have happened, so I now think it was about that.
   As puzzle pieces now click together about the bank account set up, it appears to be another one of the things to force me to leave my life and appears to have been connected to some of the confusing covert "help" stuff in the past six years or so. In 2013, an incarceration and drugging of my daughter was threatened, in an attempt to force me to leave my life, "forever." At that time I did not know what it was about, but I now think it was about the bank thing. Other threats have included framings of pedophilia, murder, porn, prostitution, thieving, lesbianism, insanity...etc. Its all just fabrications and I have thought that they can not succeed with making them even look true, but they have obviously been setting things up to slam me (or us) for decades now, and when they drug and brainwash and use people, I guess they can accomplish almost anything....in a world that pretends the technological mind control is not really happening! I pray for absolute Truth to not only win, but also stop any of this from even continuing. We have all already been hurt too much and it all just has to stop.
   I am very concerned that the bank set up, with them brainwashing and using my daughter to deprive me of my money, could be later used against her no matter what I do or do not do about it now. When I am no longer alive will they use it to blackmail her out of her life and into enslavement, even though what THEY used her for was not even her free choice? Is she already being tormented about it, not even realizing that she is a mind control victim and that it was not her fault? Is she such a target, because she was spiritually gifted as a child? My other daughter was gifted with a huge, deep Heart too. Has she also been set up to be incarcerated and drugged and used or blackmailed into leaving her life and being completely enslaved forever? I have known from the start that I have never been the only heavy target, although covert "help" has tried to make me think I am and tried to force me to reflect this in my writings. I'm glad I did not comply, because it is not true.
    My daughters, and everyone else whom I was closest to, have ALL been heavy targets. It has been excruciatingly painful for me to not be able to be there for them and protect them and help them to understand, without it making things even worse for all of us. We have desperately needed good, honest, aware professional help and I have done everything in my power to get it for us. But things are now looking even more hopeless. Is there any hope for that darkness to not succeed with their criminal set ups and continued destruction of our lives? Will the Heart of good, aware, uncontrolled officials ever really be here for us? Do they even exist in my situation, although many officials are aware?

   I feel that far too many victims have been threatened or blackmailed into complete enslavement in the sadistic covert program - their lives, as they lived them, wiped out as if they did not ever even exist. When will it end? Is anyone really on our side - the side of Truth and Freedom and Genuine Compassion for victims, right here in our own lives and that of our loved ones? 

I am NOT leaving my life so that they won't 
succeed, because if I leave my life they will. 

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, 
and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

P.S. As for the man who was used to deliver the covert messaging in 2013...etc.; I got what appeared to be a death threat about "blowing his cover" after the 2013 incident. Two witnesses of things happening around that incident were also targeted, one dead and the other met up with an "accident" and the loss of his business...etc. This is all very difficult to deal with and I do not even know if the bank set up was performed in the past few years or back in 2005....or if they have completely stolen it by this point or if they are waiting for me to act on it to implement the framing....etc. I hope that neither happens.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

She Cried, "I Don't Know Why I Do That."

     My heart bleeds every time I look back at episodes of what I now feel certain were results of technological mind control being performed on my loved ones, against me. Some of these are small things, but have had a huge impact. One of the saddest happened in 2006 when I was on an important outing with both of my daughters. My oldest daughter had suddenly said to me, "look at that," but she did not  tell me what to look for or where to look for it. Then, as I looked around and started to ask, she angrily started degrading me for not seeing whatever it was. (Other people had been doing this same thing to me. It was part of the targeting.) My other daughter actually stood up for me and angrily confronted her older sister with, "Why do you do that to mom...etc." and it made her stop and think.
   After we reached our destination on the Saint Lawrence river in New York, my oldest daughter stood by herself looking out at the river. I went over to give her a hug and ask her to join us on a walk. She looked at me and cried, "I don't know why I do that." She said she wanted a bit of time alone and I let her have it, but stayed near and kept her in sight. At that time my heart ached for her as she stood looking out at the river, tears streaming down her cheeks...not knowing why she launched into episodes of treating me badly. Its like a part of her beautiful heart and spirit was breaking. It was heart wrenching. And my heart aches, literally aches, even more for her since I've realized that she is a victim of technological mind control and that cruel criminals have been using her to badger me and disrupt our relationship...and that this is why she did things like that against her own understanding and will.
   This whole scenario is heart wrenching for both of us, but mostly for her. And similar things have happened with my younger daughter, like in 2011 when her heart rose up and literally screamed, tears streaming down her cheeks, "I want my mother back," after she'd been brain washed into, and while she was actively in the process of, abandoning me and pushing me even farther away.
   The technological mind control has vamped up on both of my children, at strategic times and has, in some ways, hurt them far more than it has hurt me, because we were all very close before those who targeted us started taking over and manipulating everything more drastically and tearing us apart. They need me more than I need them, because I am their mother, and they should have me...free and clear of ALL types of interference within any of us.
   It always hurts the unaware victims more, because it confuses them and they tend to blame themselves...adding to their own suffering. I know, because I spent many decades being one of those unaware victims as well.

There is a desperate need for global realization of, and the complete ending of, all levels of technological mind control. The damage it has been causing to people's Hearts and Spirits is holocaustal and they can not even start recovering until they know what has been happening to them and that its not something wrong with them. Please help bring it to an end.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves,
and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

P.S. I appears that they repeatedly prevented me from posting this. Finally it is done.

The Saddest Looking Victim

   The covert harassment part of the targeting is horrible and very difficult to deal with. I do my best to ignore it, but have been repeatedly forced to notice or suffer the results of it. It can not be fully ignored, but should be fully stopped.  I recently witnessed a man being harassed in one of the same ways that I have been...
   This man was in the bathroom of a Market Basket store and I was sitting outside of the bathrooms at a table. An employee came barging toward the bathrooms. Someone told her that both the men's and woman's room were occupied. And then she barged over to the men's room door and roughly slammed the handle down and rattled the door, as if trying to break in, just like what they have repeatedly done to me. She was not in a hurry to go to the bathroom, because when the man came out she confronted him with, "How are you doing?" and started a conversation with him. (This question may seem normal but its actually part of the covert harassment, which is done at strategic times and really intends to say, 'You are not doing good.')  The man courteously answered and walked out of the store. When he walked by the window I sat near, I was struck (literally struck) by the look of sadness that his face and whole posture carried. I started crying. I walked out of the store in tears and climbed into my car and drove and cried for many miles. I cried for him. I cried for me. I cried because no human being should be forced to tolerate being harassed by fellow human beings who are controlled or lead by the sadistic criminals who hold us Torture Victims under surveillance and judge everything we do or don't do...etc. And I cried because I was too deeply struck with grief to run after him and give him a hug and help him to know that someone cares and that not every human being is a cruel puppet, because I think he needed to know that...just like I do.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

P.S. The last time they did this to me was not very long ago and the Bedford, NH Market Basket  employee actually waited for me outside the door and asked, "Did you feel scared? Did you think that someone was breaking in?" Very sadistic. I have tried to defuse it by teasing her about it since then, but its no joking matter. Its a small part of the targeting, but when it is repeatedly done, and almost everywhere we go, it wears on us. The saddest part - being treated so rudely and cruelly by our fellow human beings and some of those human beings seeming enslaved and heartless. Its sad for them too. The episode with the man happened last Saturday afternoon - May fourth 2019.

Technological Mind Control Must Be Fully Realized and Stopped

Technological Mind Control is the most important part of the targeting for the whole world to be fully realizing and stopping from continuing.

   The mind control can make people perceive bad things as good and good things as bad. It can make people think or feel things that they would not naturally think or feel. It can make people behave in ways that they would not naturally behave. It can make people say things that they would not normally say. It can make people believe things that are not true or blindly disbelieve things that are true. It can make sane people look crazy and good people look bad. It can make people fight or stand for freedom in ways that actually help to destroy it. It can block people's Hearts and make them seek vengeance instead of feeling compassionate understanding. It can plug thoughts or dreams into a person's brain. It can alter a person's personality. It can interfere with or completely block a persons natural process of personal or spiritual growth. It can block people's Hearts and tear loved ones apart. It can even completely enslave and use people against their will...etc.
   These sorts of things have been happening to masses of people all around the globe, especially in heavily targeted families. And all victims, especially those who are not aware, have been suffering horribly.

Technological mind control is the most dangerous, holocaustal thing that humanity has ever been inflicted with and it must be fully realized and stopped as quickly as possible. When this happens all other parts of the targeting will stop, because humanity will be free and returning to it's Heart.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves,
and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.